Kim Zolciak Premieres Love Me First

Um Okay, just go here and take a listen   And while the song is playing in another tab, come here and tell me what you think. My first thought was I need a picture photo shopped to show I have an 18 inch waist, but I’d get the butt photo shopped out too.  Also, um… train tracks. And well. Why don’t you guys just talk about it in comments. Please and thank you.
Update: A tweet by Kim reminded me that she just took the pictures a couple weeks ago, when she was four months pregnant.


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33 responses to “Kim Zolciak Premieres Love Me First

  1. On the good side, its not totally embarrassing, but it sounds a lot like a track some teen girl might make in the mall..No energy, no range of voice, and really no talent, although if I ever have pictures done, I want her photoshopper… sweetnessnbubba

  2. Love the background singers voice – he sounds awesome. :>)

  3. Um…it's a bit painful to listen to. Just saying…karen

  4. I lasted through 51 seconds. As Kim herself would say: Oh Em Gee.

  5. I blame Kandi for giving us this in the first place!

  6. Kroy! Please tell your wife to STOP! Kim just can't sing worth a d*mn and its pretty painful to listen to.

  7. Ivy

    She looks like she's wearing the rubber mask of a 60(AT LEAST!)-year-old woman. Her hair looks like Medusa's. What was she thinking?And I'll pass on listening to the song – I'll just keep reading the reviews LOL!

  8. Ivy

    The photo shopped waist is also hysterical, and you KNOW she's going to swear with her DYING BREATH that it's really hers LOL!

  9. Love the background singer, Kim, not so much. In fact, it's embrassing. I suppose she just didn't care how it sounded, she's still trying every avenue possible to make money to support her crazy over the top world. I am happy that she found someone who genuinely loves her, it's just a shame that she can't see how choices like this song/picture, etc. cause her to appear in such a bad light. It's like she's her own worse enemy.

  10. OMG!!! This is awful. She should stick to something she's good at, and singing isn't it. I'll give her a C for attempting to sing a hit, but let's face it Kandi turned a zero into a singing hero. The guy singing background is the only decent sounding voice on the track.

  11. I heard a sample of it a couple of weeks ago and wanted to fall asleep. It sounds like something you listen to before you commit suicide!!!! Kim need to just STOP. After Don't Be Tardy For The Party she should have just stopped with the singing thing!!!!

  12. yes, she looks old. why oh why can't she see that without the bad wigs and showgirl makeup, she would be a pretty woman! but she looks so yuck , I can't even listen to the song.

  13. ^^^you're right, Kim isn't an unattractive woman but her harsh make-up and too big hair age her and make her look cheap. As for listening to her sing, anyone with the ability to hear knows Kim can't sing. Why are her family & friends not telling her the truth. It's like some of those poor ppl. who audition for AI and say EVERYONE has always told them they could sing only to sound like nails grating across a chalkboard. Ppl. tell yo' folks the truth, :)

  14. I personally think Kim knows she can't sing, but why not take advantage if talented people are willing to work with u? That girl is a master at using people to get ahead. After all she didn't even want to sing the song without Nene until Kandi came along. At first she needed Nene because she can actually carry a note. I blame the people like Kandi who have handed her an opportunity that she didn't work for and doesn't deserve. The only difference between Kim and some of these other no talent artist is that she's too lazy to even put in effort.

  15. Does anybody else feel like she's trying to be Taylor Swift?

  16. It goes to show you that as long as you have the money (KROY), anybody can have a record done. This woman was making my ears hurt big time. She had no concept of pitch and her tone was dead panned to say the least. And add on top of that she is trying to do a Taylor Swift. Kroy is going to be out of money alot faster than he thinks. This trainwreck and hotmess is going to be funny to see. I can't wait to see the financial issues that will pop up with him and her.

  17. I dislike Kim the most of all the Housewives, but this is just not doing it for me. She has somewhat of a fashion sense and her kids dress well. Why not try a career in fashion? I'm pretty sure she'd do better than Sheree

  18. Ivy

    Prediction: She's having a girl. I think she tried desperately to time her pregnancy to coincide with Rose's prediction, but choosing the sex of her own baby is something she hasn't yet mastered. ("I DID NOT get pregnant to lock up Kroy for life! ROSE PREDICTED IT! BITCH!")And this picture was taken when she was FOUR MONTHS PREGNANT? Where's the fetus, in her ass? I would LOVE to see the un-photoshopped version side by side with the altered one.

  19. Ivy

    Wait a minute. So this picture was taken AFTER the one she had taken for the cover of L&S? :]

  20. her face looks so big on her neck like star jones

  21. The background singer was the bomb! But this poor chile can't sing. Who was the fool who put her in the studio this time? I know it wasn't Kandi?

  22. I don't know anyone who would actually buy this single. I can't believe I listened to it all the way through. Kim stick to what you do best…whatever that is.

  23. I am speechless. I couldn't even make it threw the entire song. It's very hard to tell someone they can't sing. Someone just took her money, because they just didn't want to hurt her feelings. Now if that was Carrie Underwood, singing that song it would have been the bomb. Kim stick to tricking, having babies and drinking wine and smoking cigarettes.

  24. At first, I thought it was a man singing the song, then I realized it was Kim. It sounds like Kim is singing the chorus and the man is singing the lead. Kim is singing very softly, you can barely hear her. The man sounds really good. I cannot believe that Kim is saying she took that photo a couple of weeks ago! Jazze Phae (SP?) and some other man (Pat) helped her. Kim has been working on this song for about 8 months. If you want to be a singer, you have to sing more than 1 song at a time.

  25. Kim did just filme it a couple weeks ago she was tweeting about it. It's just been photoshopped to death. :)

  26. Okay first of all she looks like she is smelling doo doo or something. Second we all know that picture is not anywhere near Kim four months pregnant. Whoever photoshopped that should really be ashamed of themselves. She should be ashamed too because she will never look like that. The train tracks tie back into her trailer park life she is running from so it makes sense to me. Kim has a horrible cigarette laced voice that I can do without hearing. She is an embarrassment to her family and should really stop with all this fakeness and stop running from who she is. A trailer park hooker..I'm just sayin..

  27. HaterIf this was Nene You would be writing all sorts of bogus accolades.Nene actually did not look like a horse last night.She looked like a sausage with a tired wig in that dress last night.Uhm, boo that dress is made for women with smaller figures, not line backersCiao

  28. Yes the waist is definitely altered but I love Kim and her big turn around. Happy for her, Kroy and her children. Great father figure for her girls who had no one. Oh and her hair looks great! Everybody already knows she can't sing, but guess what??….she can afford to record a song about horse poop if she wants so get over it!!!!

  29. Sounds like she is karaoke singing to the dude in the background. (I bet Kroy paid for her to do this….Just as Big Poppa did the first time, Kandi did the second time, and now this third time. Eventually, everyone is going to stop hearing her mess like I've BEEN tired of hearing her mess.

  30. BAD LUCK to ever pose with train tracks in the backgroundEnd of the line her record will go nowhere. Well. I know that goes without saying look at the other ATL woman who posed with her fiancé with train tracks in the background

  31. Kim looks and sounds horrible! She needs to give it up! There is no way she has any friends because if she did they are horrible for not letting her know that she can't sing worth a damn! Kroy seems like a nice guy but Kim is going to drag him down and soon they will be moving into the poor house!

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