What’s Wrong With This Picture? Nene Version

I’m gonna need someone to explain this to me.


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6 responses to “What’s Wrong With This Picture? Nene Version

  1. Did someone stick a kick me sign on my dear fabulousity Nene? Now who would dare do that to my favorite housewife of all time(Lisa is a close second)?

  2. Ivy

    That is one strange-looking floor lamp!

  3. Her snap on smile is doing the most.

  4. It looks like she has a long shirt on that has the appearance of being a diaper at that angle.

  5. I could go with…she forgot to wear pants or a skirt over those leggings and had on a long white tunic top with a short black jacket over it that makes it look like she is wearing a diaper. I still have no idea what the white and brown cloth up where the jacket should be is.

  6. Maybe the white/brown cloth is a silk scarf which got swept behind her, under the arm, from the wind! Looks to be the same material and color as the fabric by her neck.

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