How did Kendra Davis Become Kim Zolciak’s Landlady?

Okay, so I really have no idea how Kim Zolciak came to know Kendra and/or Antonio Davis. They probably met at a book club or church social, you know, the usual places where a former stripper and a former athlete intersect.  I did find lots of interesting reads while double checking my research for the Kendra article though, so I will share one or two of them with you here just for humor’s sake. Because fifty million dollar lawsuits involving strippers and professional athlete’s reputations are always funny.

From a 2001 Time magazine article about the infamous Atlanta strip club, The Gold Club:

Two athletes challenge the veracity of Ziggy’s testimony. Ziggy told the jury that in 1997, the Indiana Pacers stayed at the Swissotel in Atlanta. He says he and Kaplan took three entertainers — Yolanda, Kat, and Nikko — to the hotel. At Kaplan’s direction, Ziggy knocked on doors and asked players if they wanted the women to come in. Mark Jackson said, “No, thank you. I’m married,” Ziggy recalls. But he claims Reggie Miller took Nikko into his room and Antonio Davis requested two women. Both Miller and Davis deny this. A team spokesman says the team didn’t even stay at Swissotel in 1997, but a Swissotel spokeswoman found no hotel records to support either claim. “No one really seems to know,” the hotel spokeswoman says.

Antonio Davis, now a forward on the Toronto Raptors, does not deny that he once went to the Gold Club. But it was too loud, too dark and too packed. He says he left. “All these allegations are false. I love my wife dearly and it’s very hurtful for her,” Davis told TIME. “I’ve understood kids are looking up to me.” When the father of six-year-old twins heard the allegations, he called his mother, mother-in-law and his lawyer, then, on Wednesday, filed a $50 million lawsuit against Cicignano. Still, he worries that his name will be tarnished.

Okay, okay so Kim allegedly worked at the Cheetah , not the Gold Club. Word on the street is her stripper name was Barbi, not Kat. But am I the only one that remembers when Kim spelled cat K-A-T?
Coincidence? Probably, but still fun to talk about. :)


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6 responses to “How did Kendra Davis Become Kim Zolciak’s Landlady?

  1. Ivy

    This is my first time hearing that she admitted to working as a cocktail waitress at the Cheetah. Yup, she was a stripper, alright lol.

  2. It was her, I believe you. I remember also when Kim did the KAT thing for cat. Also many girls just don't stay at one strip club they work the circuit. And to be honest with you Antonio could have easily have been one of Kims "friends" that she have (Like the rich guy in Miami last season).I've said this before and I will say it again, I truly think that Kim was a very very UTR (under the radar) escort and she went this route when she found out she could make more money via contacts from her stripping days and other people.

  3. ANON– 7:51I think your right about the UTR ESCORT… how else did she provide for herself & kids when big papa wasn't around, takes a lot of $ to live & look that trashy… plus, how else could she afford a new wig to throw away every day back then… wonder if the girls will grow up & write a tell all book… I'm sure we would all read that one…

  4. I feel like such an idiot. The escort angle…never thought about it, but it makes perfect sense. WD

  5. Kim's ex-husband's husband's father was a Multimillionaire supposedly. Alimony and opening her legs up for the right people probably helped her bank account, too. Those girls will never write a tell all book, Kim is raising them to be just like her. Although Ariana seems to have a better head on her shoulders at such a young age. Kim is a very clever girl, the way she said on RHoATL that you don't build a marriage on another man's ring whatnot. I wonder though. What did she do with Big Papa's ring?

  6. Don't hate da player or hate da game. If I could pimp my penis I would. Have you all heard of c.r.e.a.m.? If cash rules everything around me, then I should do whatever is necessary to get as much as I humanly can. People who are not afraid of the consequences will be the same ones taking penitentiary chances. Nothing is illegal so long as it is not caught. The last thing is, if you can live with yourself and the harm you may do to others, then do not look for sympathy if you or your loved ones suffer or have a malicious act come down upon them. "You reap what you sew" !!!!

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