The Realhouses of Vancouver Could Be Mobwives of Vancouver!

One of my super nice Canookian friends who is in the know in Vancouver just gave me some really great tea about the husband of Reiko MacKenzie on Real Housewives of Vancouver that is the buzz of the watercooler this morning.  It seems her husband Sunny used to use the name Sunny Lal when he was a GANG MEMBER in Vancouver!  Click on through for all the tea on the salacious MURDER trial that was the talk of Vancouver! Who knew they had mobsters in Canada? You are going to need to fill your glasses up before you sit with this one. But it’s SO GOOD!

Reiko’s husband is Sunny MacKenzie, aka Sun MacKenzie, aka Sun News MacKenzie aka Sun News Lal. He was Sun News Lal before he changed his name to Sunny Mackenzie after the trial. Always keep your eye on the cast member with the name change if you want the dirt, I say! In 1994 there was a mob style murder of Jim and Ron Dosanjh as part of some sort of mobster turf war. The crime boss of Sunny’s mob was Bindy Johal.  Sunny and Bindy along with  Peter Gill and three other mobster types were put on trial for double murder.  Bindy was an Indo-Canadian who was born in India. When he moved to Vancouver he established a new branch of the Indo-Canadian Mafia. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP! Bindy (isn’t that the name of the dead crocodile hunter’s kid?) and his mob spent their time honing their skills in such things as slinging drugs, a stolen car chop shop, fraud, contract murder, money laundering, extortion and racketeering. Their skills became so good that they made millions of dollars. I wonder if they squandered it all on Birkin bags?
So it seems that the original gangstas of the Indo-Canadian mobsters (this just makes me giggle. Canadian mobsters?)  were Jimmy and Ron Dosanjh.  It is alleged that Peter Gill (who I think was Bindy’s brother-in-law) gave the order for Jimmy to be offed in February of 1994 and then Ron in April of the same year for good measure. So that is how Sunny, Bindy, Peter Gill and the other thugs got accused of double murder.  The trial started in February of 1995 and last eight months making it one of the longest, most expensive and complex trials in British Colombian history.
Why do I keep mentioning Peter Gill? Well,  Peter was pinned for giving the mob the hit order on the two dead guys. Apparently Peter is also quite the looker because DURING THE TRIAL Juror One, aka Gillian Guess got the hots for Peter. She would stare at him through the whole trial with that thirsty look. You know what I mean. Peter got the message . One day, since THE JURY WAS NOT SEQUESTERED,  Peter sees Gillian at McDonalds and tells her he is a really swell guy and that he didn’t do anything. She was like, “okay let’s have sex and even makeout in public where people can see us.” So they screwed through the whole trial!!! Of course Gillian put the smack down on the jurors, and being the nice Canookians that they were they acquitted everyone even though Peter wanted them to convict two of his partners. So Real Husband Sunny Mackenzie got off on the murder thing but was convicted of having an illegal gun. Meanwhile Peter and Gillian kept up their relationship right out in public. Until one night a cop saw the two dirty dancing in some nightclub. They eventually threw Gillian in the hoosegow for 18 months. She told BC Report Magazine after her 1998 conviction, “After eight months even the trial judge started looking good. It didn’t matter if I had sex with all the accused and everyone in the public gallery.” Gillian loved the media attention and continued to claim she did nothing wrong. The obvious movie was made in 2004.

So Sunny got off on a gun possession, changed his named and married Reiko and they lived happily ever after.  Well except that in 1998, the same year his appeal was denied, his half-brother was killed by a gunshot to the head and his parents barely survived after his father was shot in the chest and the mother was shot in the leg. Oh and during that same year, Bindy got whacked in a nightclub in Vancouver. So, yeah, that wasn’t a very good year. But now he is married to a housewife and has two kids and collects fancy cars including a 2007 Bentley Continental Flying Spur, Ferrari F430 Spider, Lamborghini Murcielago and 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia. It’s like Hermes bags for men I guess.  Same concept. Frontin’.

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48 responses to “The Realhouses of Vancouver Could Be Mobwives of Vancouver!

  1. i've met this family before and although suspicious at first, i did not imagine them to be associated with this. they are to be honest, nice lol

  2. Trashy. but it's white trashy…right up "Tamara's" ally.

  3. I really want to see the Vancouver version of the housewives, it looks to be good.

  4. 6:11 pm "Anonymous" – What do you mean by your Tamara's ally comment?

  5. Why isn't this going to air here in the US?

  6. Because, for reasons I'll never understand, US cable companies almost never carry other countries channels. Out BBC and channels like that are NOT the real BBC the are BS stations for Americans. That said, Canada carries US channels why can't we add some of theirs (like Slice) to our cable lineups?

  7. You can watch it on line if you get a Canadian IP. IS Bravo apart of this franchise if not they is straight up copying?

  8. Another member of the same group that was on trial for the Dosanjh murders was Phil Kim. He is currently married to Grace Park from the new Hawaii 5'O and Battlestar Gallactica TV series'Goes to show how crime and murder can benefit in fancy cars and trophy wives!

  9. Bravo has franchised Housewives to several countries,Greece,Canada,France, etc. Every Bravo series even the US ones use different production companies so it is pretty much just the same as any US city version.

  10. WOW! That is interesting about the Grace Park's husband. Thanks!

  11. We're not Canooks. We're Canucks.

  12. why do comments call this white trashy when neither Mr. Mackenzie nor Mrs. Mackenzie are white?

  13. A small segment of my commenters (Nene fans) ten to make wild generalizations about people's race. They also use the term"white" to be derogatory. Isn't that just precious? :)

  14. It's Gillia/n/ Guess for the record. Have you ever met anyone named Gilliam?

  15. Thanks! I fixed it. That changes EVERYTHING!

  16. i think if your laughing over the idea of canadian mobsters, youve either never been here, or you've never been here cuz ill tell you hunnie, you go walking down Kingsway Ave on the Vancouver/Burnaby border, or (haha) go for a stroll dowm east hastings, and if you even make it back to the safe world of your blogging, I garuntee 100% that you wont ever laugh about that again. I remember the murders and they were horrible and traumatizing, in no way shape or form were they funny. It happens all the time there, get off your goddamned computer and turn the news on sweetheart, you sound very ignorant.

  17. I guess the Canookians I know are just nicer, better educated and live in better neighborhoods than you. Sorry.

  18. Bragging about gangstaz and your crappy eastside just makes you look weak.

  19. We're on the west coast dumb ass!!! And come talk shyt about us anywhere in Vancouver and you'll get ur ass kicked by whoever hears it, doesn't have to be a gangster, that's how we roll, beeeooottcchh!!

  20. Tamara, I understand that you find the Canadian "mob" business funny. This brings out the irony of Vancouver. East Vancouver has the poorest postal code of Canada. To top it off, most of the drugs in North America are coming from Vancouver. So yeah, the glamorous city has its dark sides. Cheerios

  21. To clarify (the obvious) I don't find murders and drug trafficing amusing. It's just that I've found my Canookian friends to be extremely kind and gentle folk. Especially one of my favorite Canookians in Vancouver. Despite having visited friends in Canookia I still playfully imply that they live i igloos and sing Kumbayah all day long. I tease. :) I do find the thought of mobsters and thugs in Canada so counter to may happy little view as to be funny. The fact that Canookia has MOBSTER FANS who come to blogs to thug out and represent like Nene fans has me absolutely hysterical. It's the best thing that has ever happened on this blog.

  22. Why do you think its so amusing that Canada has gangsters or mobsters? Very ignorant, pick up a paper and read once in a while or take a trip out of your little bubble in the OC.. And really why the need to gossip and talk about peoples past? At least her husband didnt call her a fucking idiot on TV for everyone to see.. Even I was embarassed for you..

  23. And please stop saying Canookians? WTF is that? Its Canucks or Canadians? WOW..

  24. For those of you who are confused by the Mobster fan, apparently this Canookian thinks I am Tamara from the RHOC. GOD I love these comments.

  25. OMG!! Tamra! I'm loving your Canookian troll fan!! LOL!! It thinks you are Tam tam from OC!! lmaoooooo

  26. "Pick upa paper" Ha! We don't even get much news from the West coast of the US much less North of the border.


  28. Well, hopefully the show will give your crime families the prestige they deserve. Perhaps you could make some banners for your Hells Angels to help generate publicity?

  29. Omg tamara get off your high horse, you obviously have no respect for Canada when in fact our country has saved america so many times. And just to get it through your head for a 500th time its not canook its canuck!!!! Its actually scary how many mobs, gangsters and crime families there are ALL over Canada. Especially in vancouver. Do your research before you start laughing at a country that is FAR superior than yours!

  30. I'm sorry you're scared my little Canookian neighbor to the north. I suspected it all along. There, there dear it will be okay. I'm sure mommy and daddy won't let the bad people get you. Now go to sleep so the Easter Bunny can come. I'm no positive, but I imagine there is a Canookian Easter Bunny…

  31. The name Canookian is never going to be as popular of a nickname a the nickname the the rest of the world has given Americans, Idiots.

  32. tamara , bindy johal shot up the east end chapter of hells angels he wa sonly 26 had about 21 murders in his books….the hells angels in bc are all loosers there either 60 years or old or the young one think there gangster and weight 100 pounds wett all the other guys hate the hells angels there loosers . but bindy didnt care he even put ahit out on a police officers life and fmaily and got aquitted ….. her husband sun is a ex junkie i knew him

  33. Tamara, I'm not confused in the least about your identity. I clearly recall the day your thoughtless comments at Lynn Hudson's blog caused many posters to turn on you and run you off the site. You made a complete fool of yourself that day and apparently you learned nothing from that experience because you're still at it, aren't you?For your information Atlanta is not the only city with gangsters. It's a worldwide phenomenon my dear and there is absolutely nothing funny about the havoc they wreak in society. It would behoove you to perhaps read a newspaper every now and again, or maybe even a book. Maybe if you did that you wouldn't come across as quite so profoundly ignorant. I'm sorry to be so harsh but you really do deserve it.Your Canadian friends may not be offended by your calling them Canookian, an appellation I've never heard before, but I am and I know I'm not alone in this.When you showed up at Lynn's blog you were embraced and supported in your endeavor but within a few short days you'd alienated everyone there. How do you expect to grow your blog if you continually alienate would be followers?

  34. OH! You're LynnDavidian AND Canookian. That explains everything. Please fuck off. LynnDavidians are not welcome here.

  35. Well everyone knows, Canadians are just wanna be Americans. NJB

  36. Tamara, where are you from? Read the news, there are a lot of gangs in Vancouver… Let's talk about current ones, not ones from 15 years ago we all know about.

  37. Anonymous, Canadians do not want to be American :) – We like our neighbours, but you are no longer the land of the free. We are buying all your houses though, they are so cheap!!

  38. Apparently Canada has Mafia but not Google. Type Canookian into a search engine and see ho many hits you get. Google found 55,000 in .19 seconds.

  39. Canookian: An American who goes to school in Canada, but then returns to the United States as an adult. Angie, I hope your dental work went well.

  40. So far so good, though a hammer and chisel were used at one

  41. See, we are good neighbours (neighbors – see i'll even spell it the american way) that can poke jokes at one another ;-)Have a great weekend Angie

  42. Hey, I'm Canadian and I don't mind this blogger's use of Canookian or anything like that.But that's because I don't really take things to seriously from MMMUUHHHRICANS. Durrrrrr, I'mna MMMUUHHHRICAN durrrrrr…I'm surprised y'all can read and write, tee hee!

  43. Hey!! Im super excited about RHOV and I love all the RH!! Im from Canada and its true, there is ALOT of crime here. Many gangs are immigrants…. Lots of indo Canadian gangs and asian gangs. Lots of east indians and arabs in general. Edmonton has a huge arab gang problem. Then there are the "Native american" gangs but most of them are too drunk or high to do anything substantial. Im from manitoba and we have ALOT of crime.Also its funny to see an asian with an indo canadian because there is way more interracial dating here in my opinion compared to the states, and way MORE BROWN GUYS. Lol with the brown population in vancouver i thougt the whole cast was going to be brown,e showAnyways, love the show and SUPER impressed u discovered this information, not surprised either. Reiko doesnt suit sunny, honestly looks like a mairrageof convenience, not a love mairrage, he seems heartless and rough not to mention ugly…no offence

  44. Jeez, Tamara, was it your intention to rile up all of Canookistan?Strong work.

  45. Tamara is what all of the world thinks about americans, stupid. You are making your people look bad, badly repersenting.

  46. I don't believe he was bragging as much as stating a point. Americans especially are very ignorant about Canadians and think we are somehow behind the times or that everyone is friendly… Guess what we all got our own problems.. However at least our health care is free lol :-)

  47. I'll concede that in general Americans are ignornant about a lot of things. Especially when it comes to other countries, if you will concede that some of us aren't and enjoy poking fun at our Canookian friends. :) AND most of the ones I know are pretty nice people and have a sense of humor about being called America Junior, living in igloos and mocking their mobsters. :)

  48. I’m so damn happy that I decided to watch both seasons of RHOV just so that it would bring me to this thread. Funniest.shit.ever! And thank baby Jesus you got rid of “anonymous” commenters, but then again this thread is so damn funny, maybe not.

    I’ve spent time in Vancouver, as a child visiting my aunt and recently as well (winter Olympics were fun) so when I found out Vancouver had housewives I had to check it out. Watching it, I completely LONG for you to have blogged about it, that chick with the huge schnoze and her daughter are unreal, talk about a housewives villain.

    Anyways, I completely felt the same way when I drove up there once and my friends told me about the gangs and to not get lost, I thought it was a complete joke, but alas no. I think Canookians say “gang” and it’s a cross between organized crime and gangs like we think of. But maybe I’m wrong, all I know is I’d kill someone and their mother if meant they’d put a Tim Hortons in the States. No joke.

    P.S. I read that homeboy’s wife (mentioned above in the blog) flipped to the lady pool and divorced him for her girl friend. I believe it because the cars were actually her’s. Bought with his money I’m sure but she’s the one all into fast wheels after she took shop in high school and tricked out her Honda Civic, lol. And that…is why I love these damn shows, you never know wtf people you’re going to see.

    P.S.S. What would it take to get you to blog about Melbourne? You need more to do, right?

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