Whitney’s Autopsy Report and Crazy Leolah Brown & Co.

A preliminary coroner’s report was released yesterday regarding the autopsy of Whitney Houston and the results were released by TMZ.  I am pretty much a kool-aid drinker when it comes to TMZ. Their reports have a very high rate of accuracy. What bothers me is that I cant’ find a copy of the actual report online. It seems that every major news outlet is using the TMZ article as the basis for their reporting. Where is the report? The ABC video above has a copy of the report and  video of the coroner’s office official statement. It’s the closest to the original source as is available at this time.

Here is a statement of Craig Harvey the spokesman for the coroner’s office, “We had approximately a 60 percent occlusion in the arteries — in the narrowing of the arteries,  so that condition complicated by the chronic cocaine use all combined to result in her drowning. The final cause of death has been established as drowning due to atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use. Other drugs were identified in toxicology; However, their levels were at either a therapeutic or sub-therapeutic level, therefore, they are not believed to be contributory to the death.

The other drugs listed in the report were marijuana, Xanax, Flexeril (muscle relaxant) and diphenhydramine (benadryl).  Apparently the reason they are not considered contributory is that the levels found in the body indicate that the medications were not active in her system at the time, rather they were residual amounts from prior usage.  This is something I wanted to understand because sites were reporting that the drugs were all found in her body as if she had taken them in close proximity to her drowning. This was apparently not the case.

Another interesting thing to note is that the video shows the official report stating under the category How Injury Occurred  that Whitney was “found submerged in bathtub filled with water; cocaine intake.”  We’ve heard so much about where Whitney was when the paramedics came. Supposedly she had been moved onto the floor and the body guard attempted CPR. So when the report says that she was found in the bathtub is that based on the word of the first person on the scene or was she still in the bathtub?

Dr. Drew just can’t stop interviewing people about Whitney’s death. First it was Monique Houston, ex-wife of Whitney’s brother Gary.  She has not been around Whitney in years. What does she have to offer? And then last night it was Bobby Brown’s sister Leolah. Good lord that woman is crazy. The stories spinning from that interview are even crazier. You can see the interview on Youtube here(strangely I could not find it on the HLN site). Dr. Drew has barely said hello before Leolah says that Ray J killed her.  She also says that Whitney told her that Ray J was not a boyfriend of hers and that Ray J is just running around telling everyone that. Then she goes on to blame Pat Houston for letting Ray J be around Whitney and bringing her drugs.  Leolah who was not there, and apparently doesn’t realize that Ray J was not there until after she died. Also Ray J has always denied his relationship with Whitney was more than a friendship. I don’t believe him, but he is definitely not telling the press he was her boyfriend as Leolah suggests.

Then two guys who are listed as “Bobby Kristina’s cousin’s” show up to bad mouth Pat and Gary Houston for packing up Whitney’s things and getting them out of there.  Apparently, they are Leolah’s kids but “Bobby Kristina’s Cousins” has a better ring to it.They seemed pissed that Pat and Gary took Whitney’s jewelry in particular. Um, should these random dudes have gotten Whitney’s personal effects? I mean they are her nephews from a previous marriage FFS compared to her BROTHER who was there.  Also, Leolah says she is Bobbi Kristina’s legal guardian. Leolah’s eyes are closed through the entire story where she claims that years ago Whitney signed over parental rights to her for Bobby Kristina. This seems very important to her despite the fact that Krissi is an ADULT. Hmmm  wonder why? 

Another one of the cousins weighs in on his vast understanding of Whitney’s personal finances saying that she had off shore accounts. Then we go to commercial and when we come back yet another cousin appears and says he thinks Whitney was murdered. Suddenly, Leolah is saying that Whitney did not get in hotel bathtubs. This is just comical. Leolah goes back to talking about how Ray J was Whitney’s “runner boy” for drugs and that they never hung out. Really? Has she not seen all the pictures?

Meanwhile today a spokesman for Ray J tells TMZ that he had no idea she had returned to drug use. Which is of course as crazy as Leolah’s statements.

It seems every time someone dies the bottom feeders come out. It’s just sickening. I don’ know what is worse, these people being willing to come on TV and disrespect everyone around Whitney or Dr. Drew for letting them.


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7 responses to “Whitney’s Autopsy Report and Crazy Leolah Brown & Co.

  1. You're right Tamara. They all referred-back to TMZ for the report which TMZ does not show. Hopefully someone is protecting this woman's privacy.60% artery blockage sounds-like an awful-lot to me. And maybe they did find some recent cocaine-use, but I'm not so sure that her heart problems can be identified as being caused-by chronic cocaine use? I've never heard of cocaine-use causing artery blockage, but I'm not an expert either.And what about the report that Whitney, (may God Bless her Soul), was recently found medically unable to have cosmetic-surgery? That could be due to the heart disease.Personally, I'm taking-away from this that she had some pretty serious heart disease, that may, or may not have been due to natural causes. I'm very sad to hear that her mom is being disturbed by all of this again. Let her rest in Peace and I hope that her mother finds peace so that she can grieve more easily if that is possible.

  2. For coroners report suggest check HLN website.

  3. And one more thing while I'm at it- I just heard that Whitney's last song in the movie, "Sparkle", is the very spiritual , "His Eye is On The Sparrow". That performance, and the last living performance that Whitney did, which was another religious hymn, "Jesus Loves me Yes I know", combined-with the fact that her funeral broadcast touched so many people in a Spiritual way, for four hours of prayer and worship, -well what I'm trying to say is that in my opinion Ms. Houston is a Saint. No need to hide the truth, but she deserves some respect for her life, her talent, and what she accomplished in her death, (Spiritually).I don't know what went on in her personal life. And I guess I don't want to know. But I do know that I don't want to see her torn-apart, or brought-down. As-if that would even be possible because like I said, I do feel that she is elevated.

  4. I'm with Housewifehater – I am tuning out to all this negativity – she is gone. She lost her battle with her demons … people just need to let her go. I am looking forward to her last movie and any music that comes out … but anyone yakking like Leofus Brown … shopping a tell all as is rumored by Bobby Brown … I'm not interested.

  5. LMAO @Leofus ! Too funny BSB!

  6. I hope she's finally found the peace that eluded her in life. Her voice was glorious. I still get chills from some of her songs. I still remember staring at first album cover at six and thinking she was a princess. RIP Whitney.

  7. Whitney was NOT a saint. She was a woman with an INCREDIBLE gift that she proceeded to shove up her nose. She had access to the kind of help not many people can afford and chose not to use it. She set a horrible example for her daughter. Let her RIP but let's not make her into something she certainly wasn't. A gifted wonderful singer – yes. A saint – not even close.WD

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