Yolanda Foster to be the Next Real Housewife of Beverly Hills ?

Life & Style Magazine is reporting that Yolanda Hadid will be a new housewife on the next episode of  Real Housewives of Beverly Hills next season.  Life & Style is usually the most reliable source for Kim Zolciak news as Kim has a contract with them; however, I don’t know what to make of them as a RHOBH source since they tend to speak to Radar Online. Although, I am not sure I believe their latest article that says that Camille quit RHOBH because the producers wanted to reduce her role to the whole “friend of the housewives” level. I think Camille is loving life and doesn’t need the salary from RHOBH. She negotiated her contract and wasn’t happy with what they offered and decided it wasn’t worth her time. I don’t blame her. She doesn’t need to drag manufactured drama into her life for money. Now that she has a new man and newfound peace, I think she should enjoy it  One thing that is interesting about RHOBH and their contracts. They are not paid by the episode like most of the franchises are for some reason RHOBH contracts are negotiated as a lump sum. Interesting. But back to Yolanda…

If her last name looks familiar to you that is because she was married to Mohammed Hadid. In fact Yolanda and Mohammed hosted a party together on the first season of RHOBH so this will not be Yolanda’s first time around the crew. I’m not sure when they got divorced but I am pretty sure they were still married during the filming in 2010.  Yolanda married David Foster in a magnificent ceremony in a private home on the same day Kim and Kroy were married 11-11-11. Yolanda’s marriage was a bit more spectacular though. She had a  40-piece orchestra, a 50 member gospel choir, and performances by 11 year old America’s Got Talent contestant  Jackie Evancho, performing Pie Jesu, Andrea Bocelli sang The Prayer ,Michael Bublé, Natalie Cole, Donna Summer, Peter Cetera, Babyface, Kenny G, The Canadian Tenors and Neil Sedaka also sang. At the reception, Foster played the piano while Avril Lavigne and Kate Hudson did back up vocals to the Eric Clapton hit “Change the World.” Oh and the guest lists includes some people you may have heard of like, Oprah Winfrey, Barbra Streisand, Muhammad Ali, Heidi Klum, Rob Lowe, Bo Derek, Suzanne Sommers, John Corbett, Dr. Phil and Robin, former Canadian Prime Minister Mr. and Mrs. Brian Mulroney, Steve Wynn, Wolfgang Puck, James Brolin, Gayle King, Wayne Gretzky, Diane Warren, Chris Botti, Eric Benét, Carol Bayer Sager, Brian Grazer, Sandy Gallin, Lara Fabian and Larry Ellison just to name a few.

Lisa Vanderpump and her hubby were likely there as well as she is friends with Yolanda. This to me gives the Life & Style story  the likelihood of truth since Lisa was hung out to dry during the season finale much like Kandi Burruss was this season in Atlanta. Lisa needs an ally with a clean slate to film with next season, and someone to bitch about the other girls to. Yolanda appears to be that person. She certainly is an experienced housewife of Beverly Hills with a brand new famous husband. Works for me. What do y’all think?

One does have to wonder why Life & Style continues to refer to her as Yolanda Hadid.


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6 responses to “Yolanda Foster to be the Next Real Housewife of Beverly Hills ?

  1. Yolanda is already one of the women featured in the dutch version of Real Women of Hollywoodhttp://www.net5.nl/programmas/nederlandse-hollywood-vrouwen

  2. Thanks, yeah I saw that. I wonder if maybe she just wants to work closer to her husband? I dunno. It's all speculation at this point. She is a Beverly Hills kinda girl…

  3. David Foster is also the ex-husband of Linda Thompson who is friends with Taylor and was in the Malibu beach house from hell episode.

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