What’s Wrong With This Picture? Nene Version

Fantasia has a boyfriend that looks like Nene Leakes?

Oh Lawd, I hear the Nene fans coming to insult me now… /giggle. Imma go ahead and tag Kim in this post since it is about to be all about her. And me. :)  Oh and PS I don’t have a whole post to make about this but this is at an event in Charlotte for CIAA (it’s a college basketball thing). Sheree was supposed to go but tweeted this morning, “I want to apologize personally to all my followers and supporters for not being in attendance to the CIAA Event, due to the fact the promoter did not fulfill his contractual agreement. I sincerely apologize for any inconveniences it may have caused.”  How did Sheree managed to screw this up? Everybody else on the ticket managed to show up… SMH  There were TONS of events in Charlotte for this so Sheree might not have been invited to the same one as Sheree. Or maybe they were way back when and Nene decided she didn’t want to do it with her and they kept the bigger star?  Who knows. Okay, on with the game!


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9 responses to “What’s Wrong With This Picture? Nene Version

  1. She got on a black jumpsuit with a random cut out in the middle. A black VELVET jumpsuit at that. I cant even know what to say. I aint even gonna get in on Nathan…I meant NeNe. I seriously cannot. Her face looks nice….yeah

  2. Supposedly this is a "white party". As in wear white, and all the furnishing were white etc. But it was a college type party. I dunno there is no explanation. The other pics of Fanny have her inner side boob on full display #pancakes

  3. Ivy

    Fantasia: "Oh shit, she's gonna kiss me. Oh shit, she's going for the ear…"

  4. It looks like she is talking to someone over Fantasia's shoulder to me…What's the problem?

  5. Pam

    Fantasia needs a stylist, STAT.

  6. If you can enlarge the picture you will see the "boyfriend" has a well developed breast.

  7. Enlarge the picture and take a look at the girl between NeNe and Fantasia….THAT'S an intense look she's giving NeNe!

  8. Fantasia definitely needs a Stylist but once again Nene seems not to be as "liked" as she believes she is…the lady in the background really does seem like she's givin' NeNe a very intense look but Fantasia hasn't learned to play the game yet. Doesn't Fannie know: Your face should never show just how caught off guard or truly uncomfortable you are by some other "celeb" acting as if y'all our BFF's, lol.

  9. Nene looks so thin next to Fannie!

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