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New Video From Asa Soltan Rahmati

Check out Asa’s new video for Gold it’s BEAUTIFULLY done. Keep watching for a cameo appearance by Reza…I want that dress.


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Svedka Vodka Had a Party in LA with Lots of Reality Show Cast Members

The was a Svedka Vodka Bash last night called Night of a Billion Reality Stars, or something. I haven’t seen any particularly interesting pictures of the event. Pretty much all the RHOOC, and Kyle from RHOBH and Teresa from RHONJ and everyone from Shahs of Sunset and that guy who used to be married to Kate Gosselin and Maxim and Val from DWTS and a bunch of other people were there posing with cardboard cut outs of themselves and well, drinking vodka I guess. Macy Gray sang and the reality whores all took pictures of themselves and tweeted them. This was the first time Kyle and Teresa (pictured left) had met. It seems like everyone had a lot of fun. The reality personalities had to dress themselves and let’s just say this went more smoothly for some than others.  Reza Farahan was there looking fabulous as always.

Sorry, there is just not much to say. It was sort of reality overload on vodka. 


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Nene Leakes is Back in Atlanta After a Busy Trip to LA

Nene Leakes is back in Atlanta after a busy trip to LA to film Glee. Apparently, her dinners with Kim Kardashian in Atlanta lately, replete will photographers and bloggers, were apparently more than just a publicity grab. Nene was met with the Shoedazzle people on Wednesday to design her pair of shoes to be featured on Kim K’s Shoe Dazzle website. I imagine they will be very high heeled and flamboyant. After her meeting with the design team she took her scarf-wrapped head out to straight to the salon for some color. Thursday she was already on the set of  Ryan Murphy’s new pilot with her very blonde hair touched up. She met with her acting coach Wednesday morning to go over her lines.  After a dinner out with Ryan Murphy, who is clearly under Nene’s charms, she caught a red-eye back to the ATL. This concludes your Nene Leakes update. Will you be buying the pair of shoes Nene designs for Shoe Dazzle?

Clarification: Nene Leakes is not going into business with Kim Kardashian. She is not designing her own shoe line.  Shoe Dazzle is a website that sells a variety of shoes for $40 a pair. From time to time a celebrity designs a shoe to be sold on the website. The celebrity shoes are sold to benefit the charity of the celebrity’s choosing.  It’s one shoe design that will have her picture next to it and be sold for a charity.


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David Golshan: Background Character on Shahs of Sunset

I get a lot of interesting emails. In fact, I often think that blogging about my Tamara Tattles emails would be the most interesting thing I could blog about. However, if I did that the people that email these interesting emails would stop emailing me. But there is one I will share that came from a PR representative in LA asking if I would like a celebrity interview. The interview was for David Golshan of the Shahs of Sunset. The email came the Monday after the show premiered. As most of you have noticed/complained about, I went all in on my coverage of Shahs of Sunset and first started blogging about the show in November when it was first announced. I know pretty much everything about the Shahs of Sunset that is available to be known, and then some. Most of it I have posted about. /wink So how could it be that there was a someone I didn’t know?   And why did I decide not to interview him? Well here’s the story… Continue reading


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Reza Rants: Mustache Obsession

Reza is becoming a bit obsessed. It’s only Season One people. Here’s the latest rant. Which is your favorite?


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Kim Zolciak Premieres Love Me First

Um Okay, just go here and take a listen   And while the song is playing in another tab, come here and tell me what you think. My first thought was I need a picture photo shopped to show I have an 18 inch waist, but I’d get the butt photo shopped out too.  Also, um… train tracks. And well. Why don’t you guys just talk about it in comments. Please and thank you.
Update: A tweet by Kim reminded me that she just took the pictures a couple weeks ago, when she was four months pregnant.


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Shahs of Sunset Episode Three and a Halftime Report

Now that we have seen Shahs of Sunset episode three we are officially at the midway point of the season. The six episode run is sort of a test run by Bravo to gage audience interested. So far, it has not disappointed in the ratings despite some very strong counter programming on other networks. Are the almighty ratings in the 18-49 age group strong enough? That remains to be seen. Apparently, a lot of old people are watching this show, and old people don’t sell advertisements. Still, overall the show is likely doing well enough to pull another season. I’m not much of recapper. I don’t get the point of blogging the entire storyline of a show especially in present tense. I’ve tried it and it’s ridiculous to write and even more ridiculous to read. Let’s take a half-time look at the cast of Shahs of Sunset and see how they are holding up to the editing.

EDIT: I was waiting for Sunday nights numbers and finally gave up. Of course they came out while I was writing and editing. 1.491 that almost a 50% increase in viewers. YAY! Looking good for Season Two! The most important number is the 18-49 bracket and they got  a 1.03 million adults. If this continues it’s a lock for season two. These are good numbers.

The best thing about episode three is we got the cast out of the club and into the workplace.  The five out of six cast members that have jobs all had scenes at work. This is necessary to avoid the show being just an adult version of MTV’s Spring Break. I can’t watch people get drunk and party by the pool, get drunk and party in Vegas, get drunk and go to dinner, or shop for a swimsuit the entire season.  In order to draw us in, we need to see more than just playtime. We need some real insight into who these people are.

I thought MJ, despite looking a bit disheveled at work (late night perhaps?), did a fantastic job on her real estate showing. It was great that she knew about the details of the house, like the flooring, and had immediate solutions to possible drawbacks like the tiny bathroom. We have seen Reza show two properties now. I was shocked at the first showing of Sammy’s property to hear Reza tell the prospective buy what to offer on the property. That’s actually a big no-no in real estate. In many states, all agents work for the seller regardless of whether or not the property is their listing or not and suggesting a lower price is not in the best interest of the seller. Even if Reza is a buyer’s agent, while it is technically permissible to suggest a price, it can still get you in a lot of legal hot water. When Reza showed the house on episode three, we didn’t see him selling the house so much as selling the price suggesting five million was a steal for the property in that neighborhood. Also, when selling to a woman, they want to envision their furniture and their style in the house and are rarely interested in moving into “someone else’s house” forty thousand dollar rug or not.  So for me, MJ wins my vote for best agent and Reza wins my vote for looking absolutely fabulous at work. I mean really. Did you see him? That’s my Reza.

In keeping with the Iranian stereotype that they are all in real estate, we move on to Mike, the commercial agent. Mike is a hustler. He knew that the property he was showing Hooman was not going to fly as a night club in a mixed residential area. That scene was a made for Bravo moment to allow Mike to get the property on the air. It’s a great property but that was never a serious buyer for that purpose.  But he looked lovely in his fancy black car and that was plenty of reason to watch it for me.

Sammy is a builder with the mentor of every builders dreams. Mohammed Hadid is the man in LA for homes in the eight figure range. Here’s the thing though, we’ve seen this house before on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  On that show we see a lovely house that appears to be completed. Mohammed threw parties with deranged mermaids in the pool. One would have thought that he had lived there for ages. However, a bit of research shows that the house has just recently reached the final stages of completion and then, Mohammed is selling it and moving out. With all the eccentric details, I’m assuming that Mohammed likely already had the buyer in mind when he moved in rather than planning to live there himself? Mohammed may be out there a bit but manages to sell ginormous houses in a down market. Sammy is smart to learn from him. Personally though, I would have pocketed the 30K because I don’t see being a week ahead mid-project as being that big of a deal in a project that has taken several years.  If the project was close to completion (and maybe it was) then it might have been worth his investment. Maybe. Rushing a construction job (as opposed to keeping everyone on task) usually results in more work and time in mistakes and revisions.

A younger Asa in Germany rising like a pheonix
We also got to see Asa in the studio again drinking her diamond water. I love her look in the studio and her free spirit. However, I will be keeping my diamonds on my fingers and my electrolytes in my water the way God intended. Asa has made some money with supplements and such things before and is also a hustler like Mike. She has a lot of business sense in addition to her art and music and knows how to get what she wants. She’s managed to balance business and creativity to create a nice life for herself. If there is a season two, I hope we see more focus on her endeavors rather than just he being the peacemaker. Sadly, peaceful, happy people get limited screen time. Too bad because Asa is the most interesting person on the show.

GG and her knife Goldie chat with MJ and Reza
Which brings us to Golnesa. Golnesa doesn’t seem to see the same world everyone else does. Because she doesn’t have a job (yes, yes, I know about the hair extensions)  we can only see GG in social settings.  GG’s social skills are lacking to put it mildly. On the last episode there were tearful confessions about her hair triggers for aggression. She’s been in a fight in every single episode with nearly every female she comes into contact with. MJ and Reza seem to also be coworkers in the field of resolving GG’s issues.  That has got to be tiresome. GG seems to feel like she can just say she has issues with anger and then expect everyone around her to tread lightly and accommodate them rather than work on her own issues. Before this show first started and I was interacting with this cast online, I was worried for all of them wondering if they really knew what they were getting into. We’ve all seen people’s lives go down the drain from being on reality TV. The viewing public is brutal and not a single member of this cast has been immune from, not just criticism, but personal attacks on their looks, their behavior, their religion, and their entire personality.  It’s a harsh environment for anyone to walk into. I’m not sure GG is ready for the reaction that her behavior is causing.  If you already have unresolved insecurities and anger issues coming into filming, they are only going to be worse once the show airs and the world reacts.  I hope GG has a good support system to get her through this.

My suggestion for season two would be to tone down some of the focus on ridiculous spending. Bravo as a whole needs to understand that viewers realize that trips are paid for and rooms are given in exchange for being televised. We don’t need to see Reza at the cash register spending eight grand on champagne, or GG saying “charge it to my Daddy” at the cash register. We also need less forced scenes of everyone sitting down to eat/drink together. We need more scenes like Mike with his mother, but without the whole production team standing there telling them what to talk about. More MJ’s mother who wouldn’t listen to production if they tried. More scenes about Reza and his father. In general less “watch us spend money” scenes and more scenes where we get to know who these people really are. I’m excited for MJ’s dating scenes and GG’s dating scenes. I suspect Asa has a relationship that we are not seeing. Show me that.  I think this show has some potential if we could just get Seacrest and Bravo to make it a little more real.  Oh and bring Anita in as a regular cast member. I like her.

So y’all… now that we are half way through, do you want to see an episode two?


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Nene Leakes Lands New Role on NBC Comedy Pilot

Now we know what the new role is that Nene scored while in LA filming for Glee. It seems Glee Co-Creator, Ryan Murphy continues to be a Nene fan! Here’s what had to say:

NeNe Leakes, who has been recurring on the current season of Glee as rival cheerleading coach Roz Washington, is re-teaming with Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy on his NBC comedy pilot The New Normal, about a blended family of a gay couple and their surrogate. On the project, co-created by Ali Adler, The Real Housewives Of Atlanta star NeNe will play the heavily recurring role of Rocky.

This show was just green-lighted for a pilot for a potential spot in the fall 2012 lineup.  It’s about a gay couple and their relationship with the woman they chose to be their surrogate. Ellen Barkin was just recently cast to play the role of the surrogate’s mother. Justin Bartha and Andrew Rannells play the lead roles and Georgia King will play the surrogate. The cast is still being formed and changed around a bit. No word on what Nene’s role as “Rocky” will entail. My guess is she is the loud talking black woman brought in for comic relief.  That said, if this show gets picked up it would be great for Nene. This is a nice get for her.

Source: Realitytvgifs


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Yolanda Foster to be the Next Real Housewife of Beverly Hills ?

Life & Style Magazine is reporting that Yolanda Hadid will be a new housewife on the next episode of  Real Housewives of Beverly Hills next season.  Life & Style is usually the most reliable source for Kim Zolciak news as Kim has a contract with them; however, I don’t know what to make of them as a RHOBH source since they tend to speak to Radar Online. Although, I am not sure I believe their latest article that says that Camille quit RHOBH because the producers wanted to reduce her role to the whole “friend of the housewives” level. I think Camille is loving life and doesn’t need the salary from RHOBH. She negotiated her contract and wasn’t happy with what they offered and decided it wasn’t worth her time. I don’t blame her. She doesn’t need to drag manufactured drama into her life for money. Now that she has a new man and newfound peace, I think she should enjoy it  One thing that is interesting about RHOBH and their contracts. They are not paid by the episode like most of the franchises are for some reason RHOBH contracts are negotiated as a lump sum. Interesting. But back to Yolanda…

If her last name looks familiar to you that is because she was married to Mohammed Hadid. In fact Yolanda and Mohammed hosted a party together on the first season of RHOBH so this will not be Yolanda’s first time around the crew. I’m not sure when they got divorced but I am pretty sure they were still married during the filming in 2010.  Yolanda married David Foster in a magnificent ceremony in a private home on the same day Kim and Kroy were married 11-11-11. Yolanda’s marriage was a bit more spectacular though. She had a  40-piece orchestra, a 50 member gospel choir, and performances by 11 year old America’s Got Talent contestant  Jackie Evancho, performing Pie Jesu, Andrea Bocelli sang The Prayer ,Michael Bublé, Natalie Cole, Donna Summer, Peter Cetera, Babyface, Kenny G, The Canadian Tenors and Neil Sedaka also sang. At the reception, Foster played the piano while Avril Lavigne and Kate Hudson did back up vocals to the Eric Clapton hit “Change the World.” Oh and the guest lists includes some people you may have heard of like, Oprah Winfrey, Barbra Streisand, Muhammad Ali, Heidi Klum, Rob Lowe, Bo Derek, Suzanne Sommers, John Corbett, Dr. Phil and Robin, former Canadian Prime Minister Mr. and Mrs. Brian Mulroney, Steve Wynn, Wolfgang Puck, James Brolin, Gayle King, Wayne Gretzky, Diane Warren, Chris Botti, Eric Benét, Carol Bayer Sager, Brian Grazer, Sandy Gallin, Lara Fabian and Larry Ellison just to name a few.

Lisa Vanderpump and her hubby were likely there as well as she is friends with Yolanda. This to me gives the Life & Style story  the likelihood of truth since Lisa was hung out to dry during the season finale much like Kandi Burruss was this season in Atlanta. Lisa needs an ally with a clean slate to film with next season, and someone to bitch about the other girls to. Yolanda appears to be that person. She certainly is an experienced housewife of Beverly Hills with a brand new famous husband. Works for me. What do y’all think?

One does have to wonder why Life & Style continues to refer to her as Yolanda Hadid.


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Scripted Stupidity: My Thoughts on Last Night’s Episode of RHOA

Now that I’ve gotten the Phaedra sideshow off my chest, I still have a lot more to say about last night’s show.  Even a bit more to say about the sideshow. You could almost visualize the script in so many parts of this episode. Exit Cynthia and Peter. Cynthia be sure to mention the Africa trip to Kim on the way out even though you haven’t said to words to her. Cynthia and Peter find the camera crew upon exiting and stop and discuss Peter’s bad behavior and Kim and Kroy ignoring you in front of the crew rather than getting in the car and having a conversation about it on the way home like normal people. Kim and Kroy exit five minutes later. Kroy will take baby to car while Kim crosses to camera crew to confront Cynthia. We need at least temporary closure on the great race debate. Cynthia will apologize and both will hug. End of storyline until the finale. I mean really, it actually seemed MORE realistic on WWHL with the theme from the OK Corral playing in the background. I haven’t even mentioned RAW GREEN TOMATOES being featured on the food table. Jesus take the wheel!

Producers were desperate to include Nene in the show as per her contract. Thus a very awkward mother son conversation was staged. What is funny about this scene is that the kid has been coached on exactly what to say. The conversation is about divorce and Nene and Gregg living apart, is more humorous knowing that Gregg was likely there for the entire scene. As far as them living separately, word on the street is Gregg never actually lived apart from Nene at least not for long because he takes care of their son while Nene goes to events.  Lots of the time Gregg and their son go with Nene to LA. So this whole conversation with their child was more scripted crap simply giving Nene screen time. Once again, THE ENTIRE DIVORCE STORY LINE IS FAKE. It’s no wonder the boy wasn’t taking the conversation seriously. I wonder how much those lawyers got paid to pretend that paperwork was filed, because it wasn’t. Nene’s spinoff was supposed to be about her divorce and dating, but once Bravo found out that the divorce was fake, the spinoff was canned.  That is about the time Nene started her whole tirade about not wanting a spinoff.

The Sheree stuff is beyond ridiculous. I can’t even go there. How Sheree pretends to have a close relationship with Tierra after not even admitting she was her daughter when the show first began is beyond me. Now she wants to tell a young couple with a straight face that they need rings that cost $40,000? Or Six thousand for that matter. It’s too much stupidity to address.  As for Kim, clearly her excuse wasn’t as good as Kandi’s or Sheree’s or Nene’s to get her out of going to the sideshow. It was storyline. Kroy coming home from camp was probably the only thing on the show last night that actually happened. Not to say they didn’t film the scene ten times but at least it was an actual event and the girls seemed genuinely happy to have him home.

Nene was not around on Twitter last night to do her usual attacks on her castmates. But she did show up this morning to make up for lost time. If I was out in LA having a wonderful time working on Glee and had just gotten word I had been cast in yet another scripted show, I would not waste my time on Twitter making fun of the people I film with to get my bread and butter. Her vitriol has only escalated since contract time became an issue. It seems a forgone conclusion based on the Atlanta grapevine that Sheree is out. But Nene sure is acting like someone who has gotten Jill Zarined. I’ve been saying for months Nene Leakes is acting like someone who got fired.  Don’t be surprised to hear her saying she left Bravo because she outgrew the show and is moving on to serious acting. And when you do, don’t believe a word of it. Nene is the picture of a disgruntled employee who has been given a pink slip.


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Phaedra Parks Takes Her Attempts at Humor to a Whole New Level

So apparently Phaedra is grooming her son to be the next Eddie Long.  Or perhaps Eddie Long is learning his bizarre behavior from Phaedra since his coronation as King of his congregation by a radical Jewish Rabbi ( I KNOW! Who knew the Jews had lunatic fringe Rabbis?) happened after this Ayden nonsense.  Regardless, Phaedra once again pushes past the line with her comedic act on RHOA last night. I know Phaedra says she is “playing a role” on RHOA I’ve just always had a problem with a lot of that routine. This whole “southern belle” moniker she tries to claim is ludicrous from the beginning. A southern belle was a wealthy, white slave owner. The concept of a black woman aligning herself with a stereotype of a slave owning white women is bizarre and inappropriate from the onset. Phaedra takes it a step further by being disrespectful and rude to the memories of slaves in the history museum. She takes her comedy act to family funerals with the cameras running.  Last night she took her routine into the house of God.

I don’t know exactly what religion Phaedra claims to be, but it seems to me that she has taken a random sampling of religious rites, thrown in a healthy dose of Dwight Eubanks and manufactured some made for Bravo TV religion. There was so much wrong with this event I hardly know where to begin. When it was first advertised I thought perhaps Phaedra belonged to a religion that follows the generally Catholic practice of christening, that is the practice of baptising a child with holy water for spiritual purposes. You know like Teresa from RHONY does with her kids.  That is an event where the child’s acceptance into the religion is celebrated. Most southerners who are not Catholic do not have these events.

Phaedra referred to the ceremony as a blessing ceremony. In many faiths like Judism and Buddism for example a child is brought the church leader to be blessed. Biblically, this began in the old testament with Samuel being blessed by Eli and continued in the New Testament with Mary and Joseph bringing Jesus into the temple to be blessed. Very young babies are blessed in order to be officially a part of a religious family. It’s not a production, but a solemn ritual. In most southern churches, what we have is a Parental Dedication which generally includes a blessing from the pastor for the child. This ritual is part of a regular church service and is held once a month or once every few months depending on the size of congregation. Even though the children are not generally christened, it has become common for the babies to wear christening gowns and in some cases even have god parents participating. As part of the regular Sunday ceremony, the parents are tasked by the church to raise the child within the confines of their religion and the church family is tasked with assisting the parents and child of insuring that the child receives the proper religious upbringing. The ceremonies occur with multiple parents and babies of children born since the last ritual standing before the church and receiving this religious instruction and taking an oath to be proper parents.

Once again, Phaedra’s comedy act has become offensive to solemn situations for the purpose of entertainment. Something that should have been a prayerful religious dedication among her religious family became full of pomp, circumstance and a processional of mockery. There is absolutely no place for anyone to carry in a child (or a sexual molester in the incident with Eddie Long)  on a litter in a church service. Referring to the child as a prince in a church is blasphemous. I just can’t imagine the level of audacity required to place a child in such a position.

I like Phaedra. I think her humor for the most part brings a lot to the show. However, there have been many times when her humor becomes very offensive. There are a lot of comedians who cross the lines and have very successful careers, Tracy Morgan and Kathy Griffin come to mind. The difference is, they do not bring their offensive material into a church where they claim to be practitioners of the religion. They don’t wrap themselves in religion while at the same time defiling it.

That’s just my opinion. I’m sure there will be other opinions in the comments. I just feel the need as someone from Atlanta to address the representations that television is putting out there of “church ceremonies” like the one you saw last night, or the viral videos of Eddie Long. These are not representative of Atlanta’s church going crowd. We’re not all snacking on chocolate likenesses of the baby Jesus while pretending to be southern belles with a fetish for royalty. That’s just Phaedra trying to be funny. Everyone has a different sense of humor. I was not amused.


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Taylor Armstrong Joins the Girls from RHOBH in Vegas

Camille, Kyle, Adrienne and their male counterparts have been partying it up Palms style in Vegas along with a bunch of college kids in town for MTV’s Spring break which has been filming at the Palms.  Paul shot the requisite video of Kyle doing the splits in the party bus/limo and posted it on twitter. Seems like a good time was being had by all. But look who showed up! It’s Taylor. Perhaps she is celebrating the end of her RHOBH tenure as well? Doubtful. Bravo loves the train wrecks.  Oh, and the cigarette is electronic. Apparently, they were having an Allison Dubois moment. 


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