Phaedra Parks Accused All Sorts of Nonsense by Very Troubled Woman

This photo of Stanton is from herwebsite. It is saved under the name”lawyer”.
Seems like she is trying really hard to be Phaedra.
Yesterday, Vibe Magazine hosted a video interview by someone named Angela Stanton.  I just checked the site and it seems the cease and desist order has arrived to Vibe Magazine because the video is not showing up for me. (UPDATE: The interview is back up, might have just been on my end) As a blogger, you have to be careful what sort of information you disseminate on your website. I made the decision not to post the interview here because it seems to be both defaming and libelous towards Phaedra Parks. I was also familiar with the story for months. You see, this blog had been up for barely a day when I came across someone on twitter named @authorangie .  Pretty soon my articles about Phaedra had people trying to direct me to this person who claimed that Phaedra was involved in all sorts of illegal activity. So I went to read what she had to say, and she seemed to be to be both very angry, and troubled.

Perhaps had Phaedra not graduated from one of the most prestigious law schools in the country, The University of Georgia, (GO DAWGS!) or if it were one of the housewives with a criminal history I would have given Stanton more credence. However, my opinion of Stanton is that she is someone who has had a very hard life.  She states that she was a victim of sexual abuse as a child, a runaway at age nine, and someone who has lived a life I certainly would not wish on anyone. According to Stanton, she was on the streets “until she ran into Phaedra.” She says that as if Phaedra rescued her from the streets.  She claims that she meet Phaedra an event called the Buckhead Bounce in 1999 where rapper Drama was performing.  Stanton says she “caught Drama’s eye” and seems to imply that she began a relationship with Drama. The interview is very edited so things don’t flow together very well. Or perhaps it is in the telling.

The facts are that Phaedra was fresh out of law school in 1999 and had been working for GEICO’s in-house law firm. According to :

Her transition to full-time entertainment law started when hip-hop impresario Shakir Stewart saw her working a civil trial and tried to lure her out of the corporate grind. Then her pal Atlanta DJ Ryan Cameron convinced her that if she didn’t have more clients than she could handle within six months of  her shingle, he’d personally go to GEICO and get her old job back. She finally gave in. Almost immediately, she was referred a high-profile case by Atlantic Records, whose young star, Drama, languished in a Georgia holding cell when he had tour dates scheduled. She spoke to the judge, acquired a temporary furlough for Drama and accompanied him on the road for several months.  Accompanying Drama was not part of the written agreement,” she [Phaedra] says, “But the record company wanted to make sure he made it back to jail in time and it was sort of understood that I would be responsible for that.” 

So it seems that while Phaedra was working with Drama in a legal capacity, Stanton rolled up wanting to get close to Drama. It should be pointed out that Drama was barely 18 years old in 1999. AHEM. Next in Stanton’s story was that Drama went to jail for 12 years for armed robbery.  Well he was charged with armed robbery AGAIN in 2003 at age 22. I don’t really care enough to trace his criminal activity and stints in the jail house for the purpose of this story, but for those four years he was it seems out of jail more often than in. Stanton seems to be implying (rhymes with lying) that her relationship with Drama ended when he went to jail. 

So let’s assume that Stanton is talking about 2003 when Drama went to jail when she says that after that their “relationship pursued”(referring to Phaedra). At this point in the interview, Stanton says she thinks Phaedra must have been more comfortable with her (after this four years of supposed friendship?) and so she introduced her to Apollo.  When it comes to Apollo and when Phaedra met him and how, I don’t much believe Phaedra either. Clearly she met him sometime before the trial where he was convicted of rackteering, theft, falsifying insurance, and all the other charges in 2006 because she was knocked up by him three months after he left prison.  If you believe Phaedra’s story about meeting Apollo on the highway as he was driving some (likely stolen) car and him following her home, it happened in 1995.  At any rate, Stanton is probably correct that Phaedra and Apollo were together in 2003. Together, as in dating, which is something Stanton does not want to believe.

At this point I should point out that Stanton seems like she is in love with Phaedra. I really don’t know how else to put it. The entire interview plays like a woman scorned. I’m not trying to suggest that there was an actual sexual relationship between Stanton and Phaedra, I’m saying that in Stanton’s head, the relationship, whether real or imagined seems to be of that level of importance to Stanton.  The entire interview has the feel of  a scorned lover of someone who has left them behind and gone on to achieve great things. It’s a bit creepy.

So here we are in 2003 (in the interview) and Stanton has proclaimed that Phaedra has taken their relationship to the next level by introducing her to Apollo. She wants to make it clear for some reason that Apollo and Phaedra had a strictly business relationship. Again, that seems like someone in a(n imaginary) relationship in denial. Why is it necessary to stress that Apollo was not with Phaedra at this time? Kinda creepy, I’m just saying… Anyway here comes the slander… Stanton straight up says that Phaedra and Apollo were making fraudulent insurance checks and that Stanton was the one that cashed them. Stanton says they did this for two years until Stanton was arrested and did a whooping four months of jail time.

So this puts us to 2005 or so when she got out of jail. She claims that while Apollo was locked up on another charge, “Phaedra and I got back together again” and Phaedra introduced her to Apollo’s brother, Everett. That is according to Stanton, when Phaedra was running around stealing cars with these thugs. Phaedra was apparently very busy during that time as she was in the heyday of her years as an entertainment attorney and all over the TV in some very widely covered cases. She must be quite the multi-tasker being on the news all day with her entertainment clients, filing suits, preparing for her big cases and then dashing down to Motor Cars of Georgia at night to steal cars. It’s impressive to say the least.

Stanton describes how “we would get the VIN ..”  and take them  back to Phaedra and Everett where Phaedra and Everett would cook up false insurance documents. Who is this we she was working with now? And  it was Everett not Phaedra who was charged with falsifying insurance information among many, many other things. Stanton continues saying “Everything was going fine in our relationship for about three or four years until this last incident..”  Stanton then drags her family into the story telling about her cousin who went to the DMV with fake information and was questioned by the cops. Stanton says she then asked Phaedra “where do we stand now (with the project)?”  According to Stanton, she, Phaedra, and Everett left the next morning to drive three luxury vehicles to Tennessee.  At that point she and Everett got arrested. No mention in the telling about this “third car”.  No mention of Phaedra.  Perhaps she just meant it was just Stanton and Everett driving a truck with the three cars? Who knows. What we know is Phaedra was not there, Phaedra was not arrested, Phaedra was not investigated, Phaedra was not charged, Phaedra was not convicted.  In a huge investigation, involving years of crime and six defendants, Phaedra was not involved in anyway whatsoever.

The rest of the interview is Stanton expressing her disappointment that her expectations of Phaedra were not met. Specifically, she says Phaedra was supposed to represent her and take care of her kid. Stanton was seven months pregnant at the time and had her baby while serving five years in state prison. Stanton seems to feel that Phaedra was supposed to save her, the way she felt that Phaedra saved her from the streets. She has a whole lot of feelings that she projects squarely on Phaedra.

There is supposed to be a part two of the interview, “where everything will be made clear”. Should part two be posted, I suppose I will address it at that time.

So that’s the story. It is interesting to note that Uptown Magazine quickly put up the interview. As I have told you all before, Peter Thomas, husband of Cynthia Bailey from Real Housewives of Atlanta is affiliated with Uptown Magazine, and lists a position of General Manager of Uptown Magazine  on his linked in account. Stanton tweeted the link to the Vibe interview to all the housewives (expect Phaedra), the local news agencies, and to tons of blogs and entertainment sites including TMZ. It doesn’t seem like Stanton has really accomplished much other than embarrassing herself and opening herself up to a lawsuit.

Stanton spends a lot of time on her twitter account @authorangie which is pretty interesting if you are bored. She tells Perez Hilton that being gay is a choice and is convinced that Deon Sanders is pursuing her 19 year old daughter.  So um, one could say she is someone struggling to be in the spotlight. She seems to have a lot in common with Marlo Hampton. Maybe they could be friends and Marlo could teach her some things about getting attention.  Stanton seems angry and troubled and could really benefit from some therapy to come to terms with her life. Back in 2010, this Youtube of  Stanton was posted by when she took to the Internet to explain how Eddie Long’s charges of sexual misconduct affected her.

There is a whole lot of stuff on the Internet showing how Angela Stanton is seeking attention. It’s a very sad story. I imagine though, that she is about to get more attention than she bargained for from Phaedra Parks. Phaedra has been very tolerant of Stanton in the past, perhaps she understands that Stanton is a damaged person who seems to be lashing out as a cry for attention. However, I doubt she will let the slander, libel and discrediting of her character go unchecked.


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29 responses to “Phaedra Parks Accused All Sorts of Nonsense by Very Troubled Woman

  1. OMG reading all that gave me a headache!! LOL I see why you sat on it..cause if ANY part of it isn't trues, I see Phaedra Parks suing everyone!! Geez … I'm going to have to listen to the vid again and then read your details again … yikes!

  2. …and HMMM…this would also explain tensions between Peter and Apollo which seemed to come out of nowhere … good lord.Also, this is Georgia and Tennessee we are speaking of – you better believe if Phaedra was guilty, they'd have found out and locked her up pronto.

    • GumboYaYa

      I agree. Phaedra would not be prancing around on a popular tv show if she was guilty. I’ve said that all along.

      • ana

        Nobody would be dumb enough to go on a reality show if they had skeleton’s in their closets? Like the alleged crimes committed by the Armstrongs or the Giudices and Gorgas? Or women whose alleged pasts include everything from kidnapping and drugs to swinging and stripping?
        The people that go on reality shows never fail to surprise me with how bold they are with some of their antics, past and present.
        I really don’t know who to believe when it comes to Stanton and Phaedra. I read the Vibe interview and several other articles about Stanton’s book and allegations and have followed this, on and off, since before the book was published but I still don’t feel I have enough good information. I expect a lot more to come out when (or if) this ever makes it to court.
        But until then I just don’t know.

  3. @BrownSugarBabiesGave me a headache too. I think it is safe to say that none of us really is buying this lady's stories.

  4. Looks like you have done the research and have the tea. TY.

  5. I have always said, there is some truth to gossip. This site is full of gossip and based on the accounts of this lady (Angela) some of it may have been true. Her troubled pass and being sexually abused does not discredit her from having a past with Ms. Parks. We all knew Apollo had a criminal past but if you watch the shows, when Phadra was asked about what he did, she kept covering it up. …. Interesting.

  6. Ivy

    @Anon 4:25 ~ You realize, of course, that you just said that Phaedra is guilty until proven innocent. I've seen this crap intermittently on Twitter for the past month or so, but given the sources I didn't waste a second of my time on it.

  7. I'm not a Phaedra fan by any stretch of the imagination, bu this story doesn't pass the smell test. I definitely think Phaedra is innocent.I hate this Angie chick got attention – Phaedra is probably taking the wait and see approach to determine if this thing will grow legs – if it does Ms. Phaedra "High Class" Parks will definitely nip this thing in the bud – that looney chick won't know what hit her…

  8. I believe Angela Stanton is a crazy women looking for attention. It’s funny on Angela’s website she talks about how she likes helping people and forgiving people, but she turns around and tries to destroy Phaedra life by bringing up the past. Angela can tell her story without name dropping but she knows if she doesn't use Phaedra’s name she wouldn’t get the attention she wants. You can see there is no good in this women. If I was her I would move on with my life in a more positive way and stop trying to use people to gain success.

  9. I wouldn't jump to conclusions on if she is innocent or guilty. Let's be real Phaedra hasn't been completely honest in her relationship with Apollo. There is probably some truth in it but only time will tell.

  10. Oh there's some truth in what this woman is saying but how much…hopefully the FEDS will find out. Phaedra is not above the law and I definitely don't think she's above delving into criminal activities but I think she might be smart enough to cover her tracks but…on this I'll wait. Got a feeling some things are going to come to light that aren't going to be so flattering for Phaedra. Better she speak up now. As for her level of education, please…we all know that there are many educated people that engage in low-life activities. Formal education does not necessarily equate to having good common sense, decency, or class. It's been my experience seriously that birds of a feather do flock together. And who is interested in a jailbird/prisonbird except another criminal?

  11. Phaedra definitely glosses over the truth with jokes and funny faces whenever she is asked about Apollo. Her favorite saying is "something like that, girl I don't know. Being that I have had family members who have had federal indictments, not all the guilty parties are caught. I believe there is some truth in the story….let's wait and see.

  12. For some reason I don't want to believe this, however, I think back to that episode where Phaedra was defending a man who had tinted windows and she was paid by him in cash in the parking lot (and the man who just told the judge he had his tint removed from his car lied because the windows were still tinted.) Anyway, I thought that whole parking lot scene with Phaedra taking the roll of cash and sticking it in her purse seemed shady. Who does business like that????

  13. Angela Stanton is crazier than a sprayed roach!

  14. I take money from my clients in the parking lot before going into court. A lot of attorneys do it especially if you get the client over the weekend. Nothing suspect about Phaedra getting her money in the parking lot. This lady's story is just crazy. I'm sure Phaedra is drafting her defamation suit and is ready to take action.

  15. Actually, I don't recall Phaedra glossing over Apollo's past rather than mentioning he was jailed because of RICO charges, which speak directly to the crimes on record that got him locked up. In any event, why would she open that can of worms on tv if he's paid his debt to society and moved on as a rehabilitated man?. Seems silly to me that people would expect her to do a full on tv revelation about her husband's charges when all that does is kick up more dust in the court of public opinion. For what? To limit his opportunities even further as a black man with a felony under his belt? If people want to know uit's all a matter of public record easily found online. Beyond that he's already been tried and convicted once by a court of law, and if he is truly a rehabilitated man being a constructive part of society, I don't blame her for not dwelling on the issue.

  16. If the Federal Govt. was involved, they would have turned over every stone when they wrapped this case up – Why didn't she turn state's evidence? According to her Phaedra agreed to represent her & failed to do so, so at that point there should have been no loyalty. The Federal government would have LOVED to have taken down an attorney, especially one as well known in Atlanta circes as Phaedra was. I just don't buy the "story" this woman is trying to peddle – there could very well be a ring of truth to it, but I doubt it.

  17. Why did Phaedra Parks hire criminal attorneys and not civil? If it is a libel and slander suit, that would be civil. It gives me pause that she hired to powerhouse criminal attorneys.

  18. @Anon 3:03 if I was Phaedra I would also hire criminal versus civil attorneys. Stanton has made some serious allegations about criminal activity and I would imagine at some point there might be an investigation. I would want criminal defense attorneys protecting my rights. After I resolve that this is all a lie, then I go for the civil attorneys to sue but not sure Stanton has any assets worth suing for. Seems best course of action is to insure Phaedra's legal reputation is protected. Besides any criminal investigation, Phaedra also now has to protect herself from any issues with the Bar and misconduct issues that could cause her to loose her license. Pulling out all the stops and getting the big guns on this is the only way to go, IMO.I think Phaedra stays vague on Apollo's current job because I think he is still in finance as that is his background and it may be to protect his job that she is vague, don't give out enough info for people to track down where he works and what he does to try and do him harm. I think Phaedra is a smart cookie and yes she does deal with some lowlifes. With the guy with the window tint, Phaedra also called him out on lying to the judge and advised him to clean up his act. She did not suborn perjury as the judge did not ask her if the window tint had been removed.

  19. Give me a break. How long will this chick cry over whatever happened? I don't know whether those statements are true or not, but please get over it. Find another way to get your 15 mins of fame. Why at this much later date do you want to mess up someone else's life when clearly you are no girl scout……move on. Stop hating Phedra and make a life for yourself….hanger on er'. Get a real life regardless of what happened a thousand years ago.

  20. I mean no harm to any of you PHAEDRA fans but you may wanna prepare for the worse. First off… YES ALL OF THIS IS TRUE. PHAEDRA IS SHADIER THAN FCK ON AND OFF THE CAMERA. SHE IS EVEN SHADY WITH HER FAMILY WHEN IT COMES TO APOLLO AND HOW THEY MET. Phaedra has always put on airs. She will insult people to their face for no reason especially waiters and waitresses. This car ring incident is just a small rock off of a mountain of things. Just hang on the real PHAEDRA PARKS WILL BE UNCOVERED. FOR THE RECORD I'VE KNOWN PHAEDRA FOR ALMOST 20 YRS AND KNOW OF ANGELA VERY WELL… SHE AIN'T LYING. Phaedra you were wrong you had to know it was going to come back eventually… just hope they don't find out about your secretary/ assistant with her highly illiterate ass. Please teach that bitch how to spell. Phaedra entire business needs investigating along with the employees.

    • Bri

      I don’t see why people think there stories are fake, both of them, angela stanton and jess voker. watch the interviews, the info is 100% credible and very very detailed, and it makes me really really really dislike phaedra because that was just grimey. since you know pheadra, i’ve always wanted to know since i don’t live there, what’s her lawyer reputation like in the atlanta streets? someone on another site said she’s been blackballed but idk. and smh at the assistant being in on something too. just like apollo’s brother being her paralegal and he was arrested from the car ring thing? SMFH. everything is adding up, she’s making herself look real dumb.

  21. Call me crazy but I believe her story could actually be true. That would certainly make sense why Phaedra would scoop up Apollo fresh outta jail…SO HE CAN'T TESTIFY AGAINST HER! It's ole girl's word against Phaedra's lol. If Phaedra ain't guilty, she darn site looks suspicious at the least.


  22. Sweet T

    This is interesting to read now that we have more info.

  23. Diane

    If you read Angela’s book it all becomes clear including Apollo’s prison sentence. The woman clearly is not “making things up” there are far too many details I doubt a liar would have brought up. Anyone truley interested owes it to themselves to read her book. It all fits.

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