Jonathan Jaxson and Kim Kardashian Reach A Legal Agreement

Jonathan Jaxson has reached an agreement with Kim Kardashian that will bring and end (we hope) to the drama surrounding these two since last November.  If you were following me on twitter then, you may remember me freaking out about apparent suicidal tweets from Jaxson, who claims to have been Kardashian’s publicist.  It all began when Jaxson made an appearance on the Elvis Duran Morning Show  making allegations regarding Kim K’s farce of wedding.  Then Kim K decided to sue but not before I posted this blog with all sorts of tea on Kim K and Reggie Bush.   Next came Jaxson’s dramatic blogs and a video in an apparent suicide attempt.   THEN we saw Jaxson in a hospital room and I blogged about his past issues with Perez Hilton where he got into a legal battle with Perez over some sexual thing.

During all this time Jaxson would tweet and blog things and then pull them down  within hours. He was posting pieces of his autobiography on his website, and then pulling them down. He started taking pre-orders (money) from people for a book that was not yet written. There were dramatic posts that would come down hours after going up. It was a long journey into Crazyville, and I was blogging the whole thing. Jaxson blocked me on twitter and I lost interest figuring it would all work out eventually.

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Well eventually has finally arrived. Jaxson and Kardashian have reached a confidential agreement just like he did with Perez Hilton a few years back. As part of the agreement, he placed an apology on his website that read:

“I wanted to apologize publicly to Kim Kardashian for any confusion that I may have caused by the personal statements I made recently regarding Kim Kardashian. I would like to further clarify that I did not have any first hand knowledge of Kim’s relationship with Kris. Any statement I made regarding Kim and her marriage was my opinion only and was not intended to imply first hand knowledge of Kim’s thoughts and feelings.”

As of this writing, Jaxson’s entire website has disappeared. He did tweet the following on the issue:

Jonathan Jaxson@JonathanJaxson

Sometimes you have to do what you have to do in order to continue living a drama free life and one without bullies. I don’t care how I look!


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  1. "and agreement"…Tamara will you please learn to edit before you post?Your blogging is becoming very sloppy.

  2. Whoops. Sounds like pimpmomager Kris Kardashian had to gut-punch that a**.

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