Inside Source Sets the Record Straight on Kendra Davis (EXCLUSIVE)

Kendra Davis living room when she lived in house Kim rents

All this talk and gossip has someone who works closely with Kendra coming forward to discuss some of the issues posted here and set the record straight regarding this foolery and this foolery and especially this foolery.  This source claims to work with Kendra and has knowledge of lots of events over the past few years so I am going to just post it here unedited. Here is the exclusive tea:

I work for Kendra. So Chil’ when I was made aware of all this foolery. I HAD to comment. I KNOW I shouldn’t be..but when has that ever stopped me. Antonio & Kendra are not divorced. All I’m going to say is Baby don’t play when it come to her kids. She will find a way or make one. Don’t ever be the fool to get that twisted.

Daughter Kaela’s room (she is a great basketball player)

Kendra was approached to be on the show by the producers a couple of times. I suppose to avoid all this. Who’s renting who drama. I guess they wanted someone where the coins were NEVA gonna be in question. Cuz that has seemed to be an issue with this current crop.You know.someone really rich..not just playing rich on TV. Moving on..So there was no “reduced rent” in exchange for being on the show.
The Davis’ bought a new house closer to the children’s school.So when they were approached about having the house rented..they are savvy business people. They made sure that they covered themselves.

Son A.J.’s room.

As far as furnishings. Kim & Kroy purchased some of the existing furniture that was custom made for those spaces. That is why you see some of the same things that were in the home previously. I know the project is essentially completed now..I don’t know how much of the completed project ended up filmed. When they moved in I do know that project was only roughly 55-60% done.

As far as your “anger management” comment. Like I said before…Mama does not play games when it comes to those babies.” And a jury of 12 people told her she was right and should have thrown coffee on that trollop for what she said. You can’t call people niggas then want to sue them because they threw coffee on the tire of your 1983 Ford Astro Van. OK. Call if life lessons of the opportunists. And we have all read the stories of the drunken fans pouring beer, cursing & spitting on the opposing teams wives & families. Uh..Ms.Ken is clearly not the one especially when she had the kids with her too. Ahhh no Ma’am. He was looking for problems. And again..we could plenty to gossip about it..but no one could ever say did anything wrong. So I salute her. Hold it down Boo. 

Well I hope this clears some of this up and Fiction will be replaced with fact.

Oh,oh…why didn’t we use the business name etc. Because Chil’ we could see the writing on the wall. She takes 3-4 big projects a year. Fortunately her advertising is referrals. So there was no need in Sally Mae from Slopjar,Lousiana calling & emailing saying how she wanted a new couch when she got her income tax check. Ken can’t say no..but I can. So we took the website down and all. I’m sorry. Things round here are crazy enough.


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11 responses to “Inside Source Sets the Record Straight on Kendra Davis (EXCLUSIVE)

  1. Interesting … but what is the source trying to clear up about her employer?

  2. She's rich, she doesn't have anger management issues, she's just a mama bear, Kim did not get a rent discount, They are not divorced, lots of things.. Oh and any "custom furniture" in the house came from Kendra not storage. :)

  3. OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!…LOL I can be slow smetimes – prob cause I don't pay attention to a lot of the Kim news. GOTCHA!!!

  4. What on Earth is it with these people and the ginormous photo portraits? Is that an Atlanta thing? I find them to be in the worst taste. Kims are horrid and tacky and these are not much better.

  5. Thank goodness for your translation, Tamara. I could barely figure out what was being said. LOL, typical Kim lying about her 'custom furniture'.

  6. What the hell were they trying to say? They are about as coherent as Nene's son Bryson. @NewJerzeyboy

  7. @ Anon 6:29, you are SO wrong for that one but you had me laughing. You spoke the truth, lol.

  8. I'd love to see Kendra as a new housewife. She and Tamika Raymond (Usher's ex) would definitely be a better fit then most of the current ones.

  9. Bee

    Terrible. I really hope a grown woman with any type of degree or diploma wrote this foolishness. Please go back to school, or pick up a book …whoever you are.

  10. In defense of the source. She left the information in a comment. She was not expecting me to make it a new post. I for one don't bother with polishing my writing for a random comment on a blog, especially if I am passionate about the topic or defending a friend. I'm thankful to the commenter for bringing some new information to the story.

  11. Red

    1. This person sounds trashy to say the least, using terms like 'Boo', 'Mama don't play', etc. She also sounds like she has a chip on her shoulder about money, first taking a dig at the person involved in the road rage incident because the person drove a 'mini-van', implying that its an embarrassment & then making fun of a fictional 'sally mae' who would use her 'income tax refund' to purchase a couch. The funny thing is, the person says she's 'employed' by the Davis's, so she isn't weathly herself, but comes off as a pompous, out of touch, crazed defender. If I was Kendra Davis, I would not want this person coming to my defense.

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