The Kandi Factory Sneak Peek, And a Spoiler?

Kandi’s new show on Bravo premieres on Sunday at 10 p.m. I believe it is a half hour show, and it has an hour block on the Bravo schedule with nothing in the description so it’s hard to say for sure but they may be showing two episodes back to back. On the preview above there is one male and one female who vie for the opportunity to get a song and a video produced by Kandi. From the blurb on Kandi’s website, it’s a competition where only one can win.  When we tune in on Sunday we will have those sorts of questions answered. But there is one thing I need to know before then…

Is NJ Army Wife the female contestant shown on the sneak peek? Sure looks like her with a makeover and a face full of makeup! Am I wrong or was my source giving me an exclusive look at the winning audition?


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3 responses to “The Kandi Factory Sneak Peek, And a Spoiler?

  1. I love Kandi but do we really need another singing competition show. Having said that, of course I will watch.NJB

  2. I can't wait … I don't watch any of the other music shows…and I always wanted RHOA to show more of Kandi's music side – how she develops artists.She has been doing the rounds on tv and radio promoting this – so I am hoping it gets good ratings. She was on Rickey Smiley this morning and she said she will also be on WWHL after the show….already – on her FB fan page – people are hoping this is a regular thing/special and they are sending her vids!LOL

  3. How dare Kandi try and show somebody how to sing. She sounds like a old ass frog.

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