Nene Leakes Shows Up at Taping for Ali Fedotowsky’s New Show

Ali Fedotowsky, former bachelorette who recently broke off her engagement with Roberto Martinez was in NYC last weekend to film scenes for her new role at host of NBC’s 1st Look a travel show. The show will feature Ali traveling throughout the United States to share with viewers the best hotels, food and nightspots in a variety of towns. On Sunday, Ali and three or four of her closest blonde friends were shooting at Beaumarchais, a new French restaurant, enjoying Le Grand Brunch when who should just happen to show up but Nene Leakes. Quelle Surprise!  Ali and friends posed for a picture with Nene who was there with Basketball Wives personality Jennifer Williams and her hair stylist Pat Sumpter-Davis. It remains unclear if the ladies managed to get into any shots for Ali’s show. Nene’s tweets imply that Ali was hosting the brunch as if she had shut down the whole restaurant; however, tweets by others at the restaurant indicate that was not the case. Nene must have spotted the cameras and made a B-line for the brasserie.
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7 responses to “Nene Leakes Shows Up at Taping for Ali Fedotowsky’s New Show

  1. It looks like Nene is trying to find a place for her post RHOA. Also this will be very interesting to see how NBC will pull off a travel show like this. Usually shows like this are on cable and are during the daytime except a few exceptions.

  2. Nene is trying to stay relevant! She should hold on to that White man, and get while the getting is good since he has no problem tricking off!Nene was so well liked and down to earth when Season 1 started- now she is just arrogant and acts like the money makes her. SMH She has isolated everyone- Her nose STILL looks terrible. And she is soooo tall and amazonian, I don't know why she insists on wearing high heels- she looks like the Jolly Green Giant. Seriously!

  3. You got to hand it to Nene, she's her own biggest fan. If there is a camera around you know Nene can't be far away. She might as well make all the money she can now cause soon it will be all over and she will be working the drive up window at Burger King.NJB

  4. Ivy

    Aha! So THIS is how she gets work: she shows up anywhere where ANYTHING is being filmed, plops her fat ass in a chair, and then flat out refuses to leave until they either give her a job or at least agree to photograph her clinking champagne glasses with what she perceives are major players. I can't help but think there are times when actual intimidation (physical or otherwise) is involved.And even SHE knows her nose is jacked up, since in all of her promo pictures she's sporting the old nose.

  5. Pam

    My girl NeNe knows how to cash in on an opportunity when she sees it right in front of her.


  7. Have to give Nene credit for 'workin it.' At least she's out pounding the pavement while Sheree sits at home hopeing she gets picked up for next season. WD

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