The Kandi Factory Premieres; Kim Zolciak Snubs It

Is it just me or is everyone ready for this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta to be over?  I’m not even watching the first airing of the show tonight, I’d rather watch Celebrity Apprentice and catch a rerun later. I’ve had enough of RHOA for now. I’m ready to just do the finale and be done. Tonight’s episode is number 15 out of 18.  I don’t think that includes the reunion, but I hope I am wrong. I’m pretty much over all of the housewives. It’s the same old tired fights and nonsense. 

Tonight, Nene started her manic tweeting we have come to expect on Sunday nights where she retweets anything positive her fans are tweeting, and intersperses those tweets with boastful ones of her own as well as putting down “the smalls”.  When she is filming Glee she tweets like a different person. Like Nene from season one almost. I miss that Nene but it seems she is gone forever.

Tonight, Kandi’s show The Kandi Factory is premiering after the RHOA. I’ve been perplexed about the public relations for this show for awhile.  She was initially signed for six thirty-minute episodes. Those episodes would air as a mini-series and based on ratings, it would be determined if the show would be picked up. Sounds simple enough. It was assumed, at least by me that the shows might be shown  back to back with Kim’s wedding show, Tardy for the Wedding. Instead, Kim’s show is not airing until the end of April and Kandi’s show starts tonight. If you spend way too much time with your TV running Bravo as background noise like I do, you may have noticed that Shahs of Sunset ads are running like crazy but you rarely see any promos for The Kandi Factory. Kandi has been all over the place promoting her show but Bravo seems to give it little attention themselves.  Now, on the only promo I have seen on Bravo they say tune in tonight for a 90 minute special, The Kandi Factory. It seems that the six episodes were boiled down to three and turned into a one shot special. At least Kandi, being the smart business woman she is asked for and received executive producer credits for the show. So she will be getting paid much more than she would if she were just on the show. Smart move.

Meanwhile tonight on RHOA, Kim and Kandi get into a discussion about the whole blown out of proportion comments that Cynthia started about Kim not holding black babies. Sheree has gotten a lot of flack in the blogs for calling Kim to relay the comments, but everybody knows, Sheree didn’t think that up on her own, Bravo purposely inserted the great race debate into the storyline to have a reason to get Kim on camera while the girls were in Africa. Despite most of them not bothering to blog on Bravo anymore, they all went to the blogs to try and distance themselves from the race issue.  Despite the fact that it was a storyline, it has clearly caused ANOTHER rift between Kandi and Kim.  Kandi has been very gracious about the fact that Kim never paid Kandi for Tardy for the Party. Very Gracious. Even agreeing to continue to work with her on The Ring Didn’t Mean a Thing.  Money can very easily come between friend, but Kandi was willing to let it go.

Kim on the other hand is not as forgiving. Let’s look at the whole issue where Kandi says she can’t see Kim in the orphanage and Cynthia says she can’t see Kim holding black babies.  First of all, there was no need for Cynthia to bring race into the whole situation, and I truly believe that was fed to her by Bravo. I think the majority of Cynthia and Sheree’s lines are fed to them by Bravo. It’s possible that Cynthia just blurted the black baby thing out on her own, but not likely.

Much has been said about Kim not holding KJ very much on the show. It’s true we’ve seen him mostly being held by Kroy and others. But Kim tweets pictures and talks about spending time with KJ on twitter all the time. Because of the tweets, I wanted to believe that when the show was edited the shots of Kim taking care of KJ fell to the cutting room floor. After seeing the preview for the show where Kim was despondent because she only had two housekeepers and a full-time live in assistant and no nanny, I was floored. She doesn’t work other than filming, she doesn’t cook or clean, she has a manager to handle all her bookings, she has a stylist that not only buys her clothes but KJ’s as well, she has a hair and makeup team, and she can’t be arsed to care for her son? It boggles the mind. What the hell does she do all day besides tweet? I don’t get it.

So while I don’t believe she is racist, I do believe that she is somewhat lacking in the mothering gene. If we look back a season to the bus tour that Kandi was gracious enough to take Kim on, when Kim told Brielle she was going on tour she was fine. When Kim to Brielle she was taking Sweetie with her, Brielle flipped out. Why? Because Sweetie was the mother figure to Brielle and Ariana. Brielle and Ariana are also very bonded to Kroy. It was difficult on the girls not having a father. It was difficult on the girls when Sweetie was fired. Let’s just hope Kroy sticks the marriage out because they have been through enough.  So clearly, the mothering instinct isn’t as strong in Kim as one would expect. From drinking from a wine glass while driving in earlier seasons to having Brielle steer the car while she pumps breast milk from behind the wheel this season, Kim is not going to win Mother of the Year.

Which brings us back to Africa. Kandi had every reason in the world to say that she could not picture Kim at the orphanage. What has Kim done on screen or around the other women to make them think she would take to an orphanage visit? I was expecting from the previews for Kim to make a huge deal out of the comment, but I also figured it was mostly for the show. Surely Kim couldn’t really be that offended by the comments.

But tonight, in real time, Kim pulls a Nene. Just like last week when Nene was tweeting that Kim’s episode of RHOA was not airing, Kim tweets this “Tonight can’t wait for RHOA at 9 then my girl @KhloeKardashian at 10pm on E!…. #ilovesundays”. Really Kim? After everything that Kandi has done for you, you can’t support her on her show? Is this really about the black baby comment THAT KANDI NEVER EVEN MADE?  An hour and a half later after several people commented about Kandi’s show, she finally posted this, “Watch RHOA at 9pm followed by @Kandi special tonight at 10pm on Bravo!!! #kandifactory”. Too little too late, Kim. After all the things Kandi has done for you, and your mistreatment of her in the process, for you not to support her show and to actively tweet you are watching something else is just plain wrong.


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15 responses to “The Kandi Factory Premieres; Kim Zolciak Snubs It

  1. Kim needs to GROW UP…what a bitch.When someone is doing something for HER – she's cool with it. She has dissed Kandi in SO MANY WAYS … and she is blowing this crap out of proportion.She got her 15 min of fame…nothing wrong with Kandi giving someone else theirs.

  2. Ivy

    I knew Kim was going to use this excuse to play the martyr the minute Cynthia and Kandi made those remarks. They were NOT making a joke about Kim being racist, they were making a joke out of Kim being LAZY, and Kim knows these women well enough to know that. No doubt she's going to use this as an excuse to make herself feel better about not paying Kandi.Haven't seen tonight's show yet but based on the previews I'm already feeling sorry for Bryson, which I didn't think was possible. I honestly think the kid is kind-of slow.

  3. Ivy

    Loved the way Kandi finally shut the conversation down, and especailly love that she did it without Kim's officially calling an end to the meeting. (Which you could tell really pissed her off LOL!)And Ninny? DAMN! She just don't give a shit about N-O-B-0-D-Y! And of course all of her dumbass fans are tweeting her about what a great mother she is. DAMN!

  4. On last night's episode of RHOA, Kim just made herself look stupid. I couldnt understand why Kandi didn't just say, "look at the tape". the only thing stupider than Kim was Sheree, pulling faces like an adolescent idiot…I'm getting so turned off by this show and these women.

  5. Kandy looked so pretty, I hope she continues to do well…

  6. I'm so over this season of RHOA as well, couldn't miss my Celeb Apprentice. Anyway, caught Kandi Factory 1st then RHOA later and it's time for Sheree to go away. I used to like her then felt sorry for her but now all I do is change the channel during her scenes which I only used to do for Kim's scenes. I don't know how Bravo is going to "fix" RHOA but some changes def. need to be made. BTW does anyone know what the ratings were for Kim & Kroy's episode I didn't watch it and don't intend to. And hopefully Kim will feel real foolish when she does finally see the footage of the tape and realizes she's been played by her bestie…desperate for a life & screen time: Sheree. @ IVY I think you're right Kim will use this as her excuse as to why she didn't and shouldn't pay Kandi :(

  7. Kim is even more gullible than I thought she was. And to take what Sherree said as the truth!??!?! This is the same woman who pulled Kim's wig on one episode, but now she's telling the gospel truth…SMDH. I used to like Sherre but she totatlly threw Kandi under the bus and she knows good and damned well Kandi did not make the "black babies" comment, Cynthia did.And sorry, but I don't exactly see Kim going to Africa either…Cancun, Tahiti, Hawaii, Paris, Dominican Republic, Spain (yes any of the aforementioned places). But Africa, no…and yes I said it!

  8. Wow, last nights episode with Kandi, Kim and crazy Sheree was such a disappointment. SMH! Kim has eidently forgotten how Sheree attacked her seeral seasons ago and attempted to pull her wig off "on camera"… but that Kandi helped make her a "star". BTW, how helpless is she really? 2 housekeepers and a nanny and a an assistant for someone that doesn't even have a job???? SMH again! That's what the comments between Cynthia and Kandi were really about… what a lazy woman she is that can't be bothered to do anything but flip her hair every 5 minutes.

  9. I love Kandi, but the show did paint her in a bad light with regards to the "can't see Kim at an orphanage in Africa" situation. I also thought it was unkind of Cynthia to make a similar statement, but now agree that perhaps those statements were given to them to say to create drama because Cynthia doesn't really seem to be about drama or meanness. I'm glad you pointed that out.However, I think Kandi doesn't like to be wrong about anything and refused to just apologize to Kim, which is what she should have done, regardless of whether Bravo initiated the drama or not. It's not nice and NEVER, EVER have we had a racism charge on Kim until just recently so it's just unfair to leave that out there. Kandi should have sucked it up and said she was sorry. We're all humans and all capable of saying and doing hurtful things. Apologize and move on. Don't insist you really didn't mean it!karen

  10. The Kandi Factory was better than I thought it was going to be. I'm glad it doesn't completely focus on her…would be too boring. However, I thought watching the process to making someone 'marketable' was pretty interesting.Kim…go away stinky girl.WD

  11. karen, I say kandi apologizes to Kim when Kim pays her what she owes her for the song? I think it sounds like a deal.

  12. I don't think Kim is racist, and I don't think that was what Cynthia or Kandi meant by their conversation.. I think they were referring to what Kim is all about. Smoking her cigs, drinking wine and spending money. She isn't exactly the motherly type or someone I can picture helping out others. Could you see Kim spending her day feeding the homeless or volunteering at a shelter ?? Girl please.

  13. For next season they need to make the Kandi Factory a perm part of their lineup, and let Kandi do that. Have her exit the Housewives… Get rid of Cynthia… She is too boring. Nice gal, and she looks hot, but her time is up. I'm thinking another white housewife, get a rich snobby Buckhead woman… put her in the mix, and let her act like she is better than the others… Maybe put Diana Gowins, Nene's bestfriend in the mix and cast her. She has a controversial past. She doesn't work, and basically lives off of her rich Babies Daddy, who she slept with while he was married. despite nene complaining, she'll stay with the show. she would be dumb to leave the highest rated show on Bravo. Bravo will keep Sheree, simply because Sheree stirs shit and is always involved in drama. Phaedra is good because of her funny comments… she is very likeable. they will keep kim because she is the one that everyone loves to hate.


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