Real Housewives of Orange County’s Gretchen Rossi Begs Bravo for Engagement Ring

The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast is no stranger to nailing down a story line by getting engaged. Kim Zolciak has done it twice with two different guys and managed not only to keep her somewhat boring storyline front and center with the engagements but also scored her own mini-series to cover her wedding in November of last year. Bravo’s endorsement was all over the wedding with their favorite advertiser of the moment, Ciroc footing much of the bill. Cynthia Bailey reluctantly got married at the end of season three with Bravo paying for the dramatic Fernbank Museum location as the backdrop for her nuptials and scoring center stage for the season three finale.

Now there seems to be a catfight happening within the cast of Real Housewives of Orange County between Gretchen and Tamra as the two vie for a Bravo wedding of their own. It seems that Gretchen flipped her lid when she found out that Tamra’s hot young rebound lover popped the question and splurged on a ring. Tamra has always been jealous of Gretchen ever since Gretchen joined the cast and threatened Tamra’s self-proclaimed title of “hottest housewife.” Gretchen, in case you have forgotten is the housewife whose previous storyline was getting herself engaged to a wealthy man with a terminal illness on a previous season. According to TMZ Gretchen made $2.5 million dollars off of that endeavor in 2009 and became insulted that Tamra suggested she was in the relationship for financial reasons.  Guess what Gretchen’s reaction to the news of Tamra’s engagement was?

According to New York Post’s Page Six Gretchen immediately stormed the Bravo offices requesting they pay for an engagement ring and a trip to some romantic destination so that schlub Slade Smiley  could propose to her. Never one to be particularly concerned with the sanctity of marriage, Gretchen is all about one-upping Tamra. She does seem to draw the line at paying for her own ring, at least for now but would have no problem with Bravo picking up the tab her unemployed boyfriend can’t afford.  Gretchen, if you are going to buy a husband, you need to cut back on the handbags and put the money towards something better than the used Slade Smiley version. Hasn’t he slept with every housewife on that show? The dude must have a peen plated with 24k gold because he is unattractive in every single sense of the word and broke as hell. You should get Nene Leakes to introduce you to that John Kolaj dude. He at least could afford a nice ring.

Now we know just how long this little Tamra and Gretchen “friendship” will last this season. As soon as the Tamra’s hot boyfriend pops the question and produces a rock, Gretchen goes right back to being Gretchen. I wonder exactly who made the call to Bravo begging for a freebie engagement ring. I really doubt Slade even had the wherewithal to come up with the plan. Leave it to Gretchen to work whatever angle she could to secure more money and a bigger storyline.  Bravo not coming through with ANYTHING makes it seem clear that this could well be Gretchen’s last season. Unless she falls in love with another dying rich man.


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27 responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County’s Gretchen Rossi Begs Bravo for Engagement Ring

  1. I thought it was Tamra who was the self proclaimed "hottest housewife"? Wasn't she on the show before Gretchen?

  2. I see how it would be easy to get confused, those two blondes are interchangeable

  3. Yes,its Tamra that's jealous of Gretchen,her youth n her beauty

  4. Fixed it to reflect Tamra who thinks she is the hottest housewife. I honestly could not tell you who is who in the top picture. All the OC housewives look the same to me except for Vicki which is why I have a really hard time following the show. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. I can see Gretchen getting engaged to the oily Slade. However, I think Tamara would be willing to go through with a TV wedding first. And…they're easy to tell apart…Gretchen has horse teeth and Tamara has a flat, wide forehead you could land a 747 on. YWIAWD

  6. And poor, totally unattractive Vicki, with that pig-like snout….

  7. Tamara Barney is one loud mouthed Bitch. She never shuts her mouth about anyone. She thinks she knows all..and is such a bully. Who is it for her to judge anyone. God..she gets on my friggen nerves. She thinks her shit don't stink..well, hunny if you thought it was bad with Simon. Wait for your Eddie to start showing his real colors..cuz I can see them from all the way ova here in NY.. I pity you.. your just jealous all the time.

  8. I completely agree with Anonymous who posted on June 3,2012 12:43. I can't say it any better – Tamara Barney just ruins the whole show with her screeming and her hatred for Alexis. Tamara – just leave her alone!June 8,2012

  9. Alexis is completely FAKE and it has been able to see that throughout past seasons. Tamra is real and most people just cannot handle.the.truth

  10. Real? You call Tamra real???? She is the most two-faced housewife on the show. Very jealous of others. I am actually getting bored with the "bully" Tamra storyline. Every season she has a target. I would like to see the housewives finally call her out on her true colors. I guess for OC she is considered a bully and tough a$$. Stick her in the middle of the NJ cast for one episode and she would be running off the set with her tail between her legs. HAHAHAHAHA

  11. tamra is a real bitch. what is she going to do when she has to mix her children with eddie. don't think that will go very well. although she will most likley let simon have them. and can't wait till Eddie sees her for the real mean girl she really is. can't wait to see the outcome for all that. he needs to go back and watch her with simon. she acted the same way with him. Fake,Fake,Fake

  12. Tamara is the mean girl and biggest biotch of them all. She is so obviously jealous and a very insecure person. Gretchen has more common sense and is much more together than Tamara by far! I hope Tamara gets booted off the show.

  13. I hate you Tamara !! You are such a trouble maker ! You should be ashamed of yourself !! Team Vicki !!

  14. Tamara you should be embarrassed .. You look so stupid for lying on a recorded tv show! I dislike you the most on this show smh stay out of people's business

  15. Tamara is old and Eddie is gay. Next season on the Real Housewives of Orange County…

  16. TAMARA is jealous of each of the newest housewife, Alexis is gorgeous&she can't stand it!and there is a Big secret reason for the Gretchen friendship,it will come out!REUNION! Can't wait! TAMARA also look back@scenes &see how stupid your FAKE tears are! There are NONE! Take acting lessons money,or just be real&use Gretchen's hairdresser!

  17. Tamara is just like a 15 year old girl. Always gossiping, always picking on someone & always dramatic. She gets under my skin like no other. It disgusts me that her & Gretchens ugly ass have the nerve to talk shit about anyone. Gretchens a gold digger, a whore and a wanna be. Tamara is obsessed with Gretchen & it shows all too well. Removal of the boobs, a younger man, she even tries to laugh like gretchen. Ugh. It urks the hell out of me. They both need to stfu. Thats if gretche can cause it looks like she has a hard time closing her mouth due to thoses hideous chompers.

  18. Tamera is the manipulator causes all the issues between Vicky, and Alex and even now Heather.She is very jealous and not sweet at all. Sad that no one sees how mean she really is!

  19. I watch these housewives shows for stupid entertainment,i suppose,but TAMARA Barney is someone who just makes me sick.she can only have 1 friend at a time,after she got her boobs removed,SHE THINKS THAT BOUGHT HER A LITTLE CLASS?U CANT BUY THAT.AND THAT FAKE CRYIN.SO BET I COULD MAKE HER CRY!

  20. You are all right about Tamara she is such an evil, bully,ugly classless troublemaker her tears are fake!!! I cannot stand how both her and Gretchen treated Alexis this season Gretchen has her head so far Tamaras ass those two won't make it too far

  21. Tamara has a pretty face but is an ugly person-what on earth will she do as she ages

  22. BTW!! Tamera! Have you looked at your hands lately???!! They look like: CRINKLED,STUBBY,WRETCHED,SCREECHY,OLD LADY,HAINT,SEA HAG,HANDS!!! And ALL ELSE I HAVE TO SAY IS: POOR EDDIE!!!… :(


  24. Tamera is a TRUE BULLY! She takes it upon herself to TRY And govern the other housewives… "REDICULIOUS"…. I KNOW!!!,…. Tameras WISDOM POOL IS LESS THAN 1/2 inch DEEP!! Keep IT TO yourself Chick!! YOU HAVE NO ONE FOOLED!! YOUR IGNORANCE,THAT IS!! Well except maybe Eddie…. POOR OLE EDDIE!!…. The S–T WILL HIT THE FAN SOON ENOUGH FOR HIM!!……. SO Ohhhh, CRY HIM A RIVER OF CROCIDILE TEARS… None of us believe your put on "TEARS OF JOY"!!! We were just a bit sickened by them….. Hopefully one day,you'll realize that your just a little AWFUL,creepy ,queen…wanna be..

  25. Tamera has to butt her nose into everyones buisness. People can't have a personal conversation without tamera butting in. She is soooo fake fake and fake. Wake up Eddie she's a LOSER!!!!!!!!

  26. Naz

    Tamara is an old hag she is soooooooooooooo jealous of alexis, that’s why she keeps making nasty comments behind her back because she can’t stand someone is actually getting more attention because she is naturally sexy and she loves her husband, she is threatened by this because her boyfriend Eddie looks Mexican, and that bitch Heather is equally jealous of Alexis and keeps questioning her financial stance because she wants to belittle her and wants her out of the group because her ugly plastic surgeon hubby can’t make her look better than Alexis, they are jealous bullies.

  27. I cannot believe how Teresa treated everyone this season on….sorry wrong show.

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