Random Thoughts the Penultimate Episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta

Is it me or does this show somehow manage to be more fake with every episode?

Nene needs to learn how to dress for a business meeting. HINT: Your breasts should not be hanging out all over the place. This is the second week in a row we’ve had to look at her old boobs flopping about. And as the picture at left shows, THIS ISN’T A NEW PROBLEM! Also, I don’t think there is anyone on planet Earth who believes any of the divorce storyline. ONCE MORE WITH FEELING, divorce filings are a matter of public record. There are no court records at all for any filing from either Gregg or Nene. Never have been. Gregg is never too far away from Nene. She made sure to parade around with John Kolaj the weekend she was on WWHL because her divorce storyline was coming up. It’s ridiculous and draws poor John back into the spotlight again. Andy Cohen knows the real deal and yet made sure to announce to the WWHL audience that John was there and he was her boyfriend. Neither one of them as the least bit of concern about using people to further fake storyline. It’s a shady thing to do even if the person is for whatever reason willing to play along.

Oh Lord, now we have Nene at the therapist. She starts right off with her divorce lie. Oh gee… guess what they decided? LOL oh lord… were the housewives shows always complete and utter bullcrap or have they just all turned out that way after the first couple of seasons. I guess when the show if filmed in your town and you hear the real story, watching the made up version is just irksome and ridiculous.

The Kim and Kandi “makeup scene” was another ridiculous staging. Bravo has given Kandi a crappy edit this season trying to make her out as this big pot stirrer. Now we are going to far as to show Kim “being willing to move past the black baby nonissue” out of the kindness of her heart. Just another thing that has no shred of truth to it.

Tierra is beautiful and seems like a nice hard-working girl. I felt sorry for her telling her mother she was getting engaged and Sheree launches into a financial discussion and goes right into how horrible marriage can be. Did I miss where she said congratulations and I’m so happy for you? The again with Damon, talking about how ugly the divorce was. Guess whose fault that is Sheree? Then Sheree goes in on the kid talking about three carat rings. Good God in heaven.

Why does Cynthia only have a backbone when it comes to being a bitch to her sister? And why did Mal bring her suitcase into the building? Mal needs to just write Cynthia off until after the divorce. She’s done all she can do and she shouldn’t have to continue to be around Peter at this point.

How great was it to see Dwight? I love Dwight. Best gay ever on RHOA. Well, you know, out of the ones that are out.

Did Marlo really say that Niemans was holding the door open late for her? BWAHAHAHA. Lord have mercy.

The only scenes that seemed even marginally authentic this weekend were Kandi’s and SOME  of Phaedra’s. Am I wrong?


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15 responses to “Random Thoughts the Penultimate Episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta

  1. Ivy

    The only things that caught and kept my interest were Phaedra's party (THANKS FOR TRYING TO RUIN IT FOR ME, SHEREE!) and Kandi's studio scene. I think Kandi may be the only 100% authentic person on this show. Nene in therapy? Please. Women like Leakes don't go to therapy unless they're court-ordered to do so. And she should really learn how to NOT turn her back on the camera – all I could see was a giant red tablecloth. Loved the next week premiere shot of Kim waddling after Cynthia in the parking lot to confront her about "talkin' shit about me!" Smack her, Cynthia, please? I trust that, unlike Leakes, you'll stop short of trying to kill her.

  2. I too loved the scenes with Kandi and J.Messina … I wish they would have shown more of this side of Kandi.I totally wrote off that BS scene with Kim and Kandi.Nene's scenes with her lawyers and shrink – all I kept thinking was they are trying to milk this garbage for all it's worth – everyone knows she and Greg are staying together and sleeping together.Cynthia had scenes?? LOL

  3. Ivy

    Nene's fans are all tweeting her about how great her tits looked LOLOLOL!

  4. Absolutely loved seeing Dwight again. I've missed him!!!! Kandi's scenes were a breathe of fresh air with the exception of the one with Kim, :(. Could care less about Phaedra's child's party or Apollo's speech…boring. Sick of Nene's ninnies out all over the place and after Greg has supported her for so many yrs. Is it really necessary to bring up that you make more money than he does? Even for a scripted storyline, don't disrespect your husband that way or you really will have some marital problems. I'm sorry Cynthia is not seeing what she should see and may regret dismissing her sister like she did. Mal is hurting for her, perhaps she should just be quiet and not say anything but Cynthia should never let Peter disrespect her sister that way. It was not necessary to say everyone except Mal over and over again. Once was too much. As for Sheree…there aren't any words, :(

  5. Tamara I was hoping to hear your thoughts about the birthday party and the 12 cakes. *grin*RVA

  6. Your hate for Sheree is sickening….Good Lord she's obviously just looking out for her child…Uggh another no-life blogger just what the world needs…no wonder no one reads this bullshit

  7. The only thing I can say is "wow". Thank goodness for DVR so that I could fast forward through much of this BS. This is what happens when these "characters" are around for too long. I think BRAVO should consider swapping out the majority of this cast and pump some fresh blood into RHOA. Its become too scripted and downright foolish. I love Kandi and Phaedra. However, that over the top party for Ayden (which by the way, looked boring)was classic Phaedra. What one year old would really enjoy a water park? Aren't there venues in the Atlanta area that cater to toddlers?I choose to fast-forward through NeNe's mess. Who really believes that she's divorcing Greg? Shereee's daughter is beautiful but Sheree's reaction to her announcement and her conversation with the boyfriend were awkward at best.Kim, Sheree, and Nene can definitely go next season in my opinion. I'm on the fence about Cynthia. I agree with most posters about Peter. He comes across as arrogant and genuinely not likable! Cynthia's handling of the drama between Mal and Peter was weird. I totally understand sticking by your husband (even if he is a prick – he's the prick you chose) but she should have checked him about his treatment of her sister. Anyway, I'm hoping for big changes next year!

  8. Anon 11:52 – I don't see Tamara's posts about Sheree as hateful or unnecessary. Sheree has really put herself out there this season and comes across negatively. I'm assuming that was her "script" for the season. However, from her child support storyline; her supposedly building a mansion that's still an empty lot; the inflatable mattress debacle; her penchant for backstabbing and sh*t stirring;her totally bizarre behavior during her arguments with Marlo, she's an easy target for disdain this season. And I will venture to speculate that SOMEBODY is reading this blog; including you since you seem to have read more than one post regarding Sheree:)

  9. Ok first of all Tamara I'm gonna need you to back off of NeNe and her boobs. She lost alot of weight and should be able to flaunt whatever she wants whenever she wants. Get off of her already. Spread some of that shade on Sheree with her bad behavior and bad weave. She is washed up and I hope she gets replaced. Marlow is much more fabulous than Sheree and she can't take it. She had the nerve to say she doesn't sleep with senior citizens for bags and such but, your a** married and had two kids with crooked eye. Come on now i know she didn't marry him for his looks (so what does that say about you?). I would sleep with a senior citizen before I would sleep with your fugly ex husband! I'm excited to see the reunion and I hope we get some answers to all this backstabbing. I wish they could have a Neiman Marcus rep there to tell us if Sheree has really been returning worn items. I want the truth. Can you get some confirmed tea on that? Also any new pics of Kandi's new house? Did anybody else wonder why she picked now (after Kim got a mansion) to move? Hhhmmm I'm just sayin!!!

  10. Kandi can actually afford to buy a house. Kim's mansion is a rental. Kandi is talented and works for her money. Kim has no talent and the only way she works for her money is on her back or on her knees.

  11. the key sentence here is Kandy can AFFORD TO BUY A MANSION!Not lease it or have someone else buy it!And what I really respect her for is no one even knew she was buying it,until it was a done deal! LIKE A TRUE BOSS! Shes on a whole different level.

  12. LAC

    Uggh…. Sheree, get a real job. People can't be intimidated by your success if it is all about hanging on kim's lazy ass.

  13. Interesting episode. Where to begin.NeNe- And her divorce? Wink wink. We all know she is still bumping and grinding with Greg. Which is nothing wrong with that. But dont front like she's with that Pizza dude. How is that fair to him to drag him out for photo ops? Sheree- why was Sheree so steam pressed about Aydens Bday? Girl please. You did not have to go. Also I get that she cares about her daughter and all that but damn. She just bombarded the poor guy. He obviously cares about her to be with her for 7 years! You cant project your experiences on your kids. SB: Teairra is 26!! How old was Sherree when she had her like 14? Phaedra- Phaedra just makes me laugh. The party was over the top but thats her. Obviously her need to do that is for the love for her son. Who is just the cutest little thing. It was interesting having it ALL the way in Gainesville. But whatever floats her boat. Kandi- I really liked seeing Kandi working like that. They should show more of that on the show. We dont always wanna see drama on the show every time. Its nice to see her working like that. SMH at that staged Kim scene. Or was it the editing? IDK?And Cynthia…. how does Cynthia have the lady balls to stand up to her own flesh and blood but when it comes to Peter she is like a 7 year old girl. I just dont get it. I felt so bad when she told her sister yeah you need to go. I was like omg….so mean. And whats up with Bravos editing? They made it seem like only Sheree showed up…but both Cynthia and Mugshot were there. And also they edited Cadillac Kimberly out. Interesting.

  14. This episode had me so angry at Cynthia! Yes, I think that Mal didn't need to be so dramatic at their party, but she had good reason to be hurt and upset.For Cynthia to be all, "I don't get Mal! Peter is innocent! It's just all about her." was unreal. For Peter to get on a microphone and make a toast announcement in front of all those people and say, "To our friends, family…and Mal." Not once, but 3x was EMBARRASSING.Then to brush her off like that when she came to apologize before she headed back to France? RUDE. Ugh!Cynthia is exactly the type of woman/sister/friend to get you all up in her problems, complaining about her spouse, but will then take exception when you pass judgement on said spouse. It is thoroughly annoying. She was being so pissy with Mal when PETER should have been the one to apologise.

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