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New Video From Asa Soltan Rahmati

Check out Asa’s new video for Gold it’s BEAUTIFULLY done. Keep watching for a cameo appearance by Reza…I want that dress.


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Svedka Vodka Had a Party in LA with Lots of Reality Show Cast Members

The was a Svedka Vodka Bash last night called Night of a Billion Reality Stars, or something. I haven’t seen any particularly interesting pictures of the event. Pretty much all the RHOOC, and Kyle from RHOBH and Teresa from RHONJ and everyone from Shahs of Sunset and that guy who used to be married to Kate Gosselin and Maxim and Val from DWTS and a bunch of other people were there posing with cardboard cut outs of themselves and well, drinking vodka I guess. Macy Gray sang and the reality whores all took pictures of themselves and tweeted them. This was the first time Kyle and Teresa (pictured left) had met. It seems like everyone had a lot of fun. The reality personalities had to dress themselves and let’s just say this went more smoothly for some than others.  Reza Farahan was there looking fabulous as always.

Sorry, there is just not much to say. It was sort of reality overload on vodka. 


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Nene Leakes is Back in Atlanta After a Busy Trip to LA

Nene Leakes is back in Atlanta after a busy trip to LA to film Glee. Apparently, her dinners with Kim Kardashian in Atlanta lately, replete will photographers and bloggers, were apparently more than just a publicity grab. Nene was met with the Shoedazzle people on Wednesday to design her pair of shoes to be featured on Kim K’s Shoe Dazzle website. I imagine they will be very high heeled and flamboyant. After her meeting with the design team she took her scarf-wrapped head out to straight to the salon for some color. Thursday she was already on the set of  Ryan Murphy’s new pilot with her very blonde hair touched up. She met with her acting coach Wednesday morning to go over her lines.  After a dinner out with Ryan Murphy, who is clearly under Nene’s charms, she caught a red-eye back to the ATL. This concludes your Nene Leakes update. Will you be buying the pair of shoes Nene designs for Shoe Dazzle?

Clarification: Nene Leakes is not going into business with Kim Kardashian. She is not designing her own shoe line.  Shoe Dazzle is a website that sells a variety of shoes for $40 a pair. From time to time a celebrity designs a shoe to be sold on the website. The celebrity shoes are sold to benefit the charity of the celebrity’s choosing.  It’s one shoe design that will have her picture next to it and be sold for a charity.


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David Golshan: Background Character on Shahs of Sunset

I get a lot of interesting emails. In fact, I often think that blogging about my Tamara Tattles emails would be the most interesting thing I could blog about. However, if I did that the people that email these interesting emails would stop emailing me. But there is one I will share that came from a PR representative in LA asking if I would like a celebrity interview. The interview was for David Golshan of the Shahs of Sunset. The email came the Monday after the show premiered. As most of you have noticed/complained about, I went all in on my coverage of Shahs of Sunset and first started blogging about the show in November when it was first announced. I know pretty much everything about the Shahs of Sunset that is available to be known, and then some. Most of it I have posted about. /wink So how could it be that there was a someone I didn’t know?   And why did I decide not to interview him? Well here’s the story… Continue reading


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Reza Rants: Mustache Obsession

Reza is becoming a bit obsessed. It’s only Season One people. Here’s the latest rant. Which is your favorite?


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Kim Zolciak Premieres Love Me First

Um Okay, just go here and take a listen   And while the song is playing in another tab, come here and tell me what you think. My first thought was I need a picture photo shopped to show I have an 18 inch waist, but I’d get the butt photo shopped out too.  Also, um… train tracks. And well. Why don’t you guys just talk about it in comments. Please and thank you.
Update: A tweet by Kim reminded me that she just took the pictures a couple weeks ago, when she was four months pregnant.


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