Taylor Armstrong Joins the Girls from RHOBH in Vegas

Camille, Kyle, Adrienne and their male counterparts have been partying it up Palms style in Vegas along with a bunch of college kids in town for MTV’s Spring break which has been filming at the Palms.  Paul shot the requisite video of Kyle doing the splits in the party bus/limo and posted it on twitter. Seems like a good time was being had by all. But look who showed up! It’s Taylor. Perhaps she is celebrating the end of her RHOBH tenure as well? Doubtful. Bravo loves the train wrecks.  Oh, and the cigarette is electronic. Apparently, they were having an Allison Dubois moment. 


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6 responses to “Taylor Armstrong Joins the Girls from RHOBH in Vegas

  1. I think Taylor and all her drama will be back. She brings drama with all her blatent lies and apparently Bravo loves that. Well, let's face it – her lies have provided PAGES of discussion for a lot of us!WD

  2. wth is wrong with Traylor's face? who leaves or stays doesn't matter to me, I quit watching this one 2 seasons ago.

  3. Ivy

    I don't understand. She knows we all hate her. Why does she continue to torture us this way? I guess inherent meanness is one of the symptoms of a borderline/narcissistic/antisocial/paranoid/sociopathic/PSYCHOpathic personality disorder.

  4. Love your blog,hope you don't shut down,seems stoopid housewives has had enough and quitting…

  5. Ivy

    Oh, and if that alcoholic, anorexic **** is back next season, then Bravo has lost my business with ALL of their shows. It's easy enough to find clips of what everyone's talking about on YouTube.

  6. Are Traiter and Kyle smoking? Traiter looks tipsy.

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