John Mellencamp and Meg Ryan Back in Atlanta

Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp are back in Atlanta to prepare for Ghost Brothers of Darkland County. The two were spotted having dinner at Tin Lizzy’s Midtown after a long day at the nearby Alliance Theatre. Darkland County is a musical written by Stephen King with music by Mellencamp. It makes its world premiere at the Alliance in April. The pair was last in Atlanta in December for a two week actor’s workshop with the cast. Production and Rehearsals are underway in preparation for opening night.


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7 responses to “John Mellencamp and Meg Ryan Back in Atlanta

  1. Saw them. We were there. They took our table when we left….

  2. Somebody tweeted they talked to her on the elevator at Alliance. They said she was very, very nice.

  3. I dated her in Atlanta

  4. she ruined mellencamps family.

  5. Anonymous, please quit telling lies. Just ask his family. Plz get over his divorce. Both him and Elaine sure did.

  6. i agree that meg is a husband stealer, just like angelina ruined brad and jens marriage. these 2 have no integrity at all, they took what didnt belong to them and didnt think about others but their own selfishness. oh yeah angelina is an ambassador for the country and adopted foreign children, and yeah meg adopted a little girl from china. do these good deeds make up or cover up the wrongs that they did? i dont think so. the saddest part is brad and john were suckers and fell for these vamps

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