Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Gets Her Spray Tan On!

Brandy Glanville tweeted today that she was getting her tan on at Infinity Sun  as part of a promotion she is doing for the tanning salon.  Here she is in one of the photos as she is getting sprayed.  I’m assuming that she took the cute little wrap dress off for an all over look given her propensity for going nude! She did seem a bit pale going in. Time to take some of her earnings and head back to Hawaii with Camille! 
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8 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Gets Her Spray Tan On!

  1. She is just white trash and does not belong on The RHOBH. They must be able find someone better then Brandi. All she does is curse. NJB

  2. I love Brand, she is a breath of fresh air to the show.

  3. Her legs are skinny, and not in a good way.Brandi is okay (she has a terrible habit of speaking before thinking). She is better suited to be with the OC cast.

  4. NJB,You are the most judgmental and overweight person on this damn site. You don't like anybody but the plain jane girls…u jealous?

  5. Ivy

    I love Brandi and think she's adorable. I love the way she challenges Kyle's leader of the pack status, and I loved how she just sat back and laughed at everything Taylor said at the reunion.

  6. I like Brandi. I do not need to see her cooch. (and yeah…some toning on those legs might be worth her time)WD

  7. Ivy

    I also love the friendship among Brandi, Camille and Lisa, and think the three of them (plus Ken) are entertaining enough to carry their own show. They remind me of what originally attracted me to these shows in the first place — watching insanely wealthy people genuinely enjoying themselves.

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