Kim Zolciak-Biermann is Pregnant Again!

Kim Zolciak-Biermann and her husband Kroy are expecting their second child together! Kim sold the story to Life & Style Magazine  who just released a teaser for the photos to appear in this weeks print version. Kim has confirmed the news on twitter.  Kim is about as far along with her baby as Snooki  from Jersey Shore  both are just entering their second trimester.  This could be the what all the “shooting” was for at her house last week. Perhaps an update for her new spin-off. Having another baby makes it even more likely we will see a second season of Tardy for the Wedding.  Especially since she had cameras at her house all last week. Don’t be Tardy for the Birthing? Looks like the season finale for that is already planned out. LOL. 

I can’t wait for all the Kim haters (especially Nene) to hear the news.  Thoughts?


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31 responses to “Kim Zolciak-Biermann is Pregnant Again!

  1. Makes for more child support later…

  2. Kim is not dummy. Another baby means more child support when they divorce. And believe me they will be divorcing in the near future.NJB

  3. poor stupid kroy. he never stood a chance against this master manipulator.what an idiot!!chitown shelley

  4. Ivy

    I wonder if Kroy is crying yet.

  5. Ivy

    For joy, of course.

  6. Doesn't assure her another spin-off as I'm sure the first one is probably only 2 or 3 episodes anyway…Just assures that she'll be back for Season 5 of RHOA….On another note Tamara, find out why Sheree is in NYC…The real tea is that she's signing her Season 5 contract…since you have SOOOOOO many sources…

  7. Ivy

    Not a chance in hell am I sitting through another season with a pregnant Kim. And POOR NENE LOLOLOLOL!

  8. Ok so this is gonna add to what is going to be happening on the next season of the housewives but they are so tried that I caught the reruns because I don't want to see the original airing. also i have to agree with Ivy above I am not willing to sit through another season of kim pregnant, even though babies are a blessing, seeing kim pregnant and not wanting to particiapate with the other ladies because she has to walk or because she's pregnant she cant go and doesn't want to. here is the question though if she is gonna be on the next season seh can't really so a whole not with a new baby and a toddler because she knows brielle will not help her and sweetie is gone. finally did anyone watch kim's due date special? was that an hosewives episode or was it its own episode? also when kim and kroy had thier episode the ratings were not good and it only ran twice in reruns which begs the question is anyone gonna watch a spin off starring her? congrads on the new contract and the baby.

  9. Nene aint worried about Kim beacause she is a non mfackn factor…and yes Kim will lay it low and spread them wide for the highest bidder. Kroy is just the most naive and ignant country bumpkin Atlanta has seen in a long time for thinking he can turn a heaux into a housewife! By the time she’s done with him, he’ll be standing in the unemployment office in Montanna looking for a j o b and section 8 housing….#dumbfool

  10. Congrats to Kim and her family but as for watching her on t.v. doing anything let alone being pregnant again. Hell no! Lazing around, screaming for this or that…can't do it. And there's nobody in her inner circle interesting enough to make me want to watch her scenes. And though I really don't like Kim, I do think she genuinely loves Kroy. I wish them, their marriage and their family the best now please go away.

  11. yeah right! she loves his money fo' sho' and the lifestyle of being lazy it affords her! She wouldn't know the meaning of love if it hit her in the face! Hmmm I wonder what his country folks think about her?and FYI Tamara, Kim says she's four months along so that is the beginning of the 2nd trimester booboo!

  12. Why the heck would Nene be jealousy of Kim having a baby. Kim just sealed her child support and alimony. Poor Kory. This guy must be as dumb as dumb can get.

  13. Thanks Ivy Lee. I don't know how I put third trimester lol. I think Kim and Kroy are in love, btw. It's pretty obvious from their tweets. She's been spending all her time at home with her family not out in clubs promoting stuff. Also, the baby was planned. Don't you remember them talking about it on the show? I see them staying together. Kroy has become a father to Kim's girls. I don't get all the hate. Isn't it possible that she has turned her life around?

  14. I am happy for Kim and her new bundle of joy. Children are a blessing and a joy. However, she is just too over the top for me. She has always been boring on RHOA. I hope BRAVO give Kim her own show so they could bring some new baby mommas ooops housewives to the show. I am so over Kim, NENE, and Sheree. As much as I don't like Marlo, she definitively brings the DRAMA!

  15. I agree with you Tamara, I believe that Kim truly loves Kroy and the lifestyle he has afforded her doesn't hurt. Kim is lazy or at least she appears to be on the show. Who would want to watch a whole show showcasing her trifling self:) Unfortunately, Kroy doesn't have the personality to make it interesting and her father is obnoxiously annoying. I don't think NeNe really gives a rats *ss about Kim.

  16. Kim runs the show. I hope this pregnancy is healthy and works out, but this was done not for love but for other motives. One she wants to lock Kroy in nice and tight for child support and alimony (trust me this relationship isn’t going to last a long time). By her having another child she can be a ät home mother” (we see how her at home things work) and she can lounge around taking care of all the kids, with her two nannies and such. Two, she is hoping to secure her spinoff for more than a 1 shot deal. It’s working like a two fer, when she was pregnant this season she didn’t get into any conflict essentially with the RHOA and so she was boring. When they start filming again and if they chose her to be on the RHOA, she will still be trying to keep away from any interaction with the girls and demanding a spinoff.If I was Bravo (It goes against my better judgement) I would cut Kim from RHOA next season and give her the spinoff and let her carry it if she can. From what little I saw from the Tardy for the Wedding, it didn’t work. What Kim doesn’t understand is that when you have your own show you can be your worst enemy. You have to carry it and when people don’t like it they blame you, not Nene not Briella, not Sweetie but you. She doesn’t fit into the show anymore so get some other white housewife who wants on the show and let Kim go. Because I see some serious issues with Kim and the other ladies if she is allowed to continue with the next season. Because she’s getting that holier than though attitude and trying to start conflict to the point that she is wanting something to happen in order to look like a victim. Just give her the show and see what she can do.

  17. hopefully, she will love her babies enough to keep them off tv and give them a balanced, normal upbringing. hate to be cynical, but I can;t help but suspect that she views everything and everybody as a potential paycheck. I hope I'm wrong about that.

  18. Kroy is so dumb smh. They sick-ic was right. He's gonna stay. She didn't say why he would stay, only that he would. Well here's why…he's STUPID! Kim is a gold digger; always has been and always will be. She can't help but be materialistic. If Kroy gets injured or traded for less money (though he doesn't really do much), Kim will be gone with the wind. Those two deserve each other.and just like everybody else…I'm darn site NOT sitting through Kim's uterine contortion again. I watch the episodes on Hulu anyway, so I just skip her scenes. She's boring and so is her family. I'd rather they follow SWEETIE :-)

  19. I guess her psychic foresaw it once more! I wish that psychic was in AZ so she could read me….She's good.

  20. Nobody cares about her she is so dry and boring. Kroy is stupid for even having baby number one with her because she jumped off Big Poppa's thing straight onto his. She was pregnant within four months of them dating (enough said) Was that planned? Very suspicious… She had a plan and now the master plan in popping out baby # 2. He is whipped or something because he is blind and he can't see!! Kim is a user and is def making sure she locks down that alimony and child support while he is signing that big contract. She is manipulator and I feel sorry for him (although I think he might have a phobe of black people) Just my personal opinion everybody has one. I will not watch another season of Kim being pregnant get rid of her already I'm done!!!

  21. Ivy

    Well, at least this should put an end to her career in the music business. And that, honestly, is the only positive thing I can think of to say.

  22. We see Kim is materialistic, she obviously was paid well from Big Pappa. Yet settled for Kroy. I don't mean to sound mean but he is not rich. Is it because wealthy men will not go near her for a relationship only good times. I often wonder does her head smell as she is in wigs all the time.

  23. Ivy

    Except that I predict that Bravo is going to give Rosie her own show – just a hunch based on reading Kim's and her fans' tweets. There are more congratulations about the accurate psychic reading than the blessed event itself LOL!

  24. Ivy

    @Peaceful warrior ~ Sorry, I didn't see you jump in there lol. And I agree with you. I think that Kroy is either getting a pretty sweet deal from Bravo himself, or like everyone else is saying, he's totally whipped.

  25. Kroy may be a completely dumas, but he seems to really be in love with Kim. He won't be the first male to fall for big tits and big blonde hair. It's not like she's going to challenge his intellect so him not being the sharpest knife in the drawer isn't necessary.However, I don't watch their scenes anymore. BOR-ING. There's no way they are going to carry their own series. Bring her back when they're getting divorced (and they WILL). That might be interesting.WD

  26. Ivy

    I suppose this could be true. I used to think no man would marry a woman, much less move in with one, just for sex, but I've been assured by my male friends that this is not true. In the words of one of them and I'm paraphrasing, there are men who will fuck a stop sign if you slap a blonde wig on it.In the meantime, the mother-to-be is over on Twitter referring to her critics as "f*cksticks." My serious wish for Kroy is that he gets fed up with all of this chatter and moves back to Oklahoma with his new family in tow — because the gossip about his wife is never, ever going to stop.

  27. To be fair, a lot of the Kim Haters that tweet her all the live long day are in fact, fucksticks. :)

  28. Kim is sad forreal and I can't see why people don't see that. Kroy is dumb, but if he loves her it is what it is. Kim escorted her own mother out of her wedding she not right if she does that to her mom imagine what type of shit she'll pull off with Kroy and by the way Kroy mom ain't feeling her anyway

  29. Who throws their own mother out of her wedding for using the bathroom in the house not the portable outside one?? I wish my mother was still alive and cry over missing her all the time while this bi..tch mistreats hers. Shame on her!

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