Meet The Real Housewives of Vancover

We won’t be able to see it on TV here, but maybe hulu? These girls don’t look like they are going to brawl. Nice digs.


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9 responses to “Meet The Real Housewives of Vancover

  1. This looks almost as boring as Kim's show

  2. First the US, then Greece (Athens), and now Canada. I wonder what other countries plan to pick up the housewives franchise.I dunno why, but the Vancouver ladies kinda remind me of the Beverly Hills women.

  3. Also I don't care what anybody says, Cristina isn't 29 she looks more like 34 to 39 but not 29. Oh don't worry, you'll probably be able to see the Vancouver one (which is in english) on Bravo sometime during the summer as a filler.

  4. So glad the show is being shot in English and not Canadian so we can understand them when they speak. NJB

  5. NJB> is the United States that big that they don't offer proper education? What a dumbass comment even as a joke. Could be said that 'all yanks are rednecks'

  6. I'm glad y'all can't see my tweets talking about their fancy igloos.

  7. I have always wanted to take Canadian language classes.

  8. I think you need a special keyboard. They have an extra letter called the superfluous u. Why foreign languages gotta be so hard?

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