Scripted Stupidity: My Thoughts on Last Night’s Episode of RHOA

Now that I’ve gotten the Phaedra sideshow off my chest, I still have a lot more to say about last night’s show.  Even a bit more to say about the sideshow. You could almost visualize the script in so many parts of this episode. Exit Cynthia and Peter. Cynthia be sure to mention the Africa trip to Kim on the way out even though you haven’t said to words to her. Cynthia and Peter find the camera crew upon exiting and stop and discuss Peter’s bad behavior and Kim and Kroy ignoring you in front of the crew rather than getting in the car and having a conversation about it on the way home like normal people. Kim and Kroy exit five minutes later. Kroy will take baby to car while Kim crosses to camera crew to confront Cynthia. We need at least temporary closure on the great race debate. Cynthia will apologize and both will hug. End of storyline until the finale. I mean really, it actually seemed MORE realistic on WWHL with the theme from the OK Corral playing in the background. I haven’t even mentioned RAW GREEN TOMATOES being featured on the food table. Jesus take the wheel!

Producers were desperate to include Nene in the show as per her contract. Thus a very awkward mother son conversation was staged. What is funny about this scene is that the kid has been coached on exactly what to say. The conversation is about divorce and Nene and Gregg living apart, is more humorous knowing that Gregg was likely there for the entire scene. As far as them living separately, word on the street is Gregg never actually lived apart from Nene at least not for long because he takes care of their son while Nene goes to events.  Lots of the time Gregg and their son go with Nene to LA. So this whole conversation with their child was more scripted crap simply giving Nene screen time. Once again, THE ENTIRE DIVORCE STORY LINE IS FAKE. It’s no wonder the boy wasn’t taking the conversation seriously. I wonder how much those lawyers got paid to pretend that paperwork was filed, because it wasn’t. Nene’s spinoff was supposed to be about her divorce and dating, but once Bravo found out that the divorce was fake, the spinoff was canned.  That is about the time Nene started her whole tirade about not wanting a spinoff.

The Sheree stuff is beyond ridiculous. I can’t even go there. How Sheree pretends to have a close relationship with Tierra after not even admitting she was her daughter when the show first began is beyond me. Now she wants to tell a young couple with a straight face that they need rings that cost $40,000? Or Six thousand for that matter. It’s too much stupidity to address.  As for Kim, clearly her excuse wasn’t as good as Kandi’s or Sheree’s or Nene’s to get her out of going to the sideshow. It was storyline. Kroy coming home from camp was probably the only thing on the show last night that actually happened. Not to say they didn’t film the scene ten times but at least it was an actual event and the girls seemed genuinely happy to have him home.

Nene was not around on Twitter last night to do her usual attacks on her castmates. But she did show up this morning to make up for lost time. If I was out in LA having a wonderful time working on Glee and had just gotten word I had been cast in yet another scripted show, I would not waste my time on Twitter making fun of the people I film with to get my bread and butter. Her vitriol has only escalated since contract time became an issue. It seems a forgone conclusion based on the Atlanta grapevine that Sheree is out. But Nene sure is acting like someone who has gotten Jill Zarined. I’ve been saying for months Nene Leakes is acting like someone who got fired.  Don’t be surprised to hear her saying she left Bravo because she outgrew the show and is moving on to serious acting. And when you do, don’t believe a word of it. Nene is the picture of a disgruntled employee who has been given a pink slip.


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6 responses to “Scripted Stupidity: My Thoughts on Last Night’s Episode of RHOA

  1. YEP!!! I agree with you 100% When Kandi wasn't at the "christening" I knew it was fake – cause Kandi handles her business – but a friend having a christening – she'd be there – BRAVO or not.Nene – I have been saying this ad nauseum – why bash your castmates, the show which is your BREAD AND BUTTER 24/7???? What the hell is the matter with you – how about say NOTHING then? If you are handling your business – and trying to be a professional – why on earth would you bash the very venue which has given you a platform to succeed?…if I were a new employer, I'd look very carefully at how she bashed those which helped her rise. Nene is a FOOL. Period.You already know how I feel about that Barnum and Bailey production at the "church" – pure fiction.Sheree – I felt sorry for that boy, cause he and his poor dental issues were food for the trolls, cause she doesn't have a damn storyline. DO you honestly think someone with 6500.00 wouldn't fix their teeth?? The boy said he had student loans – thank goodness he knows what his priorities are. BRAVO SUCKS – period. This season can't be over soon enough. All the best scenes they have on their site as outtakes … and their scripted garbage is driving viewers away.

  2. Ivy

    I loved how the woman playing Brent's "Nanny" (LOL!) had a total "What's my line again?" look on her face the whole time. And I agree that the entire Cynthia/Kim confrontation scene was totally set up, but I think the sentiments expressed were genuine. I think the only reason Cynthia apologized was because she finally realized that if she didn't, Kim would NEVER. HAVE. SHUT. UP. Not only that, but lately Kim strikes me as a pretty menacing woman; it's obvious that she hopes to intimidate people with that steady, "I'm TALKIN' to you, bitch" glare. And does her mouth EVER close?

  3. Ivy

    Now that I think about it, does it seem to anyone else that Kim is slowly morphing into Nene, and vice versa? Or am I just having to much fun thinking about this? :)

  4. I guess I am the only one who feels bad about the engagement not happening because of Sheree's negativity.Sheree ruined her daughters opportunity. Proposals do not come around too often from quality guys that he is.

  5. I think the footage between Nene and Brentt was taped earlier in the season. It may have been staged, but Brentt's reaction is typical of a 12 year old. Nene's hair has been blonde/blonde for a while and in this episode it is golden/blonde color.

  6. I felt that Sheree put too much pressure on Damon about the ring and the proposal. I felt that she made it about her. Talking about her divorce from Bob, that was her experience. I don't believe that Tierra actually takes her advise. Her mother is the visual aid for what NOT to be in life.

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