Phaedra Parks Takes Her Attempts at Humor to a Whole New Level

So apparently Phaedra is grooming her son to be the next Eddie Long.  Or perhaps Eddie Long is learning his bizarre behavior from Phaedra since his coronation as King of his congregation by a radical Jewish Rabbi ( I KNOW! Who knew the Jews had lunatic fringe Rabbis?) happened after this Ayden nonsense.  Regardless, Phaedra once again pushes past the line with her comedic act on RHOA last night. I know Phaedra says she is “playing a role” on RHOA I’ve just always had a problem with a lot of that routine. This whole “southern belle” moniker she tries to claim is ludicrous from the beginning. A southern belle was a wealthy, white slave owner. The concept of a black woman aligning herself with a stereotype of a slave owning white women is bizarre and inappropriate from the onset. Phaedra takes it a step further by being disrespectful and rude to the memories of slaves in the history museum. She takes her comedy act to family funerals with the cameras running.  Last night she took her routine into the house of God.

I don’t know exactly what religion Phaedra claims to be, but it seems to me that she has taken a random sampling of religious rites, thrown in a healthy dose of Dwight Eubanks and manufactured some made for Bravo TV religion. There was so much wrong with this event I hardly know where to begin. When it was first advertised I thought perhaps Phaedra belonged to a religion that follows the generally Catholic practice of christening, that is the practice of baptising a child with holy water for spiritual purposes. You know like Teresa from RHONY does with her kids.  That is an event where the child’s acceptance into the religion is celebrated. Most southerners who are not Catholic do not have these events.

Phaedra referred to the ceremony as a blessing ceremony. In many faiths like Judism and Buddism for example a child is brought the church leader to be blessed. Biblically, this began in the old testament with Samuel being blessed by Eli and continued in the New Testament with Mary and Joseph bringing Jesus into the temple to be blessed. Very young babies are blessed in order to be officially a part of a religious family. It’s not a production, but a solemn ritual. In most southern churches, what we have is a Parental Dedication which generally includes a blessing from the pastor for the child. This ritual is part of a regular church service and is held once a month or once every few months depending on the size of congregation. Even though the children are not generally christened, it has become common for the babies to wear christening gowns and in some cases even have god parents participating. As part of the regular Sunday ceremony, the parents are tasked by the church to raise the child within the confines of their religion and the church family is tasked with assisting the parents and child of insuring that the child receives the proper religious upbringing. The ceremonies occur with multiple parents and babies of children born since the last ritual standing before the church and receiving this religious instruction and taking an oath to be proper parents.

Once again, Phaedra’s comedy act has become offensive to solemn situations for the purpose of entertainment. Something that should have been a prayerful religious dedication among her religious family became full of pomp, circumstance and a processional of mockery. There is absolutely no place for anyone to carry in a child (or a sexual molester in the incident with Eddie Long)  on a litter in a church service. Referring to the child as a prince in a church is blasphemous. I just can’t imagine the level of audacity required to place a child in such a position.

I like Phaedra. I think her humor for the most part brings a lot to the show. However, there have been many times when her humor becomes very offensive. There are a lot of comedians who cross the lines and have very successful careers, Tracy Morgan and Kathy Griffin come to mind. The difference is, they do not bring their offensive material into a church where they claim to be practitioners of the religion. They don’t wrap themselves in religion while at the same time defiling it.

That’s just my opinion. I’m sure there will be other opinions in the comments. I just feel the need as someone from Atlanta to address the representations that television is putting out there of “church ceremonies” like the one you saw last night, or the viral videos of Eddie Long. These are not representative of Atlanta’s church going crowd. We’re not all snacking on chocolate likenesses of the baby Jesus while pretending to be southern belles with a fetish for royalty. That’s just Phaedra trying to be funny. Everyone has a different sense of humor. I was not amused.


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14 responses to “Phaedra Parks Takes Her Attempts at Humor to a Whole New Level

  1. I didn't get it … and I felt Apollo's expression throughout said it all – WTH??I'm not feeling Phaedra's many BRAVO-scripted realities … and then I thought well maybe that's why Kandi and the others didn't show up … it wasn't an important event – it was a sideshow.I like Phaedra – I think she can be funny – but I don't like her Funeral stuff .. so I chucked this christening in the fakefuneral bucket. I thought it was just a tacky way to "force" a confrontation between Kim and Cynthia.I am not a stranger to christenings either … most in my family have them for their newborns…so I don't think it's more of a Catholic tradition.I just think at this point BRAVO is throwing shit against the wall to see what sticks.

  2. WTF!!! Is Bravo trying to sabotage itself? I can't watch this nonsense anymore….over all this buffoonery.

  3. I thought the entire dedication was ridiculous. If you looked in the congregation there were many 35 people there – but the 'banquet' was set up for over 100?!? As BSB said – I think Bravo made the entire thing up to put Kim and Cynthia together to have their little confrontation. Although fake as it was – the editing for Kroy just fanning the baby and smiling – hilarious.WD

  4. Great post Tamara. You made some very thought provoking points and a lot of Phaedra's theatrics make me go hmmm. I understand that all the females play a role orchestra'd by Bravo, but last night was ridiculous. Kim's I'm better than everyone(since getting with Kroy) and above drama was sickening.

  5. I agree with you Tamara – Bravo and Phaedra are taking this way too far. I am a catholic and this is not the way we baptize our children. I have been to many churches of other faiths with my friends and never seen anything like this. I feel DO NOT bring your fake crap into the house of the Lord.

  6. I love your opinion on this Tamara. It was great. It is inappropriate to bring such theatrics into the house of the Lord. Mary and Joseph brought Jesus to the temple in accordance to the Law of Moses where first born males were brought to the Temple to be dedicated. Phaedra I'm sure was going to have her baby dedicated, but that was just over the top.However I don't see the issue of calling Ayden a prince. Maybe I missed something. I need to watch the episode again. Great job Tamara!

  7. I figured she must a member of the baptist church because they do not get baptized until they are old enough to give their testimony. Instead, babies have a dedication ceremony where they are made a part of the church and the congregation agrees to raise them in the faith. Still this was unlike any baby dedication I had ever been to.

  8. I am curious, did anyone notice when she went into the secretaries office to dress beforehand, she handed Aiden off to a white lady, and I think there was a caption that said,"Apollo's mother". Was that right? Secondly, since both of Phaedra's parents are pastors, why didn't they do this thing in their church? I would think it would be more meaningful, letting grandparents do it in front of their congregation, instead of infront of a bunch of phony extras.

  9. @ Anon 3:11 – Yes, Apollo's mother is white … he's biracial.

  10. I guess my question was really, with a new baby and all I wish they would show Apollo's parents, I wanna see where he good looks come from, just like I'd like to see Kroy's parents, I bet theyre nice and down to earth, would like to see Peter's parents, to understand where his "jacka**" behavior comes from, etc.

  11. Great post Tamara! I agree with pretty much what everyone else has said. However, something that no one has brought up is, Phaedra is training this young man to think himself above others, he's the King. He's even had a processional in a hand carried throne. She's also teaching him that everything in life has to be over the top, expensive and to show off to the world. Lastly, what kind of man will he be with parents who lavish him with expensive over the top celebrations and gets to college and meets 'normal' kids…what happens then? Worse – when he tries to get his first job (and myabe he won't have to since Phaedra will have a business to put him in as a Vice President. The poor boy – we should all be concerned for him. At any rate, it's not way to train a young man.

  12. Say we are right, this is all scripted. Does Phaedra really think the viewers won't see her constant displays of wealth as a vehicle of her mindset that she's better than every one else. There's not been one show where she hasn't criticized the way someone handles their life. It will be interesting to see how her son growns up, and what he will become being raised by a woman who cares so much for such superficial things.

  13. I agree. It's one thing to parody yourself, but it's a whole 'nother thing to be blasphemous. Phaedra needs to check herself. These Bravo producers will let you and incite you to get as crazy as you can get, but once you're no longer useful to them, you're yesterday's trash, and you've got to deal with the mess you've made your life.

  14. I just realized that the reason I want to see Viola with short natural hair is because that is how she wore it to the Oscars. Just saw a picture. It’s lovely. Should be that way all the time.

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