Is Chris Brown Going to Jail Today?

According to Gossip Extra, a Miami blog, there is a whole lot of finger pointing going on today down in Miami as the Miami PD work with the State Attorney General to determine a strategy to arrest Chris Brown as early as today. The State Attorney says the Miami PD should have picked him up when he was in Miami, but the Miami PD say they were waiting for a green light from the State Attorney’s office. The police want to pick him up in a squad car but now the State Attorney wants to give Brown the chance to turn himself in. The state has a solid case against Brown because both his two bodyguards, his companion that evening, rapper TYGA and two other eye witnesses have given statements claiming Brown took an iphone from a fan and left with it.  Brown performed last night in Orlando. Stay tuned…
Update: Miami blog, Riptide called the State Attorney’s office and spoke with spokesman Ed Griffith who told them, “Given that the prosecutor handling the case is in trial today, nothing will happen until that trial is complete.”  I’m assuming that means sometime after he leaves court and not that he or she is on a case that could take days. Apparently, the prosecutor has to sign off on the warrant. It just seems like if an average Joe had stolen someone’s iphone that Joe would be in the pokey by now. Celebrity justice?


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