Florida Hopes You Have Forgotten All About The Whole Chris Brown Incident

Did anyone really expect Chris Brown to get arrested for grabbing a girl’s iPhone out of her hand and riding off with it? Really? I mean come on. We are talking about a state that can’t hold a proper election, or convict baby killers of anything more serious than lying.

What they are really good at in Florida is finger pointing, and that is exactly what is going on now. According to the Miami Herald, a high-ranking member of the State Attorney’s offices said,”Why didn’t the police grow a pair and arrest him when the complaint was drawn? That’s how you do it.” The State’s Attorney’s office seems to be implying that the MBPD was intimidated by Brown’s celebrity status. The MBPD has a different opinion.

So what’s going on now? Hit the link to find the tea.

The MBPD source says “We knew Chris Brown was about to leave town so we went to the State Attorney’s Office and asked for a warrant. They didn’t want to give us one because they claim there was a lot of work left.”  A lot of work left? What the hell does that even mean?

On the record, spokesman Ed Griffith said the fact that the MBPD asked for an arrest warrant caused a new investigation to occur at the state level. State bureaucracy is even slower than local police bureaucracy so even if anything happens, it’s going to be a while. Griffith told the Miami Herald, “Police have the power to make an arrest at the scene when they have probable cause, but once they come to us, it brings a whole different approach. We’re re-interviewing every witness. This is not because Chris Brown’s famous. It’s about handling every case equitably.” By “equitably” it looks like they mean tying it up in red tape and hoping the whole thing eventually blows over.Prosecutors have allegedly requested security camera footage of Brown at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach as well as security footage from the Mandarin Oriental downtown Miami where some of his companions that were present for the incident were staying. Despite Internet rumors to the contrary, there is no indication that Chris Brown has been asked to be interviewed by police at this time. Don’t hold you breath for this “investigation” to result in any sort of legal action. It’s Florida y’all. Did the chick even get her phone back?


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4 responses to “Florida Hopes You Have Forgotten All About The Whole Chris Brown Incident

  1. Drugs, gang violence, murder, ect. this is ridiculous that this much time and money has been wasted over a phone. Its because he's a celebrity which makes it a big deal. If my phone was stolen I would make a claim and get a new one. On to the next!

  2. Hey Tamara don't you be talking about Florida! But I must admit your right! I love Florida but they are not the sharpest tools in the shed. I didn't understand if it was that big of a deal why the police did not investigate and make arrest than, plus. But just to put it out there the boy needs Jesus! Calling women bitches and such.

  3. eg

    Hey Tamara! Happy Sunday to you! Is it ok to comment on here about the R.Limbaugh mess? If it is, tell me, do you remember the story,cartoon,movie "Animal Farm"? If you do, do you see any resemblance of this man to that large pig (hog) who was so mean and was the "general"? I know this is off topic of the RH,but I was just curious if anyone else noticed this.

  4. I haven't been paying the slightest bit of attention to Rush Limbaugh. Sorry.

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