Viola Davis and Gwyneth Paltrow Rock the Oscars Red Carpet

Viola Davis and Gwyneth Paltrow are my top two choices for best dressed on the runway out of the few I have seen. I’m definitely more of a jewelry girl than a clothes or shoe person so my eyes go straight to the jewelry. Did anyone catch who provided the jewels for these two? I’ve got my eye on that bracelet that they are both sporting.  Cartier maybe?  Viola wins for most improved!


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14 responses to “Viola Davis and Gwyneth Paltrow Rock the Oscars Red Carpet


  2. Neither Viola nor Gwyn have enough hair for a ponytail dumbass! Now tell me where that bracelet comes from. You should know these things.

  3. It's so funny how even BravtoTV is tweeting ppl telling them to watch The Oscars too…they must be ashamed of this boring mess Kim has.I guess @BravoTV is bitter too since they also said there will be no RHOA until next week

  4. Um, when the show ended,Bravo tweeted that next Sunday would be a regular episode. SMH

  5. Why is Phaedra laughing when people are making fun of Kim and her show on her twitter?I thought Phaedra was Kim's girl

  6. Tamara,Is it true that Phaedras judge friend is being investigated for corruption?SJL


  8. I must admit: Kim's show was pretty bad. The whole idea just seems like one Bravo is trying to push away as quick as possible. IJS!!

  9. Apparently y'all watched it though! Did it occur to any of you to talk about it in the appropriate thread rather than stinking up the Oscars thread?

  10. I think Viola looks great and the the hue of her dress.I like Gwyneth's dres too, but it reminds me so much of Whitney Houston dress where she has her hand over her chest and bows her head…Hopefully you all know what dress I am talking about

  11. A lot of people said that Gwyn's dress reminded them of other epic dresses on the runway. I liked the simplicity and of course the floor length cape made the look.Viola is getting lots of good press for her look today as well.

  12. @ Tamara, why so rude to your bloggers? I can understand you get frustrated like anyone else but if they've not attacked you why say mean things to them? Of course it's your blog and you can do as you like but when I first opened the comment thread for a minute I thought I was on the wrong site: SH. Because that's how she treats her bloggers that say things she dislikes and that's not right. I love your site Tamara but please don't become like SH, I remember her maltreatment of you. It wasn't kind when she did it to you, please don't take that route with your beloved readers. Because even when they get on your nerves most of your readers/bloggers are faithful readers of your blog and of you.

  13. So it is too much to ask those faithful readers to post in the appropriate blog? I have faithful readers that don't watch RHOA or read those blogs and they deserve to not have the posts they like filled with the same old RHOA stuff in every blog. It seems like common sense and not something that is going to damage anyone's psyche to have it pointed out to them. I could I suppose just delete comments that don't relate to the blog. /shrugs

  14. Tamara has a love affair with Kim.NObody watched it. It was boring and it got changed sis.

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