Will Nene Leakes Be Returning for Season Five?

You can always tell when a season of Real Housewives of Atlanta is ending because Nene Leakes starts screaming that she is leaving the show for bigger and better things. In no season did this predictable behavior start sooner than in season four. For the first part of the shooting season Nene refused to film with most of the other housewives causing Bravo to invent reasons to throw Nene, Kandi and Cynthia together. Then, back in early December when TamaraTattles was the first to break the news that Nene was filming Glee (and lots of people didn’t believe me!), Nene’s squawking reached a fever pitch. About that same time Courtney Cloer Thompson’s name started being thrown around as a possible replacement for Nene. Suddenly, Nene was taking every hair show and small town club event she could get all the while tweeting like a desperate woman whose ship was sinking.

So what is Nene’s fate for season five?

Despite rumors from the Watch What Happens Live set that Nene was making outrageous demands for accommodations and perks for her appearances, Nene has been one of the most frequent guests on WWHL with Andy Cohen. In fact, she is due for yet another appearance on the show tomorrow night. Once Nene was on Glee, it seems the Bravo crew was a little more tolerant of her antics. Andy Cohen has been seen on twitter sending words of encouragement Nene’s way on more than one occasion. And so it seems that thin ice that Nene was once galloping across in blissful ignorance has thickened up enough to hold her through another season.

But nothing gets between  Nene and success quite like Nene herself. When Nene makes the rounds these days in the media, she talks first about her other ventures like Glee, The Game, and  Let’s Stay Together. When she does talk about RHOA it is usually to insult her castmates and point out that she is the star of the show. Recently, when RHOA ran a filler episode about Kim and Kroy because of the Oscars, Nene repeatedly tweeted that there was no episode at all and that her followers should report back to RHOA the following week. She made some tweet meant to be cryptic about “finally being free!” a short while back that lead to some Internet speculation she had been released from her contract.
Nene might want to ask Jill Zarin what happens when a housewife gets too big for her Skweez Couture.

Nene is currently paid 10K per episode to appear on RHOA. There are 18 regular episodes plus two (perhaps three?) reunion shows. That brings her salary for season four to 200K.  Nene is being paid SAG scale for Glee making $7,260 per episode. Although her role has a recurring story arc, she will be lucky to work five episodes of Glee, making less than 40K.  Next year is projected to be the last season of Glee if it is picked up again. If Nene is asked back she could expect five or so more episodes. Her work on The Game and Let’s Stay Together paid $4,538 an episode.  It is doubtful either of those shows will require her services in the future. So Nene has the possibility of another 40K from Glee but no firm contract. What Nene needs to understand is that her stereotypical angry black woman persona is the reason she was cast on these other shows in the first place. In each show she is cast in, she is essentially playing herself.  Brian White attempted to school Nene on the this concept during a recent interview and it didn’t go over well. But facts are facts and Nene gets paid for buffoonery. If she is not keeping her ignorant behavior in the public eye on RHOA, Bravo’s most popular show, she will quickly lose relevance with casting agents.

When it comes to RHOA season five, if it airs without Nene Leakes it will be because she can’t stand that the other women don’t like her and she is willing to cut off her nosejob to spite her face to get away from them. I can’t really discount that possibility. We all remember Nene bragging about her “Trump Checks” when she got a $16,000 stipend for appearing on Celebrity Apprentice. While most celebrities donate that check to their charity, Nene quit the show and ran off with the check like she stole something and bought a dozen pair of shoes with it. This sort of financial delusion does not bode well for Nene’s future. She does seem to have a crackerjack PR team at the moment and if her manager has enough control over her, he should be able to talk some sense into Nene and we will see her and her hello kitty again next season. What she should be doing is making peace with at least some of the cast and asking  Bravo for a raise. She is, like her or not, the star of the show and deserves to make more than Sheree. Speaking of Sheree, I’ve saved her for last for a reason.


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16 responses to “Will Nene Leakes Be Returning for Season Five?

  1. Ivy

    I was so sure I'd have something to say about this, but I think you've covered everything I wanted to say. Nice job, Tamara, and very funny! :)

  2. Ivy

    I can't wait for Sheree LOL!

  3. NeNe should take a look @ what happened with the cast of RHONY. In fact I think it's time they did a huge make-over on RHOA give everyone except Phaedra and Kandi their walking papers and start over. And only keep these 2 for one more year (just to help introduce the newbies) then give them the boot as well. The show is a wreck as it stands right now.

  4. Tamara hating is not a good look lol you seem to ALWAYS have something to say about NENE and none of her other castmates and your all in her wallet are you her accountant? smh just STOP please!

  5. Nene makes for good TV. Good TV makes money for Bravo. They're going to keep her. She's riding a wave right now with her other appearances – and Bravo likes the cross exposure. She's coming back.WD

  6. Nene needs Kim. It was their interaction as friends, then frenemies, then enemies that brought BRAVOdrama to RHOA.Now that each of them, Kim and Nene, refuse to appear and/or interact – they have canceled each other out…so Lucy and Ethel need to get it together – if if it's only for the sake of the cameras.

  7. Ivy

    I have no interest in ever seeing Ninny on TV again unless she gets a sense of humor about herself and learns some basic manners. Sadly, I don't see this happening.And I agree that she and Kim were only interesting when interacting with each other – if nothing else, they force each other to knock it off with the phoniness. But I don't see this happening either.

  8. Ivy

    Now that I think about it, taking yourself too seriously is the kiss of death on these shows.

  9. @Ivy Nene (Ninny) loves you too I'm sure!

  10. $16,000 or not she got a Trump check no? What did sHEree get? A big fat NADA. Like her or not Nene is the star of RHOA and she is getting paid more than most people make in a year so bloop bloop!

  11. I sho cant wait for ManRee…I hope they get rid of her sh*t starting, pot stirrer arse! She is rather gossippy no? sHE has to report everything to a third party instead of getting a job and making sho her kids don't sleep on air beds!

  12. Ivy

    I was wondering how long it would take you to get around to the air beds. What's it been, two days?

  13. Ivy

    Oh, and the Roberto Cavalli dress was a huge mistake, and I mean huuuuuuge. Also, she couldn't have made it more obvious that she resented sharing airtime with Reza on WWHL – her behavior (IMO) was borderline rude. And "white is right?" Why is Ninny so color-obsessed? I'm beginning to think she may have some real problems in that area. Pass this on for me, will you?

  14. This is so funny… is it me or does Ivy think all anon posters are one and the same?

  15. What is up with nene's boobs?

  16. I think Andy Cohen will do what needs to be done to keep Nene on the RHOA. I think he wants to be a starmaker and this is really his only chance at the moment. As annoying as Nene can be, she does make for great copy. Having said that, Nene should watch her step. Everyone is replaceable. Nene can you say Jill, Alex, Kelly, Cindy!NJB

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