Nicki Minaj Arriving at LAX to Head to Orlando

Nicki Minaj caught at LAX on the way to Orlando to give a pregame performance for Sunday night’s NBA All-Star game.  So um, what’s right about this picture? :)


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4 responses to “Nicki Minaj Arriving at LAX to Head to Orlando

  1. My G*d I hope she is not paying a stylist for this look. She looks hideous. If you saw her on the street you would think she is a down and out hooker. NJB

  2. Wow, did she steal that coat from a child? Way too small, but it looks like she prefers tight clothes…

  3. I didn't even get to her clothes – I am still marveling at the fact she probably did her hair on….purpose.WD

  4. she looks a mess just like Kim Zolciak

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