Mob Wives Big Ang as Marilyn Monroe!

It was just last month that Big Ang burst into our living rooms on season two of Mob Wives. Now she’s a cover girl! NEXT magazine has great article on our latest reality show obsession and it’s great!  But what is even better is the photography by Kevin Thomas Garcia the hair and makeup by Ariel Vega and the styling by David Withrow! The photo shoot transforms Big Ang into Marilyn Monroe. The turquoise toe nail polish is just EVERYTHING!

Click though for more!

I doubt Big Ang will have any problem meeting another wise guy in this outfit. Though according to the article she is hopeful that she will reconcile with her husband who does not appear on the show because they are estranged. Let’s hope they bring Big Ang back for season three!  She’s not allowed to say if she will be returning or not but I can’t imagine the breakout star being left out. What do you think about the pictures?


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13 responses to “Mob Wives Big Ang as Marilyn Monroe!

  1. OMG! this looks like a guy doing drag. BAD DRAG at that!

  2. vp

    I can't tell if the photographer is serious or not! I mean…is this irony???

  3. She looks like a guy in horrible drag!!

  4. I feel so bad for her cuz she does look like a dude in drag & I'm sure that wasn't the photographers intention, or hers. Shame on whomever let this cat outta the bag :(Still love you BigAng, let's just not do anymore impersonations mmkay?

  5. She serving Kim Zolciak realness

  6. OMG…I can't believe that's really a woman. Kinda makes me feel sorry for her. Kinda.WD

  7. I like her because she's funny. I find her to be a breath of fresh air.

  8. Love her!! It's nice to have a voice of reason amongst way too much "I'll come for you!" and fighting like kids.

  9. Love Big Ang! She might look like a transvestite hooker (lol), but she totally comes off as having a heart of gold. She (and that crazy laugh of hers) is the best part of Mob Wives!

  10. I LOVE, LOVE LOVE BIG ANG!!! I would totally party and drink with her!! I'm not feeling this photo shoot at all, but I love her confidence. She was much prettier to me pre plastic surgery.

  11. I feel spoof much better about what I saw in the mirror this morning. Thanks, Ang!

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