Marlo Hampton is Trying to Rehab Her Image in the Media

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Marlo Hampton is giving interviews to a few websites this week apparently trying to rehabilitate her image. Let’s look at what she has to say. When interviewed by Sister2Sister, she attempts to minimize her extensive arrest record saying:

“It’s important for people to know I was on house arrest. Four of those were probation violations and not new charges.”

Well that is true. One of the probation violations was for Felon in Possession of a Fire Arm. I mean who doesn’t have that happen from time to time? What part of going into the jail and being booked and taking a mugshot made her think those were not new charges?

When talking about the victim of her felony aggravated battery with great bodily harm, Marlo said, “She had asked the judge to reduce my sentence and we made peace. We’re fine. We’ve talked several times.”

Well it’s true that the victim is at peace anyway. She killed herself a few years after the assault. Her family has asked in a statement that Marlo keep her name out of her mouth and stop talking about her. (Family statement at Straight from the A). I am sure the family is thrilled that Marlo is still talking about her in her attempt to make herself look better.

Marlo defends her bad check charges saying, “I wasn’t the best in math. I misbalanced my check for the books I was buying. It was one check for me just being in college writing a check for one book. They blew that so out of proportion.”

Hey, no big deal, who hasn’t gone to jail for bad checks? It happened to your ex BF Charles Grant too. Those check fraud laws are ridiculous!

Then out of nowhere the interview goes to the Red Carpet Boutique she ran at Perimeter Mall. She says “When I started taping with the show, I closed the store down.”

Really? I could have sworn that store closed down in 2009 or so. I could be wrong about that. It seems unlikely that one would close a retail store when one is about to get a ton of free publicity for it. And then downsizing into an online store that really doesn’t sell anything.

From the interview with Hollywood Reporter: She goes after Kandi.

The source of your money was an ongoing drama among the women. Why do you think Kandi Burruss is so interested in where you got your money?

Hampton: I don’t even know, to tell you the truth, it took me by surprise. Like, say if I meet someone, I’m assuming I’m going to say, “What do you do for a living?,” not “Where do you get your money from?” So, it took me by surprise. Like, I don’t get it, I don’t get it. That one puzzled me, I want to ask her too, why was she so concerned about that?

You still don’t know why?

Oh I just got it. It’s jealousy and envy, that’s what it was. I mean, it’s got to be jealousy and envy, something, Lord — women with low self-esteem only. The gay men love me, men love me, and strong-minded women love me, who have high self-esteem. Only the low self-esteem women have a problem with me, and it’s like, “Why? What is your problem?” Just because I love fashion, my story is different from yours, my occupation is different from yours, what is the problem?

Yes, I am sure Kandi Burrus is jealous of you. She just has a twenty year music career, tens of millions of dollars, a clean jail record, and a beautiful daughter.  You have all those pretty clothes your tricks bought you. I bet Kandi goes to bed every night wishing she was you, Marlo.

Hollywood Reporter follows up with the obvious question about how the gays feel about her now after she called decided to go after Sheree for hanging out with faggots on national television. Follow the link to read where she says she is sorry and she has a gay sister and lots of gay friends.

So there you have it. There is more to Marlo than being a convicted felon with a string of charges and hooking for your money with elderly billionaires. Wait, what were her good qualities again? Oh yes, she has nice handbags.


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19 responses to “Marlo Hampton is Trying to Rehab Her Image in the Media

  1. When you violate probabtion, you have to take a new picture.While I am not condoning her behavior, I understand why she has so many mug shots if she indeed violated probabtion and she has a right to clear up misinformation about her.

  2. When you violate probabtion, it is a NEW CHARGE. The charge is probation violation. Thus you are rebooked and reshot. One of those four NEW PROBATION VIOLATION CHARGES was the result of another charge FELONY IN POSSESSION of a FIREARM. In any universe, probation violation is a new charge, that is precisely why you get rebooked. It may be included under one case (or not) but it results in a new charge for each offense.

  3. perhaps i missed this, since i am not a bonafide, dedicated rhoa viewer, but what does marlo say her actual occupation is, exactly? thank youchitown shelley

  4. When Kandi asked her that, she said she got her money from God. Not kidding. In one of the articles she said she saved her money from her boutique. The boutique went out of business. It's hard when you are a prostitute to answer questions like that.

  5. I think everyone should just leave Marlo alone. She earned her fame & fortune. If she had to sleep with an 80 yr old billionaire & now has to sleep with that pig Charles Grant, she done earned her money. Nuff said.NJB

  6. I heard or read somewhere that Marlo is a stylist. Other than her prior record, her story about possibly being supported by a Big Poppa, sounds similiar to Kim's story. Marlo ownes the townhome. There is a lot information/speculation on the internet about Marlo, but other than her record, there is very little. Even on the RHOA footage, she is only on the taped footage, no interviews. Phaedra introduced Marlo and Charles as a power couple, but Charles quickly disapeared. You can have a probation violation and it not be considered a new charge. If you don't pay your fine, that is considered a violation. You don't get recharged. The way Kandi asked Marlo about her mony was inappropriate. She should of asked her what she did for a living. Kandi was being messy!!

  7. @anon 938 exactly…some people conveniently forget fakedra was very fond of Marlo initially when the smalls thought something pop off btwn her and nene. And obviously some folk aren't abreasted of prob viol (dads a cop) I can say Marlo didn't come at any1 sideways until they came at herSome people are sinless and perfect and refuse to forgive or like maarlo

  8. Why oh why do ppl. want to make excuses for the behavior of convicted criminals? I'm not saying she shouldn't be able to move on and go on with her life if she's paid for her crimes but my problem with her is she's in denial about her past and current activities. She gives interviews where she pretends to be so apologetic for her past misadventures and acts like she regrets her past actions but just as soon as she gets in an argument the first thing she yells out is "You better google my charges Bitch!" as if Sheree should have been scared/threatened because she's a convicted violent offender. Fukk that, I wish Sheree would have taken her teeth out of her head and shut her the hell up. And this everyone is jealous of her shyt is for the birds. I guess in her warped way of thinking why shouldn't everyone be jealous/envious of a delusional tranny look alike criminalistic, ghetto minded, admitted whore. Bytch get real, no one is jealous of yo azz, if disgracing myself and selling my azz for some cash and clothing is what anyone should be jealous of then the world is crazy. Go get some intensive therapy and I'm not referring to "retail therapy". In short fukk off bytch. Your 15 minutes are up, you thirsty azz slut.

  9. Hey now, if you don't like Marlo, you must be white. :) And not "abreasted" with probation. I would find this funny if it weren't reflective of the society we are living in.I guess the abreasted ones father the cop doesn't put anything under charges on the police report. One gets a mug shot because you have been charged with a crime. The charge of probation violation isn't just ignored because you also have a violent felony. In fact that is why they bring the charge. It may add to the same case. But it is a separate charge. Now you have been abreasted.

  10. "It's hard when you are a prostitute to answer questions like that"ROFLMAO, excellent comeback Tamara! :)

  11. Marlo will rehab her image before Kim does. That girl looks 90 in the face. MOISTURIZE GIRL!!!

  12. Yes y'all, Tamara is white and probably racist. She is also fat as hell. Real tea on "tamara" coming soon

  13. OOh I can't wait to learn more about me. Please start an I hate Tamara blog. You can do it free on blogspot!

  14. imho..Marlo is an animal..she should be thanking the justice system for sentencing her to house arrest and not take "credit" for it.She should also shut her thug mouth about the dead woman she so horribly disfigured…couldn't help but see her remorse in the mug shot she "posed" for after that arrest…all smiles she is.Marlo is the reason I no longer watch ATL…she has single handedly managed to reduce that entire show and cast to its lowest common denominator…and that in and of itself is an accomplishment given her cast members.

  15. LMAO..just reading some of the other comments you're getting…abreasted?…is that the same as breasteses?These comments are a great argument for keeping pc's (that means personal computers to the commenters here) out of prisons..

  16. I've been reading this blog for a while and never comment but I am forced to at this time.I don't understand the attacks on Tamara and the whole Tamara is a racist thing. did i miss something somewhere?She's written some very NICE posts about Nene, she didn't withhold them to make Nene look bad. If she were such a Nene hater she could have sat on the stories and not said anything. There aren't a lot of Kim stories out there, but Kim is boring this season and there's nothing much going on with kim. Oh and for what it's worth? I'm African and American. Tamara I don't know how you stand it, the nasty comments but I want to say that I do enjoy your posts and they're very witty and funny. RVA

  17. Tamara, you are correct when you say "violation of probation" is a new charge. I am currently dealing with a family member now who has been locked up for almost two months for violation of probation. He has been hit with 3 additional charges–driving on a suspended license, no insurance, and revoked registration. He was arrested at his home, and is looking at having to serve 12 months jail time because of the "new charges". I am a black woman, and I can't stand Marlo or horse mouth NE NE. You're killing me with the "abreast" comment (LMBAO). Although the word is not a technical dictionary word it is a phrase that is used.

  18. Tamara, I would like to also say I love reading your blog. I stumbled up on it by mistake a couple of months ago while trying to get some info about Chateau Sheree's crib, and your site had more details along with pics about what was really going on. I have saved your blog in my favorites. Whomever this anonymous is needs to be blocked. It's a difference between respectful disagreeing with a blog owner, and down-right being vile and verbally abusive. Don't take this type of abuse from this person–block them!!

  19. Marlo will rehab her image before Kim does. That girl looks 90 in the face. MOISTURIZE GIRL!!!

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