Shahs of Sunset: Meet Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi

Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi is the youngest member of the Shahs of Sunset cast. Everybody knows the baby of the family is the favorite child. Did I mention I am the youngest of five? My older siblings are much older so I understand always being the baby sister no matter how old I get. So it is with GG. Her castmates are older and out in the world hustling to build their fortunes. GG is still enjoying her twenties and discovering who she is and where she wants to go in the world. She’s young, she’s pretty and she says what she thinks without worrying about filtering her thoughts. When you are the youngest member of the family, you learn quickly to speak up, loudly when necessary, to make sure your voice is heard. And sometimes, the older siblings can get a bit jealous watching you still reveling in your youth while they spend their days grinding out a living. When you are the youngest, and Daddy’s little Persian Princess, there is no rush to grow up you have the whole rest of your life to be old, boring and tied to your job.

I recently got the chance to talk to GG and asked her some questions about everything from her love life to that comment about hating ugly people and ants that seemed to upset some of you. Click through for all the tea.

TT: What is the typical day like in the life of GG?

GG: A typical day for me is to wake up whenever my eyes choose to open… unless I have business to attend, therefore causing me to be at the location on time. I normally go shopping. I go to lunch or make dinner plans with a friend. I like to take things easy and enjoy life.

Recently, Reza posted an interesting picture on twitter that I used in my What is Wrong With This Picture? Game.   GG responded in the comments section  saying, “OMG! That’s my tongue and my knife Goldie! MJ and I were being silly between filming scenes.”  So, I asked Asa about her knife collection and those previews of her at the shooting range.

TT: I’m from Georgia so we are used to seeing girls at the shooting range. How long have you been shooting? Also, tell us about “Goldie”!

GG: I have been shooting guns from a very young age. Growing up, my parents owned a very large ranch which we would visit on long weekends and holidays. So I must have been around 6 or 7 years old when I shot my first gun. I was taught to shoot rifles and shot guns so I didn’t really learn to handle a hand gun until I was in my teens. As an adult I began going to the shooting range. I used to go much more often than I have in the last 5 years or so.

Goldie is one of my favorite knives. I’ve collected knives for many many years. Goldie is black and gold (my favorite colors) and she was  the first knife that would sleep with me by my side (night stand). I now sleep with 3 by my side… Goldie, Black Mamba and Africa (Africa is my machete).
TT:Has being on the show increased the number of men pursuing you? What qualities do you look for in a man?

GG: I want a man that exudes confidence and is not afraid of being a clown because of his confidence. Education means a lot to me. Education doesn’t only come from school… It can be through traveling, reading, or simply experiencing life. But to always have insight in your life’s experiences. I love a man who can make me laugh and is not intimidated by me. I love guys with tattoos (lots of tattoos)!!!

TT: In the show’s teaser you say you don’t like ugly people or ants. What did ants ever do to you? What makes a person ‘ugly’ in your eyes?

GG: I love all species. I grew up only reading books about animals!!! But it’s something about ants that makes me nervous. If it’s a trail of ants I’m ok because I can see their movements and it is quite calculated. It’s just when there’s one or two and they are crawling around not knowing which direction to take (like potheads, lol) that it freaks me out!!! I can’t help it… I’m a control freak.
I have never used the word “ugly” to describe someone’s physical appearance. Seems like it’s easy for people to hear that comment and just assume that I’m a stuck up girl that’s obsessed with looks. But an “ugly” person to me is one that is mean, cruel, heartless, etc. I have been told by many people that I live on another planet because I always pull the positive out of things. I don’t like to focus on anything that doesn’t make people smile. So if someone is negative and robs people of their smiles… then they are an “ugly” person!!!

TT: Who is the person on the show that you have the closest bond with? Will we see everyone getting along or do you guys fight like a big family?

GG: We all definitely fight like a big family. Of course some of us more than others. You’ll have to watch and see how juicy it gets.

TT: In your Bravo bio it says that you are financially dependent on your father. Also in one of the previews for the show, you and Asa exchange some words about that. How do you react when people use your family’s wealth against you like that?

GG: I am very blessed to have parents that have provided for me all my life. I honor my family and give them so much credit for everything they have done for me. I would never put someone else down for being less fortunate so I don’t know why I get targeted for what I do have. I was raised knowing that there are always people who need things more than me and for that, I should always be grateful. I have learned that it is my duty to always give back to those in need. So we have many children around the world that we sponsor and help. So it pisses me off a great deal when people target me by bringing up financial status.

TT: What do you hope America comes away with after seeing Shahs of Sunset? Is there a message you want to get out?
GG: All I ask from our viewers is to simply watch the show and I hope for them to be entertained. We are such a dynamic group of friends that I’m sure any viewer will connect with at least one of us cast members. It’s not about being Persian, or rich, or whatever else they put labels on about us… We’re just a group of friends that have lots of fun enjoying our lives and we’re glad people get to watch and be entertained as well.

To read about other cast members on Shahs of Sunset, my post about Asa Soltan Rahmati is here, Mike Shouhed can be read here, my post about Mecedeh Javid can be read here, my post about Sammy Younai can be read here. and my post about Reza Farahan can be read here. Shahs of Sunset premieres Sunday, March 11th on Bravo.


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30 responses to “Shahs of Sunset: Meet Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi

  1. I'm curious if Golnesa and Mercedeh really go by their initials in their everyday life or if it's done on the show to help the American audience relate to them better. :-/

  2. Oh that's a great question… I actually do go by GG. I love the attention that my first and last name attracts, but nicknames are always fun as well. And my niece only refers to me as GG.

  3. GG says that she is 100% financially dependent on her father, but I recently read an article that she owns a hair extension company?? Does she work at all? I am confused???

  4. No, I have been friends with Golnesa for quite some time. She is solely dependent on her father.. she sometimes tries little business ventures here and there. But for the most part, she doesn't work. And, I personally call her Golnesa; depending on the person… or sometimes I call her G. It depends on the person I guess. She's awesome though!

  5. I don't know if you are really that good of friends with her but I too recently read an article talking about her new partnership and business venture as well. Its called GG's Extensions. I saw the website and her picture is as clear as day on the website. Maybe you should check your facts!

  6. I went to school with her!

  7. Went to high school with Golnesa and she looks as young and beautiful as she did then. :)

  8. I probably would have given GG a chance, but if she could be so MINDLESS to say she does not like UGLY people of all the things in the world, she could hate. Well on that note I think she is actually the ugliest of the whole Shah's clan…………Bcareful what you say about people ms GG. U have a superficial mind.

  9. GG has a very nasty attitude and she thinks this is going to make her the most likable on the showe well she is so ugly and loud and showie I am very dissapointed to learn that she is that way.the show would be better off without her and it's only the first episode…..I hope no UGLY people watch the show.

  10. she needs to do someting about her mouth…looks like she has a major underbite…she of all people should not talk about ugly

  11. I SWEAR she's indian, Iranians are beautiful, I'm hot as hell, and i hate indian girls, something in this girl… i don't know if its her skin color, or her mouth, or her eyes, something in her in indian… i bet her mom is either full indian or half.

  12. no doubt GG is beautiful, however, the more we see that nasty tude of hers and the nasty talk about others she will be one of the things she hates the most;UGLY!

  13. Don't know what it is about train wrecks, however while you should turn away, you inevitably cannot.It's sad, and unfortunate, however the first word that might come to mind concerning GG is "bitch". Unfortunately, the word that came to me was "cunt"…Sorry GG, gotta keep it real.

  14. are you seriously saying that all indian girls are ugly? wow…and yeah all persians are beautiful? woowwww. okay.

  15. what does GG father do to support her lifestyle?

  16. It annoyed me when GG attacked Asa at dinner during one of the first episodes. GG was offended at the mere mention of H&M and how there is no way her dress was that store. Asa said something along the lines of, "at least I don't live on my daddy's bankroll!" Well, why did GG thow the attention off of her for that TRUE comment by telling Asa not to talk about her father? Excuse me? Who is talking about your father — this conversation is about you and your bragging about clothes you haven't bought yourself!

  17. To whom it may concern: for you to say you are hot and that Indian Girls are Ugly, "you are a living ghost no one will ever know in a million years to come,get your Facts correct the world don't even known of 1 Iranians Actress- maybe if you are so hot you can try to be one..You can't stand the facts that GG is very very hot..

  18. I love to watch gorgeous GG and the gay guy. They are very real.

  19. Terri

    I love your hair style and color. It looks amazing. Would you share the color and style you like.
    Your 1# fan

  20. michelle

    GG is beautiful no matter what her heritage. She has a bad temper and comes off like a spoiled brat but she’s young give her a break people! Personalities mellow with life experience. I look forward to the new season I love Asa, my personal fave.

  21. elftails

    I just saw an episode where GG says she doesn’t work or bring in money, doesn’t the program Shah’s of Sunset pay her??? Thank you so much…

  22. mb

    She can say what ever she wants. Have you people seen how hot this girl is?

  23. bsbfankaren

    Interesting comments here to be sure. I worry about GG’s alcoholism and half expected her to quote Kesha and say “Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack”, although in GG’s case I suppose it would be Maker’s Mark. LOL!

  24. Shawn

    Honestly…I believe that GG set Mike up in Turkey. He may had played his roll in wrong doing but it seems that GG was so disturbed and bothered by the fact that Mike’s then girlfriend Jessica posted a comment saying that GG was ugly and that Mike would never hook up with her that she went the extra mile to have someone secretly video tape them going into Mike’s hotel room.
    GG was just as guilty because she could had stopped Mike’s advances instead of laughing and enjoying the fact that he pulled on her thong long before being asked to come to his hotel room. GG is a snake. She can’t be trusted and let’s be honest she looks terrible in the face without makeup. She set Mike up because the truth hurt…she’s ugly.

  25. Shawn

    Reza was wrong for what he did to Adam. If there were problems with intimacy then why did he propose marriage to Adam in the first place? Reza never once said that he and Adam started off their relationship with intimacy issues from the beginning and he also stated on the show that the intimacy level was the same when he met Adam, so at what point was a different level of intimacy required to get married? Why did it become so relevant all of the sudden? How can you demand something that was not there from the beginning as a requirement for marriage? Jessica was right about Reza when she said he is not a good person. During season 1 reunion Reza showed his true colors when he insulted Mike about his finances. No true friend would feel the need to insult another about where and how much they pay for their car….not even to make a point. Reza throws his money around to gain or keep so called friends so instead of insulting Mike about his finances it would be wise to take a good look at himself because your networth don’t make you a decent or loving person.

  26. Shawn

    Thanks a lot Shahs of Sunset for proving that Persians are no different from any other human being. The chosen cast shows lack of class….friendship….loyalty and the ability to be civilized individuals. It is unreal to see a group of so called friends so divided without them even knowing it. Like every other reality show all of the so called friends at the drop of a dime will turn vicious toward the same people that they call a friend or family. They are willing to expose so much and hit below the belt for a check and some airtime.

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