Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis Features Guy Suing Taylor Armstrong

Why are you people not watching Jeff Lewis’ new show Interior Therapy? The ratings are no good y’all. I’m going to need you to start watching it on Wednesdays a 9 o’clock. I’ll understand if you have to watch the second showing at 11 or 11:30 when WWHL comes back. BUT WATCH IT!  I LOVE Jeff Lewis and Jenni and Zoila.  This season instead of flipping houses, Jeff is moving in with crazy rich people and redoing some portion of their house in five days.  If the first two episodes are indicative of the whole season, the show could have been called My Overbearing Wife.  The first episode  was a lovely couple Felice and Michael Steinbeck who live in Brentwood and have a couple a three adorable children. The oldest boy had managed to score the master suite while poor Michael tried to exist in a small room with his overbearing wife Felice.  Felice ran the house and refused to let Michael make any decisions. Jeff and Jenny redo things so that the parents don’t have to share a bathroom with the girls. Michael seemed about as happy as one of those gay guys that gets sent to some religious reprogramming places to change him from gay to straight. Although the interior therapy was successful on the house, five days was not enough to deprogram Michael and send him off with a power top named Phillipe, which it seemed clear would have been what it takes to make him happy.

Last night Jeff and Jenny went to give a little therapy to Bob Lorsch and Kira Reed. He is Chairman and CEO of The RHL Group, Inc., a business management and investment-holding corporation with interests in a number of companies including MMR Global, Inc. MMR stands for My Medical Records the web-based company that specializes in storing  medical records and other personal documents online. This is the company that Russell Armstrong came to Lorsch with several years ago pitching an investment in the eHealth business. Lorsch came in as a partner and then Russell and Taylor  supposedly pitched the deal to investors taking over a million dollars in investments and spending the money on personal endeavors like Louboutins and birthday parties and lip injections.  That was supposedly all worked out and the Armstrongs repaid the money and got kicked out of the business.  However, after that settlement more scammed investors came forward so Bob is still in court going after Taylor for those missing funds. You can read about all that here.

Kira Cries over a box of books Bob wants to keep.
So back to poor old Bob. Bob is sort of a high-end hoarder. His house is fabulous and full of millions of dollars of art. Like the good stuff.  But he has 20,000 sq ft of art in an 8,000 sq ft house.  So his ex-porn star wife, Kira who went to the Hugh Hefner school of how to snag a rich old man, decides he needs to get rid of some stuff.  Bob is attached to all his stuff. Kira should have just asked for a bigger house instead of making Bob cry. Bob manages to part with some stuffed animals but cries when they try to get rid of his book collection. How hard would it be to put up a bookshelf?  Eventually, Jeff and Jenny turn the junk room into a great art gallery that holds about 16 pieces. Despite the torture Bob had to endure, it looks great but doesn’t really solve the problem. I felt bad for Bob having to decide between sex with a porn star and keeping his Chagalls. Poor Bob.

Next week a couple argues about fixing up the guy’s aunt’s house. And after that, IF YOU PEOPLE WATCH THE SHOW SO WE CAN GET TO EPISODE FOUR, we’ll get to see Ross Matthews have a big fat gay meltdown when Jeff and Jenni agree with his boyfriend Sal when it comes to redoing the house. That will probably be awesome. Don’t make me watch it alone!

Do y’all think it is kind of weird of Bravo to have a show on with the guy who is suing Taylor Armstrong? Is this the kiss of death for her for RHOBH next season?


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25 responses to “Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis Features Guy Suing Taylor Armstrong

  1. MMR pretrial hearing with Taylor Armstring is set for July 11, for those who await that jury trial. The show with Ross Mathews should be good!

  2. I actually watch this show and enjoy it, did not know it was receiving low ratings, maybe bravo should switch it around with the ny realtors show so that they can get that crowd to follow the show. I luv Jeff, Jenny & zoila

  3. I didn't know it started…LOL I love Jeff Lewis – I'll be watching. BRAVO SUCKS!!! at advertising their new shows/spin offs.

  4. reported that people got turned off of jeff and co. after last disastrous season with jeffs boyfriend. people deserted the show in droves after much of jeffs crew was fired/badmouthed by gage. maybe we should give it another try.chitown shelley

  5. Oh I HATE Gage. I'm glad he is not even mentioned on the show. It's just Jeff and Jenni and Zoila shows up from time to time. :)

  6. I love the Jeff Lewis team… For some reaspon Jeff seems sad this season. I miss his house & how they all interact… I'll keep watching…

  7. Does he still flip houses or as he said last season he lost millions doing it and decided to go this route for Bravo. I think he can't flip as good as he can anymore and that is the reason for this show. Also Traylor tried to get some form of court judgement where the proceedings from the MMR trial with her would be sealed and she failed. I think she's afraid that all of the manufactured lies she has made would come crashing down once she has to tell the truth. And for her to set a defense that he made me do it, I was abused has got danger to it also. Because in this instance MMR attorneys will want discovery on her doctor visits and when and where she went for these visits and also depositions from witnesses (those two from the Ninja husband of hers who she begged not to press charges sure are quiet all of a sudden) under oath. This woman is afriad her whole world is coming down.

  8. Hey Tamara I know this may be off the subject and it is not about atlanta but do you know any tea on the real housewives of new jersey? I used to really like this show but now with the new family fighting and caroline drama I don't know if it is real of manufactured.

  9. Don't worry Tamara you are not watching alone, I love Jeff Lewis and when he is accompanied by Jenni and Zoila that is all this show needs for high ratings. They should have Zoila in every episode, last night her comment about whether the $200K Persian rug was a magic rug that flies was typical hysterical Zoila.And to see this new side of empathetic Jeff interacting with his clients is sorta of funny. Of course like only Jeff could, Jenni has to schlep her own bag up the stairs. Also love how Jeff just loved being waited on and living the life of luxury.Now as for Bob Lorch, my theory is that he is trying to get her persona out there in the public to counter the persona of Trashy (my name for Shana Lynette Hughes Taylor Sipes Ford Armstrong the Queen of Liars and Grifters). He actually supports charitable causes and is a lot more likable than Trashy. Might also mean that if Bravo is stupid enough to bring Trashy back for Season 3 we might get to see some of the court action or events around the trial as we now know Lorch isn't immune to being in the public eye. Of course I would still rather Trashy just disappear never to be seen or heard from again on our TV screens and the media.

  10. Jeff seems sad this season… I miss his house & how they goofed off… I'll keep watching in hopes he gets happy again…

  11. I love any Jeff and Jenni show.Thought Bob and Kira were an odd couple and whoa..Kira has some breezy nudes on Google, doesn't she?

  12. Sorry Tamara, I usually agree with you but this time I'm scratching my head wondering what Bravo was thinking. The biggest appeal for most of us who watched Jeff was the infighting at the house, the drama with Gage, etc. Now there's not much to watch. We can peek into other people's home on any HGTV show or the Hoarder's funky shows on another network that will not be mentioned. I, and most of my RHON (Real Honeys of Nashville) stopped watching after the 1st show.

  13. The last season of Flipping Out was the last season BECAUSE of Gage. Everyone hated him and the way he kept trying to isolate Jeff from EVERYONE including Jenni and Zoila. He's the reason we don't have flipping out anymore. To me, this is nothing like hoarders which I don't watch because it's gross. It's about people who can't get their house in order because they can't agree on anything. Having the people in the house when a renno is done and all the drama that entails is pretty funny when Jeff and Jenni are LIVING there as well. Allegedly. :)

  14. Tamara, Pretty sure Flipping Out was not cancelled. It was brought up on when Jeff and Jenni were on Watch What Happens Live. Flipping Out typically films in the spring and airs in the fall. Agree that Gage doesn't make for good TV.

  15. Tamara, Pretty sure Flipping Out was not cancelled. It was brought up on when Jeff and Jenni were on Watch What Happens Live. Flipping Out typically films in the spring and airs in the fall. Agree that Gage doesn't make for good TV.

  16. Louboutin and lip injections? How to snag a rich old man? Sound like someones been drinking some HATER AID. hmm… Not cute..

  17. You're right. I can't believe I pointed out that Taylor Armstrong spent the money on Louboutins, lip injections and birthday parties. Who would do that?Also, women who live with Hugh Hefner, go on to become porn stars and marry men twice their age who just so happen to be gazillionaires are generally virtuous women who marry for all the right reasons. How dare I judge. Clearly I am just a jealous old hater.

  18. I loved Bob in this show. He was portrayed as a very kind, generous, charitable, and honest succesful business man. I am hoping this was Bravo's attempt to show this about Bob, although it was kinda a passive aggresive screw you to Taylor. I just don't trust Bravo, they are so shady — they may have just wanted the ratings? Who knows.

  19. Michael Steinbeck made Jeff Lewis look straight. Seriously.Who is he kidding.

  20. I stumbled across your blog while watching these re-runs on vacation. You are dead on regarding both couples. Especially dear Michael Steinbeck.

  21. I actually really like this show too and I thought Kira was caring towards Bob and I sympathized with her. Maybe because my FIL is a bit of a high-end hoarder. I think KIra recognized that Bob was obsessive with his belongings and really needed to accept that his things do not define him. ALthough, seriously just rent a storage unit – you're rich!I'm disappointed it is getting low ratings given that Jeff and Jenni are divine. Also, Jeff is one of the few Bravo stars (along with Jenni) who has not changed or sold out now that reality television has entered their lives. They are still good friends with the same sort of dynamic from season 1 and it makes me happy.

  22. Great show~ You made Bob Lorsch a very happy man. Forget his money, his passion for Art is felt. He is right to feel the way he did. Jeff you are just too cute!

  23. I absolutely love the dynamics of Jeff & Jenni. I also miss Zoila in many of the scenes. I agree that they need to include Zoila much more. I couldn't wait for the new season, thinking we would get to see "Gramercy" and how Jeff designed his "new" home. Was sort of disappointed that after letting us in on all of Jeff's future plans, we were left hanging and not knowing what happened left a void. After all said and done, love, love, love Jeff Lewis and Jenni. Put Zoila in the mix alot more though and it will be another winning show.

  24. One of the commenters said that Flipping Out is coming back. I hope that is true and this is just EXTRA jeff time. :)

  25. SallysF

    Very cringe-worthy. Which is the whole point, doncha think?

    Well really, I felt sorry for the girl married to the grocery-king. It seems she had this horrible curse of being small breasted. What she really had was the problem of having a small asshole. Which she could solve with a quick divorce.

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