Nene Leakes and Kim K Hit STK Atlanta

I wasn’t even going to post this one. Last night while I am getting my Wednesday night TV on I suddenly got an inbox full of tips and sightings. The most pressing one was that John Cougar Mellencamp was having dinner with Meg Ryan at Tin Lizzys.  The big story about the fascinating double murder trial involving a Real Housewife of Vancouver’s husband, sex with a juror, and all sorts of murders and drama was going to take some work so I put that in my morning inbox. It’s up now and a very interesting  read if you are into true crime. And during all of this Kim K and Nene were tweeting about going out to dinner. As I told you the other day, Kim is in town filming Drop Dead Diva.  but none of y’all seemed to care about that until she went to dinner with Nene after she finished filming last night.  The whole meal was a huge publicity stunt that they both publicized and wanted you to know about. Amazingly Nene dressed way down despite knowing it was going to be a photo op. There were local bloggers/photographers there and the whole nine yards. I have no idea why these two were so intent on being seen together, but here is a picture. They went to a new fancy steak house in Atlanta with some of the best steaks in town. Both of them ordered tuna tartare.  SMH.


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7 responses to “Nene Leakes and Kim K Hit STK Atlanta

  1. You are a true hater, Kim Zolciak must have you on payroll. SWEEETTTIIEE number 2

  2. Yes, posting that Nene eats raw tuna at a steakhouse is just horrible. What on earth was I thinking? I should send her a formal apology for publicizing her very public dinner like that.

  3. Ivy

    Ninny went out with Kim K for PUBLICITY. Kim K went out with Ninny for PUBLICITY. Tamara just gave them both PUBLICITY. Furthermore, if Tamara hadn't covered this story I wouldn't even have HEARD about it (Thanks, Tamara!) Seriously, Anonymous, everything is bitch, bitch, bitch with you.

  4. Tamara is just a clueless big ol white girl.I love you though sister. What is funny though is how NeNe's appearance with Kim got more press than Kim's special or Sheree's boringness/singing on v-103 today.Poor tamara, all her faces are still background…just like she is

  5. Why you gotta be so mean to me? You know I just loves me some Kim. That's why I always blog about her so much! You wound me. Really! At least I have you, to make every post about Kim. So there IS that, bless your heart.

  6. This is probably the wrong post to ask this but when you say, "skip through the jump" wtf are you talking about lol?is there some way you can take off the security feature when leaving comments. Like if a person has a approved comment? Why does people have to pick on Tamra? If you do't like what she posts, THEN DON'T READ IT! There is millions and I mean that literally of blogs to read. A bunch of haters .

  7. Hah, you picked one of the few posts without a jump to ask in. When a blogger puts in a page break to make a blog two pages, it's called a jump. Like jumping to the next page. I should probably be saying something like click the link to read the rest. If you come from twitter, you see both page together so you will never see "the jump". Did that make sense?Sadly on blogger,the security features are necessary.Sorry.And thanks. My haters are my most frequent viewers responsible for LOTS of page views. They are actually good for business. SSHHH don't tell them. :)

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