Phaedra Parks: Will Her Storyline Continue Through Season Five?

So it looks like both Kim and Kandi are likely to return to season five. But what about Phaedra? What exactly was Phaedra’s storyline for season four? Well, let’s see, at first she had some issues with Peter which led to the blowup with Apollo and Peter at the bridal shower, she brought ReDICKulous to Kandi’s birthday filming,  she wants us to believe she is going to open up Phunerals by Phaedra,  and of course she planned an entire trip to Africa to visit the king of Ghana.  In pretty much all of these situations, Phaedra goes above and beyond the ridiculous. Phaedra has stated in the media that she is playing a role on RHOA and that role is comedy relief. Phaedra seems at times unsure where the line is with her comedy and occasionally lands herself in hot water. Like the whole embarrassing trip with Sheree to the museum and that uncivilized behavior.  Is her storyline enough for her to keep her spot?

I say yes. Lord knows Phaedra wants to still be on the show and she has a big fan base. Apollo being rather hot is another plus although we really didn’t see him that often. Perhaps we will next season, it’s not like he has much else to do. I read somewhere recently that Phaedra was quite open admitting that she is a sugar mama and quite content with that. Personally, I don’t think that marriage is all that much better of than Cynthia and Peter’s.  There is some whispering going on around Atlanta when it comes to Apollo. I expect them to stay together though.  Let’s hope we see more of that delicious baby of theirs. Perhaps a playdate with KJ in season five?

Phaedra has two more big reasons to keep her. Her talking head interviews are often the best part of the episode. She sits back and enjoys the show when drama occurs but she has no problem telling it like it is with her comedic quotes when it is just her and the cameras. I think most of us can picture her in that silly high collar shirt cracking the jokes. The other good thing in her favor is her friendship with Toya Wright. If Straight from the A is right, and she usually is, that Toya is the next housewife, Toya will be on team smalls. That could mean another small is on the chopping block.

So Phaedra fans can rejoice that she will be returning to the show with more cringe worthy but hysterical at times one liners.


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7 responses to “Phaedra Parks: Will Her Storyline Continue Through Season Five?

  1. I like Phaedra … hope she stays…she is hilarious!

  2. I like Phaedra too, hope she stays on RHOA…

  3. Ivy

    I think RHA should start fresh and build around Phaedra and Kandi. I also have a feeling that there's more to Cynthia than we've been led to believe. When she first appeared on the show she seemed light-hearted and funny, and it would be interesting to see how she does on this show without her ball and chain (Nene).I want to see smart, funny women on this show who have no axes to grind. I don't even care if they're rich or not anymore (their covers have all been blown, anyway). I'm no longer interested in women who blatantly lie, are willfully ignorant, and pretend to have or brag about money. They really overplayed the "I'm a wealthy socialite and everyone's jealous of me" card with this bunch.

  4. I like Phakedra but I still love me some Neenster! As for Toya, she's alittle young and her show by herself was boring and I do think she is boring! Now Tiny would bring drama but she already has a show on VH1! RHOA is about drama and I just dn't see Toya fitting in! I hope they let sHEree and her empty lot GO – Yes Manree BRAVO gon check you boo!

  5. Phaedra is the Greek chorus for this show. At least she's likeable, interesting, and funny. not to mention the hot hubby. I'd hate to see her go…..but LORD, bring me my prayer cloth, I can't look at or listen to that simple mule Sheree any more.

  6. Looks like Phaedra might have bigger things to worry about….like the FEDS investigating her shady actions!!!

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