Recognize these feet?

If you have excessive feet meat, and long toes, pigalle style shoes are not for you. You can put the pig in pigalle but it’s still a pig with hooves in $1500 shoes.


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16 responses to “Recognize these feet?

  1. HAHAHAHA … she needed a size larger!

  2. poor Marlo, she must have run around barefoot with the safari animals too long in Africa. She brought home some crusty ole rhinoceros feet.maybe she needs those shoes so she can advertise herself for some more bags and outfits.

  3. Pam

    Caleb and I both think the feet are ugly, his reaction to the picture was "ewe" however he said the pants were pretty. lol Who is this, Tamara?

  4. Tamara,you need to read page sic todays nypost about gretchen/slade very interesting…goood job btw..

  5. Isn't that one of the guys from RHOA? Why not buy the right size – looks like those puppies hurt…

  6. ANON 9::18 AMNypost – thank you for the lead… Bravo probably wont pay for the ring & exotic location for Slave Smelly to propose, unless all the girls go to cause fights…What a joke these people are…

  7. LOL…Anon, those feet belong to The Felon on RHOA.

  8. oh please. Her feet look fine in those shoes. I don't know why Marlo bugs you so much. Go make fun of Kim's wig or something. There is much more material there.

  9. Poor Marlo needs an 11 but apparently the size 7 was the only size in the clearance bin. That picture makes my toes ache.WD

  10. Yeah it's Marlo, I think from her b-day party pics.

  11. Which Felon? Sheree was also convicted of a felony, when she was younger.

  12. Ivy

    @Anon 5:59 ~ Right. She shoplifted and bounced some checks. Same thing.

  13. Oh .. ok …TheSlasher on RHOA owns those feet.

  14. I thought thee were Derek j's feet.

  15. Lawd, I thought these were either Derek J.or Lawrence's feet, rotfl!

  16. OK, what face go with these feet?

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