New Cast of Real Housewives of Miami Season Two

Last night Bravo cameras were rolling at the Venue Magazine Cover party.  In addition to returning cast members  Marysol Patton, Lea Black, and Adriana de Moura,  two new cast members and one new suspect who may be a third new member of the show made very public appearances.  She seems to be with the others all the time lately. Want to know who she is and where she is hanging out as well as where filming is happening?

At the party last night, Marysol, Lea and Adriana were joined by  Joanna Krupa, Lisa Hochstein, and Anna Quincoces.  Joanna and Lisa have been widely rumored to be regulars on the show. Anna Quincoces is at the very least a “friend of the housewives” as this is not the first time she has been filmed with the for the show.  It is starting to look like she may be more than that.

Joanna Krupa is a swimsuit model who has quite the following on the Internet. She appeared on Dancing With The Stars in 2009 and was partnered with Derek Hough. Joanna played the Tyra Banks role on Poland’s version of America’s Next Top Model. She is no stranger to reality television. She even has a special “members only” portion of her website that has some form of live interaction. Make of that what you will. Here is an excerpt from her website.

Polish born Joanna Krupa is a true self-made sensation who knew early on that she was destined to work in the fashion world and show biz… She also knew that she wanted to be a role model – not just a star. Born in Warsaw and raised in Chicago (with a strong will and little tolerance for the word “No”), she convinced her mother to move with her and sister Marta to LA in order to pursue modeling and acting …Scandal free and with nothing but hard work and a positive spirit she made it to become one of the world’s most requested models.

Lisa Hochstein, who has been rumored to be on the show for quite some time now, was also filming last night. Lisa has been in Playboy Magazine a few times and is married to a plastic surgeon. She has clearly been through quite a few procedures already. There really isn’t that much more to say about her other than I don’t see her being best friends with Joanna. In fact, for every hour she spends with Joanna, I expect her to spend an additional hour in her husband’s office.

All the housewives and their husbands were at the South Beach Food and Wine Event along with the Bravo camera crew, perhaps to support another member of their group, Ana Quincoces. Anna also works as a contributing editor at Venue Magazine where Alexia Echevarria (from season one) is the Editor. (Alexia will have a recurring role this season due to the health concerns of her son, Frankie.) Anna is a chef and cookbook author who contributes articles to numerous magazines and has appeared on CNN in cooking segments. Her biohas this to say about her.

Voted Miami’s “hottest chef” by Eater magazine in 2011, Ana Quincoces grew up in a Cuban household in sunny Miami, Florida, where she was her mother’s apprentice in the kitchen and discovered her passion for the art of cooking. Like many young Cuban girls, Ana was given a well-known Cuban cookbook as a gift by her mother. While she cooked from the book regularly, she always found it difficult and not user friendly. As the time approached for Ana to teach her own daughters the way around a Cuban kitchen, she looked in vain to find an authentic Cuban cookbook that would appeal to a younger generation, so she decided to write it herself.

In season one, Anna appeared on the show to give the girls a cooking lesson. At the SOBE Food and Wine event in 2011, she told Zagat, “Basically, I taught women who don’t eat how to cook Cuban food. But it was fun, I enjoyed it.” Does that mean the cookbook author is interested in her own reality show? “No! No reality show for me. I’d love to do a cooking show, sure, but my reality is not that interesting!”  Well it is at least interesting enough to get her on a couple of episodes. It’s a year later and she may have had a change in circumstances. She seems to be spending a lot of time with the group lately and tonight they are headed off to the Miami Film Festival.  Ana seems very close with Marisol in particular. Perhaps with the addition of not one but two girls who specialize in having their pictures made with little to no clothing on, Bravo is looking to bring in Ana as someone who is sexy and has some other redeeming qualities as well

Meanwhile, the housewives seemed to enjoy one of the last events of SoBe Food and Wine 2012, the very popular Swine and Wine Event. At each booth at the event at at least one if not more whole roasted pigs were staring up at the housewives from the chopping block as they looked over the optionsBravo needs to remember, if they are going to get Real Housewives of Miami right this time, that we need a storyline. RHOM is a show watched mostly by older women and gays. Neither of those demographics is interested in watching two models compare their tan lines and boob jobs.  A spicy Cuban chef might help things along if and only if she comes with something that makes for an interesting story. Bravo has a habit of bringing people in Like Brandi and Pam on RHOBH and Marlo on RHOA to spice things up a bit.  Ana seems like she might have the spice that RHOM needs


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5 responses to “New Cast of Real Housewives of Miami Season Two

  1. RHM was so boring – not understanding the accents in the talking or fights didn't help. I'm sure others understood but for me – not so much. I'd prefer to see RHDC again.

  2. you realized you labelled the picture of joanna as lisa? it's pretty easy to tell them apart, what is wrong with the people who wrote this article?

  3. I have seen the ladies filming all around town. If they are planning to spice it up I hope its by means of the young Colombian one who is a dentist. It will be refershing to see a hot Latina with a real profession do her thing. From what I know she used to be in "novelas" and is currently on Spanish TV. Joanna is gorgeous. The rest seeem (sigh) boring. Marysol? Mama Elsa again??? Ugh.

  4. Ana Quincones not to pretty in person and when she talks…not to smart. Good chef do!

    • I’ll take that under advisement coming from someone as articulate as you. Are you a chef and a lawyer and bilingual (at the very least) and a author and… well I should stop now before I embarrass you. Clearly English is perhaps your third or fourth language.

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