Kendra Davis: Interior Designer to Kim Zolciak-Biermann

Kendra Davis, who has been seen several times on Real Housewives of Atlanta since Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann moved into her house, has a bit of an interesting past.  Kendra is married to former NBA  player, Antonio Davis.  Back in January of 2006 when Davis was playing for the Chicago Bulls, he was ejected from a game with the Knicks after charging the stands where his wife was watching the game. Apparently, Davis noticed some sort of altercation between his wife, Kendra, and a male fan who was seated behind her and decided to intervene. Kendra would later state that the man was provoking her using foul language and that she had asked him to stop and that he continued to harass her. Antonio received a five game suspension. The fan, Michael Axelrod threatened to sue the Davis’ for a million dollars and an apology. Antonio told the media that he would not apologize. Eventually the suit was settled out of court, and a joint statement was issued saying both parties just wanted to move on. Antonio moved on by being traded back to the Toronto Raptors in February where he played briefly before being released from the Raptors in March due to a back injury. That was the end of his career in the NBA.

This was not the first time Kendra was involved in an altercation with a stranger…

Shortly after the altercation at the basketball game, Kendra was charge with a road rage incident with another stranger, this time a female.

Chicago’s local ABC station, WLS reported the following:

The traffic altercation took place on October 27, almost three months before the infamous incident at the United Center. Like the altercation during the Bulls game, during the Naperville traffic spat Kendra Davis tangled with a perfect stranger, said she was provoked and refused to apologize. But unlike the televised frenzy in the stands as her husband played basketball, this case has ended up with criminal charges.
Kendra Davis arrived at Naperville Police Headquarters Thursday afternoon to surrender on the two charges lodged against her earlier in the day. She was processed by police on the arrest warrant.Davis posted $500 cash bond and was released.
A DuPage County judge signed the warrant early Thursday morning alleging that Davis “threw a cup of hot coffee” at a motorist, Kathleen Bessner. Bessner, a resident of southwest suburban Minooka, came to DuPage court Thursday morning, with a Naperville patrolman, to swear out a criminal complaint against the wife of the NBA star, Antonio Davis. The alleged road rage incident occurred last October, at an intersection about a mile from Kendra Davis’ home. Davis was driving a late model Mercedes. Bessner was in her family’s mini van.

According to the police report obtained, Bessner told authorities that she was cut off by the silver Mercedes driven by Davis, who then threw a cup of coffee into her open car window and sped away. Davis admitted to police that she threw the coffee, but she told authorities that Bessner had shouted foul words and hateful words at her and described a racial slur that Bessner allegedly used. 
Bessner declined to speak to the I-Team on camera, but maintains that she used no derogatory terms and did not incite the violence.   

 WLS also checked into Kendra Davis’ police records in Illinois and turned up the following information.

Brenda Miles and her family were in a car crash with Kendra Davis, then Kendra Meeks, before she was married to the NBA star. Kendra ran a stop sign in Aurora, according to authorities, and collided with the Miles’ mini van, injuring several family members inside.  They won a civil suit against Davis, who was ordered to pay them $11,000. But even though Davis now lives in a plush suburban home, is married to a millionaire NBA star and they have five cars including a Bentley, 11 years later, the Miles family is still waiting for most of the money to be paid. Because she has never satisfied that court judgment, Davis’ Illinois driver’s license has been suspended. In 1993, she was ticketed for driving on a suspended license.

So now that you have a bit of background on Kendra and her husband, let’s look into how it came to be that Kim Zolciak knows the owners of her current rental home. Trust me, it’s good.

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  1. The team got rid of him because he's a major liability to them. As a player or anybody you can't just attack someone. He may have thought that he was going to the aid of his wife, but maybe his wife should have kept her mouth shut because for one they can cuss at him if they want. She probably said something nasty to them and they told her to F off and off it went.For a man who wants to "whitenight" remember you can do that, but your going to pay for it. And for the woman who thinks it's okay to stir up trouble, look where it got you. Your husband career cut short and his income also and the possibility that he could have been arrested for trying to assault that man. Anger issues can be a shared sickness.

  2. Another angry black woman, no surprise here, folks! Tossing ghetto-trash out of the NFL, and out of your life is always a blessing:) Love Kim and Kroy, their whole family are happy and healthy, I am happy for them:) Kroy, you are a real man, and and excellent Father to the girls, they deserved YOU!

  3. So basically all The RHONJ have filed for bankruptcy and all The RHOA have police records. That's why I like The RHOBH where they are just drug addled wannabe's. NJB

  4. Your a racist! What is your slur for angry white folks?

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