Chris Brown Parties in Orlando as Miami Police File Charges

It’s NBA All-Star Weekend in Orlando and the town is going wild. There are star-studded parties all over town making it a tough choice for fans to decide which place to go!  Mary J. Blige, Lil Wayne, P. Diddy, Pitbull, Nicki Minaj and Ne-Yo are just some of the big names in town for the festivities. Know who else is there? Chris Brown.  Last night Brown performed at the kickoff party (at least he was scheduled to) at H2O Live!  and tomorrow night he will be performing at the Roxy. Then on Sunday, he performs at the All-Star finale party after the game at a club called Vain.  It’s going to be a very busy weekend in Orlando for Brown.

Unless… Click through the jump to find out what Miami PD has up their sleeve for Chris Brown.

According to a source for Jose Lambiets’ Gossip Extra, a south Florida blog affiliated with the Miami Herald, Miami detectives are poised to drive to Orlando to pick up Brown as soon as the State Attorney gives the okay. The website sites a source within the police department who say that Tyga, and two body guards for Chris Brown have given statements to the police about the incident. All three said that Chris Brown freaked out because he was leaving with two females and didn’t want the photo on the Internet where Rihanna might see it. The site also claims that one of the three went to the police station to turn in the stolen phone belonging to Christal Spann.  One of the body guards took another phone from one of Christal Spann’s companions on Sunday morning, erased the pictures that she took and returned the phone to her. Chris Brown took Christal’s phone while sitting in the back of a black Bentley and the car drove off. Gossip Extra posted that information late last evening.

Gossip Extra claims that a law enforcement source indicated that the charge of robbery would be filed against Brown today. Due to the high profile nature of the case the po po are trying to be sure they have all their legal ducks in a row before filing the charge. So if you have tickets to see Chris Brown this weekend in Orlando, he might be unavailable, or better yet, you might get to see him carted off to the jail house! If you go, let me know!


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5 responses to “Chris Brown Parties in Orlando as Miami Police File Charges

  1. It's obvious that Chris has a pathological problem with feeling like he's not in control. When he couldn't control the Good Morning America interview, he lashed out. When he can't control what in internet says about him, he lashes out. Girl takes photos of him without his permission (even though it's perfectly legal for her to do so)? Lash out. Each time it seems he does this stuff without thinking. His crimes against Rihanna aside, this is a guy with little to no emotional control. Without intensive psychiatric intervention, he'll be a danger to other people for the rest of his life (or a danger to himself if he lashes out at the wrong person).And I don't get why he's a big music star. His singing is just passable, he lip-syncs whenever possible, and his dancing consists of super-fast foot flinging with facial grimaces that make him look constipated.

  2. ^ technically it not legal to take photos without permission that why the school districts have to send release forms For pictures home. Furthermore have you ever sat and looked at it from his point of view? Granted his actions were wrong but also just a reaction which all humans have some react different than others. But this guy has feelings just like everybody else. He is constantly being judged for something that happened 3years ago that no one still know full story on it. And on top of that he has zero privacy cameras are always in his face I'd imagine that would get really irritating unless your a media whore but In any case just leave that dude alone.

  3. You really think it is illegal to take pictures in public? I WISH. lol. Chris Brown is not a child. Your comment is so out there I had problems figuring out what post you were trying to respond to! What story makes it okay with you to beat the shit out of your girlfriend? Something is not firing right in your brain. You should get it checked out. I'm serious.

  4. Photographing or videotaping a person without their knowledge or consent may open you up to a lawsuit for invasion of privacy. It's a tort or civil wrong. Generally it means the intentional intrusion into the private life or affairs of another person. If you violate someone's right to privacy and cause injury, that person is entitled to sue you to recover damages…..People need to learn to let the past be the pass God forgave you to forgive others.

  5. When you become a celebrity,yes the public and paparazzi will take pictures of the Star.When you become a majior Star,it's like signing your rights over to World to have you for life.The people make's you,so why not have access for a freaking pic.If Chris Brown really felt violate he should have called Law Enforcement other than almost breaking the girl wrist and calling her a bitch.He must was during somthing he had no business doing,come on now a girl he was with.Since when he care what Ri Ri think about who he leave the Club with.chris need Jail time for some Kill him.He beats Women up an disrespect the Men and Women in New york City Maryland and Virginia.He's a Bad person and the Justice shall pervail for the Young ladies.

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