Kim Zolciak Talks About Firing Sweetie

Sweetie and Brielle recently, at Brielle’s Birthday Party

Kim Zolciak’s Bravo Blog is up and well, it’s interesting. I suppose we could believe that when Kim moved to Atlanta at age 21 she immediately befriended a 13 year old.  Sweetie claims she was working for Kim since she was 15.  Perhaps when Sweetie was 16 and Kim was 24 she was her BFF during her divorce, but none of this sounds logical to me.  Here is what Kim said:

Last season I introduced you all to my assistant and longtime friend, Sweetie. I have known Sweetie for over twelve years now, and she is a part of my family. When I was looking for a new assistant, she was the perfect match! She’s loyal, she’s trusting, she’s smart, and she knows me better than most people. She’s been there with me through three moves, a divorce, many relationships, and so much more. We are so close that it sometimes made a business relationship impossible.

Sweetie began to become a bit lazy, she didn’t seem like herself anymore, and it worried me. The last thing I want is for our relationship to be ruined because of my role as her boss. Because of those feelings, I had to let Sweetie go.

That decision was best for the both of us, because now she’s just my girlfriend. No obligations, not stress. I’d much rather let Sweetie go and keep her as a friend, than keep her and jeopardize one of the most important relationships I have! Assistants come and go but you can’t buy loyalty.

Everyone on Twitter knows the two stopped speaking after the firing at the end of last summer and only recently have begun communications again mostly because Brielle wanted Sweetie at her birthday party. But whatever,  Kim.

What do y’all think about this blog of Kim’s?


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9 responses to “Kim Zolciak Talks About Firing Sweetie

  1. baloney. Kim shouldn't assume everyone else is a dumb as she is.

  2. Ivy

    Yeah yeah yeah, whatever. This woman wouldn't know how to tell the truth at gunpoint. And I wish she'd stop talking about how "stressed out" she is. Most of the time she doesn't even look fully awake.Have another cigarette Kim — you smoked all through your pregnancy, why stop now?

  3. I wrote a long reply for this post, put in the "prove you're not a robot" code and it was gone, tried again with a short reply & it went through… this happens a lot since I have an eye impairment – twice so far today… Other blogs use a much clearer code that is easy to read… Sometimes I have to refresh 10 times to find one I think I can read… Can you not use a better code system -please, I can't be the only person having this problem..Let's see if this goes through, if not then I give up…

  4. Tamara,did you investigate the story about Phadra and Angela Stanton the lady who is doing a tell all story of Phaderas criminal past?

  5. ANON 9:15VIBE.COM has the video, they have asked other sites to take it down since its an exclusive… Just wonder if Phaedra's head has exploded and what she will say… Geezy Pete, I have lived a boring life compared to these girls..

  6. Kim should have left it alone … lies … lies…lies

  7. Nothing but Lies, and more Lies. Kim is the worst. Since she became a Mrs. her whole attitude has changed and nothing will ever make me believe that her new hubby had a hand in the firing of Sweetie… There is just something about him that comes across as liking his lilly white world. I'm just saying.

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