Kandi Burruss and Al Sharpton Star in What is Wrong With This Picture?

Kandi Burruss got a new hair style a couple days ago. This is the first picture I have seen of her since she got it. I think she looks great. Meanwhile Al Sharpton came to town today to hold a press conference on his feelings on some new voter laws going into effect in 34 states including Georgia which require voters to identify themselves with a government issued ID such as a drivers liscense or ID card. According to Al, this will be a huge issue and it’s intended to keep black folks from voting. Apparently Al thinks black folks don’t drive or have any sort of identification. huh.  Anyway, when I saw this picture, I knew I needed to give you guys a chance to redeem yourself in my favorite game, What is Wrong With This Picture?  This one is easy. And pretty damn funny.  So tell me, y’all, what is wrong with this picture?


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18 responses to “Kandi Burruss and Al Sharpton Star in What is Wrong With This Picture?

  1. The bikini cal in the background? Who's office is this anyway? LOL

  2. Umm what type of office has a calendar of girls in bikinis? I'm sure REV Al Sharpton likes that!

  3. Is it the porn star pictorial poster in the background?

  4. Is her bra to small for her? I'm not sure what's wrong??

  5. That calendar!!! … and he's lost so much weight, he looks like a bobblehead

  6. I'm afraid to buy a camera for fear that Al Sharpton comes with it. You can't go anywhere with out that jackass to showing up. NJB

  7. hysterical!! i cosign with all the above.

  8. Is it the fact that Rev. Al's hair game is more on point than tacky Kandi's ever will be?

  9. lol@ Anon 8:59And I didn't even notice the bikini calendar until reading the comments. Hope that's not his office.

  10. Did Kandi gets some new boobs or put more padding in her bra? She is busting out. She also has Nene's old hair color.

  11. The blind is partially opened and closed at the same time.

  12. 1. the girlie poster on the wall…it musta gotten Rev. Al going causing he's working the full boobie press/feel on one of Kandi's 4 boobs. plus that looks like a wig not a hairstyle.

  13. Ok first off where the heck are they? Those freak flicks in the background are suspect. I'm just sayin!!! And all the money Kandy reportedly has why can't she find clothes that fit her properly? Things that make you go hhmmm

  14. unfortunately, kandi appears to be suffering from the aretha franklin syndrome. she has been seen in one ill fitting outfit after another for over fifty years, so unless someone is able to stage a successful intervention soon, i fear there is no hope for kandi either! many tried with re-re over the years, but she always resisted. kandi seems doomed to suffer the same fate!

  15. I didn't even notice the bra thing until y'all pointed it out. That said it looks like she could benefit from a trip to Intimacy (where bras fit but cost over a hundred bucks) as she can afford it.That said, I think she looks GREAT!

  16. She looks a mess. Most white people–like Tamara–can't tell when a black girls looks a hot mess. That's why she thinks Kandi looks good. LMAO, only white girls.

  17. Pam

    She definitely needs a larger cup in the bra, she has butt titties in that one. Maybe they are doing a new Weight Watchers commercial together, after all it worked for Jen Hudson.

  18. I think the fact that Rev Al is fighting for Black voters rights(check your history about voter suppression) at the same time having a calendar that is objectifying women.

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