Chris Brown’s Victim, "I Just Want My Phone Back" !

Christal Spann just wants her phone back, y’all! TMZ just posted this video of  Christal Shanae reporting Chris Brown as a phone thief  to police.  TMZ never ceases to amaze me with how they get videos of everything. It’s funny as hell that Christal’s friend says she doesn’t want the guy using his phone to video them. Really? Isn’t that what y’all were doing to someone with a known anger problem? What do y’all think will happen to Chris Brown?


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2 responses to “Chris Brown’s Victim, "I Just Want My Phone Back" !

  1. She is bootleg, the situation is bootleg and Chris Brown is the king of bootleg.

  2. As awful as the Rihanna debacle was, he has gone on to show, time after time, that he is just a complete asshole. There's not some nice guy who just needed a second chance hiding under there. He doesn't even bother pretending to be anything other than an asshole. The myth of him being some misunderstood victim and Rihanna being equally to blame that night is dead. The myth of some wayward teenager who just made a mistake like everyone makes mistakes is dead. He's a shitbag. He CAN change, but clearly he hasn't and doesn't appear to be making any meaningful attempts to do so. As you point out, he's an okay artist, but nothing groundbreaking . The way the industry and, sadly, society seem to bending over backwards to ignore the fact that he is a violent thug makes me feel like I've fallen through the looking glass.

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