So Now That We’ve Seen The First Episode of Shahs of Sunset…

What did you think? Who do you love? Who do you hate? Who do you love to hate?


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12 responses to “So Now That We’ve Seen The First Episode of Shahs of Sunset…

  1. Love Rex's and Asa. Hate mike and GG. Her middle initial should be an A. Would like to smack the chubby guy for the tiger. I mean, really? REALLY. A TIGER?

  2. Stupid autocorrect. That should say Reza, not Rex.

  3. Ivy

    I love this show! Favorites: Reza, Asa and MJ. I like GG for the sole reason that Reza's able to snark on her without her even knowing it ("How very elegant and generous of you!") And GG's going to wind up with Mike (unless they're related – I haven't figured out the family dynamics yet).

  4. GG is trying WAY too hard! She seems so hood and ghetto to me! She totally likes Mike…I hope he DOESN'T hook up with her. I really think this particular show won't be as good as the other shows on Bravo- I think GG will be the star though, only because she is the smallest, and the prettiest. SMH.

  5. Loved the show! Last night's epi was hilarious and so much fun. Reza is absolutely the breakout star – love him!!

  6. Pam

    love, love, love Reza. GG can go jump in a vat of hot burning oil, store brand, as far as I am concerned. Everyone knows a spoiled brat like her. Loved that Reza had on an H&M suit on WWHL with the rest of his ensemble being Gucci!!

  7. I think Asa is trying WAY too hard! Reza and is pal are cute. GG is going to be the Sha's Nene. I love MJ's mom!

  8. The girl who "hates ugly people" turns my stomach – for the simple fact that she's so vain, not a humble bone in that body… she would probably kill herself if something happen and her beauty is lost… feel sorry for her in a way – the day she discovers the world doesn't revolve around her…

  9. Love love love Reza. I think I will also really like MJ, seems like we didn't learn as much about her yet. I like that she isn't dying to get married and that her mother actually somewhat supports that.I think Mike and Sammy's faux-playerness will grow old fast. GG is such a pretty girl but that potty mouth and wannabe gangsta attitude spoil it.

  10. GG is not pretty she has a pancake flat face and she hates ugly people so she must really hate herself huh? Reza is cool but the stache hasta go pronto! I like that Asa gave it to pancake face by telling her she's a 30 yr old nada since daddy bank rolls her! You go Asa, tell it like it is to pancake face!

  11. Love, love, LOVE Reza!! I love his 'porn tache' and him calling it that. I will watch again!WD

  12. Didn't like it at all. I realize BRAVO is the King of tabloid personalities, but this show is scraping the bottom of the barrel.

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