Nene Leakes Lands New Role on NBC Comedy Pilot

Now we know what the new role is that Nene scored while in LA filming for Glee. It seems Glee Co-Creator, Ryan Murphy continues to be a Nene fan! Here’s what had to say:

NeNe Leakes, who has been recurring on the current season of Glee as rival cheerleading coach Roz Washington, is re-teaming with Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy on his NBC comedy pilot The New Normal, about a blended family of a gay couple and their surrogate. On the project, co-created by Ali Adler, The Real Housewives Of Atlanta star NeNe will play the heavily recurring role of Rocky.

This show was just green-lighted for a pilot for a potential spot in the fall 2012 lineup.  It’s about a gay couple and their relationship with the woman they chose to be their surrogate. Ellen Barkin was just recently cast to play the role of the surrogate’s mother. Justin Bartha and Andrew Rannells play the lead roles and Georgia King will play the surrogate. The cast is still being formed and changed around a bit. No word on what Nene’s role as “Rocky” will entail. My guess is she is the loud talking black woman brought in for comic relief.  That said, if this show gets picked up it would be great for Nene. This is a nice get for her.

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19 responses to “Nene Leakes Lands New Role on NBC Comedy Pilot

  1. stop being shady, tamara :-p

  2. I wouldn't get too excited about this show. If you just look at NBC's ratings for the past couple of years you will see they are in the basement. Nene's roll will soon get tired since all she can play is Nene. NJB

  3. Good – go – go to Hollywood already.

  4. I love Ellen Barkin! I'll watch just for her.

  5. Ivy

    I'm honestly not begrudging the woman work, but I'll believe it when I see it. Nene lies freely and often and nowhere more so than on Twitter. It also seems very odd to me that this happened just on the heels of the reunion – it sounds too much like trying desperately to save face.Don't get me wrong, I hope it's true if only because it means she's off RHOA. Bye, Hater! :)

  6. I am real proud of NeNe. Seems the same folks who want her off RHOA is disgusted that she is doing better. Sadly, seems the readers of this blog are unhappy with others doing well. Mirror check to those who have negative words on others doing well.

  7. I comment on the show – and leave individual readers to have their own opinions – as I'm confident enough in my own opinion and fel no need to bash others for theirs.I do not like Ms Leakes, because she contributes nothing to the show FOR ME – because she does not interact, the same with Kim. So, if she does NOT want to interact with the castmates – then she needs to leave. Maybe in another venue, she will be more of a team player and have more to contribute. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I for one will not blast anyone whose opinion differs from my own.

  8. Ivy

    Well, luckily for Nene, she's made a huge point over the past three years of letting the audience know that she doesn't give a rat's ass what we think about her, so I'm sure any negative words she's hearing now won't hurt her feelings too much.

  9. Stop hating – while you talkin she walking all the way to the bank

  10. Give credit where credit is due…you can't knock Nene's hustle tho'! Congrats Neenster!


  12. NeNe an underdog? Okay….it's not that ppl. are hating. If they are like me, they don't care about her or what she does. That's it and that's all.

  13. I will miss her on RHOA. I wish her well. I hope the pilot picks up and I will watch her on NBC.

  14. I hope Nene finds a way to do both RHOA and shoot this pilot. Production needs to make sure that these women film together vs. seperately. It makes a better show. I know all the women don't get along, but I think the production came up with this idea to film them seperatly. There is not one scene, where all the women and Marlo filmed together.

  15. This doesn't mean she is leaving RHOA. She could easily do both. Plus there is no guarantee that the pilot will get picked up. I do think it has a good shot of getting picked up though. The New Normal is a thirty minute sitcom and filming doesn't take long at all. They could easily work around her. Whether or not she is back on RHOA is up to Bravo and if they want to keep paying her to refuse to shoot and tweet about how bad the show is.

  16. That is the thing I don't like – this Diva attitude/Bravo allowing them (Kim and Nene) to NOT film with each other/then they sit back and take pot shots at the show, their castmates and EMPLOYER. In the REAL world – you'd be fired on the spot.I agree that BRAVO needs to make them play in the sandbox together – or kick them out – period.

  17. I can't stand Nene I refuse to watch anything that she's on (besides rhoa) I used to watch The Talk but then they had her on as a guest I haven't watched since!And Tamara I don't see you as a hater you see Nene for exactly who she is, mean , nasty and a bully. Ignore her delusional ass stans and the fairytale world they live in.

  18. I love NeNe despite my dislike for most reality shows. In my view she is consistent. Far as bashing the show, who hasn't done the same? Charlie Sheen bashed Two and Half Men and left with a chunk of change plus more endorsements. Winning! The woman is paid to be a drama queen and she is living it up. We know the show is scripted.But Tamara I must give you your props. You are the fairest when it comes to all of the RHOA and attack them all equally. There is plenty of crap to go around for all of these women. I respect NeNe because opening doors in Hollywood means that she is creating a niche past RHOA that does not involve spreading her legs to be set up for life and pretending to build a mansion out of the figment of their imagination. Just saying. But at least you go after them all equally.

  19. I love NeNe. Like her or not, she is the RHOA. She has the over the top personality needed, to keep a show interesting the other ladies do not. I would love to see NeNe and Kim filming together again. They were so much fun together, which is what kept me watching. I have lost interest this season because of all the pettiness, back biting, trash talking etc. I enjoyed the scenes of NeNe with her sons, Cynthia and Peter, Phaedra and Appollo and Kandi with her mom. I don't like Kim's scenes this season, watching everyone else work and then talk about how exhausted she is.

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