Real Housewives of Atlanta Season Four May Be Sheree Whitfield’s Final Season

Who is leaving the Real Housewives of Atlanta? Kandi has said very directly that she is coming back, and that someone is getting replaced. The way she said it, it seems to be only one someone. Kandi also says it isn’t her. Kim has said on twitter that she is returning, and it seems clear that is also true. Phaedra seems to be likely to return. Especially if Straight From the A is right about Toya Wright being the frontrunner for the new housewife slot.  Clearly, Andy Cohen wants Nene Leakes back as he is obsessed with her and mentions her on nearly every episode of Watch What Happens Live. That of course means Cynthia stays because Nene needs someone on team tall.  So unless Nene defies all reason and walks off the show as she is constantly threatening, and you never know with her, that leaves us with one person to hit the road.

This of course will break the hearts of Sheree’s only two fans, the knuckleheads, DraMarty and New Jerzey Boy.  I’ve waited just as long as I could to break the news to them because I hate to see them cry. But the fact of the matter is despite Sheree’s new story line which is apparently to just throw everyone under the bus this season and to engage in fights, Sheree has got to go.

Now the knuckleheads will argue perhaps that Sheree did a great job on the show this season, and there is some truth to that. The season began with an epic fight with Nene, where some will argue that she ran Nene right out of that restaurant. In South Africa, she was by far the biggest shit-stirrer. She began the great race debate by calling Kim to throw Kandi under the bus. She also gave us one of the most viral gifs of all RHOA gifs when she and Marlo lapsed into some bizarre gibberish when fighting in about the dinner party.  Then on the last episode, Sheree continues throwing people under the bus telling Miss Lawrence all the tea on Marlo’s homophobic slurs in South Africa. Watching Marlo try to lie her way out of the corner Sheree backed her into was good TV.  I can see both of Sheree’s fans feeling like she actually earned her paycheck this season.

Unfortunately, someone from team smalls has to go. Especially if Toya Wright is coming in, because Toya is firmly on team smalls due to her actual friendship with both Kandi and Phaedra. Toya would make that trio a strong alliance and Kim may find herself on the outside. Sheree leaving will leave have a huge impact on Kim. With Sweetie gone, this leaves Kim sort of hanging by herself. We may see a new friend of the housewives coming in to give Kim someone to vent to about the rest of the gang unless they shock us all by booting Kim as well.

Sheree is likely leaving because of all the stories about Sheree’s finances. I continue to get more hits on this site from this post than any other post. I am still curious if they will address Sheree’s shady “contractor” who is neither a contractor nor an architect or ever give an explanation about Empty Lot Sheree.   Or if there will be any explanation as to why her kids sleep on air mattresses despite the fact she stole all the furniture right down to the fixtures when she was evicted from the marital property. What we won’t hear the end of if Sheree goes is the courtroom drama. After one 30 day conference and THREE 60 day conferences in an attempt to reach a settlement through arbitration a hearing has finally been set for June 11th.  Perhaps I will try to make it to that and keep you all updated.

And so my dear knuckleheads, let the gnashing of teeth begin and try to enjoy the last few episodes of RHOA this season, as it may very well be last time time we have Sheree Whitfield to kick around here.


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27 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Season Four May Be Sheree Whitfield’s Final Season

  1. I will drink to that! Cheers! Bravo don checked you boo! BYEEE Hasta la Pasta Herman!

  2. Honey let you no-inside-info hating bitches tell it Sheree was supposed to be gone after Season 1… Sheree has watched all of these other girls leave season after season and she's still here…Tamara how about you actually reach out to the other fat ugly bitch that hates on Sheree- straightfromthea- and ask her why she tweeted that Sheree and Phaedra were negotiationg their Season 5 contracts… See you next year Sheree! Tamara, honey you need some connections ASAP – no comments = no readers and plus other than that Glee story about NeNe that no one cared about you don't have any tea.

  3. I read this blog everyday and enjoy it!! Thanks for sharing your tea!

  4. I read this blog err day but the news is slow….what gives Tamara? The Herman(Sheree) lovers sure have some out huh? Pay them no mind Tamara, I love Nene but I still read your blog even when it doesn't favor Nene cos it's super entertaining and informative! Low comments mean people don't care for Herman period! It is in no way a reflection on Tamara or on her readership!

  5. Woot! Seems I'm commenting with Sheree!! HI GIRLFRIEND!!!! "Who's Gonna Check You, Boo?" was my favorite saying for awhile (not in public since I'm embarrassed to admit I watch this crap) but alas…Sheree's expiration date has come and GONE. Time to move on. Spend more time designing clothes. Acting. Whatever a girl does that's run outta baller money.WD

  6. Sheree is soooo pathetic now! She was soooo stuck up and pretentious on Season 1 when she was still spending Bob's money and living large! She is a KISS ass now and shit starter. So broke too! Sheree hopes that Kim will put her on with one of the ballers on Kroy's team. *wishful thinking* her old ass! I can't wait until the reunion points out that Kandi DID NOT make the comment about Black babies.And what is that crazy things she does with her face and voice every time she speaks to Marlo? She is so jealous of Nene, Marlo, Kandi, and Kim- its so obvious.Trying to keep up with the Joneses, and failing terribly. If she gets cut she won't have any income- then what will she do???

  7. Bravo is getting tired of paying for her pure and simple. She has no money and the only check she has coming in is the Bravo check. Also she's sucking up to Kim because she wants Kims hubby to hook her up with one of his friends but that won't happen (or might you never know). I think nobody will take any advice from Kroy since he got trapped by the queen of golddiggers Kim.

  8. Good riddance to sour rubbish! hope to never lay eyes on SHEray again.

  9. I'm so over her… Bravo must love the sparkle in her eyes when the bus came by – twice… I know Kandi rises above most drama, but why in the hell was she talking to SHITeree at the party… Watch your back Kim, there's a new set of tires with your name on them…

  10. As one of the aforementioned knuckleheads cited in this slanderous story about our Sheree, I am appalled at the treatment she has been given. How can anyone write such a scathing article on such an admirable woman. First of all our Sheree is out there fighting to make a better life for her children. Yes the kids do sleep on air mattresses, but would you really want your mother to walk around in shoes by Payless or Louboutin? Our Sheree is a woman of great achievement. It must be very grueling for our Sheree to not only raise her children, but to also run a successful house of desing (She by Sheree), to manage her superstar status as a great dramatic actress of stage and screen (ok, I can recall anything she has done at the moment) and then to take on the responsibility of building her own estate in Atlanta. Having stated my case, I do hope people will take another look at our Sheree and give her the respect she deserves.@NewJerzeyBoy

  11. I used to love Sheree and when she check mated NeNe's ugly azz I was smiling from ear to ear. But then she really began to play herself and all the years of trying to ignore her bs came crashing in and now she's in the same category with Kim. I switch the channel on their scenes. Time to go Sheree, many of us had hopes that you'd finally stop trying to play rich and get on your grind and use this opportunity to secure a stable financial situation for you and your children but I think you're truly too ignorant to understand just how messed up you are. I wish you well, much success but it's time for you to go.

  12. This makes me FURIOUS

  13. Damn – Sheree has the most comments about whether or not she'll return to the show…I tell you this woman makes nobody's who are broke themselves and don't have nothing going on SOOOO upset…Can't wait to see Sheree on season five for the nobodys can write more blogs about her plead and beg for her axe for Season 6…#teamsheree!!!!

  14. So when you tune in next season and she's not there, you'll go away forever? YAY! Sheree is history. Bank on it.

  15. I will be glad to see her ass go. She is a trouble maker and very boring and dry! Sheeree's hole in the ground aint never gonna be finished. Glad for her to be gone..she's the only one who hasn't taken advantage of her air time. Shit by Sheree never came to fruition and I think it's because she is such a witch and everyone knows it. Remember the party planner said her name was burnt well there you have it people. I hope Bravo wises up and gets her off!!

  16. Bee

    Good riddance! She is super wack this season.

  17. Damn Tamara it's clear that you have no life so can you at least get a decent scoop? Honey you owe Sheree a thank you for all of these comments she's brought this horrible blog… Can't wait to see all y'all hating ass faces when she's filming in May for Season 5…

  18. I'm gonna miss her and all the trolls and throngs of her haters that she brings to this blog. But she is not being given a contract for season five. She better be trying to figure out how she is going to pay her rent rather than worrying about this blog. She knows she is gone, so the reunion should be hella interesting.

  19. Pam

    Happily I wave bye to this brokeass, fronting woman.

  20. I was so disappointed in Sheree this season. I actually loved her when she checked NeNe but after that things went drastically downhill. The new house with the ballroom and the library??? Come on, even the so called architect or whatever he was looked at her as if she had lost her mind. How she even have managed to play herself in that scene? LOL! However, when she straight up threw Kandi under the bus like that I saw a different person. I thought they were friends but that call to Kim clearly showed Sheree had a different agenda. After that I could not watch anymore Sheree scenes. The one at Kims' house, did not watch, fast forwarded through it. Her facial expressions and fake friendships will no longer be tolerated in my house. Even is she stays next season I have lost all respect for Sheree. Can you say fast forward? She was worse than NeNe. With friends like her who needs frenemies or enemies.


  22. I think that Tamara treats all the Housewives equally… She puts them in their place on some things and praises them on some things. I don't think she "hates" on any of them. LOL Tamara, some of your haters clearly need to take an IQ test before they comment.This is your blog, you can post your predictions and thoughts, and I find them entertaining, even if I don't agree with it all. Maybe some of your haters need to start their own blog then we'll see how their blog matches up against yours.

  23. to Anonymous: I read this blog each time Tamara tweets it. Just because I (or other people) don't leave comments doesn't mean her blog isn't read.

  24. Haha, lmao….hhhmmm, "no inside info hating bitches"?? I think somebody just got their words shoved down their throat…you owe Tamara an apology cuz clearly YOU don't know wtf you're talking about. LMAO

  25. I just keep on being right. It's infuriating isn't it?

  26. That's right but her ass out then lets see who will be doing that fake as laugh.

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