What’s Wrong With This Picture?

I was going to blog about this picture. I had a few things to say. This is Nene’s son Brentt’s 13th birthday party. Instead of blogging, I’m just going to ask you guys what you think about this picture?


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23 responses to “What’s Wrong With This Picture?

  1. Is that the birthday boy holding the shoe? He looks older than 13. Who's the chick? Maybe Nene hired the 12 and 13 year olds a stripper.

  2. Nothing. Let the boy enjoy his party. The real news is your friend Kim calling Kandi's messy ass out on twitter.

  3. The chick is everybody's favorite felon, Marlo Hampton. She apparently bought some new hair. Yes the birthday boy is the one opening the present. Which are Gucci tennis shoes. What else do you see?

  4. Yes, I noticed Marlo and knew that was Nene's youngest child. What I'm checking out and trying to decipher is the look on those 3 young boy's face…..hmmmmm?

  5. The birthday boy has on some colorful jordan tenny shoes. It's probably the fact that the little boys are looking amazed and Marlo is tickled about something. What is so funny?

  6. Someone get that knife off the table?

  7. The picture was taken by Freddyo.com What is going on? Yes, the knife.

  8. I don't think that is Marlo in the pic. The girl looks too short and too young. The little cracker in the pic looks a wee bit scared. What bothers me most is that the pic behind the girl is askew. Drive me nuts.NJB

  9. Those aren't beer bottles, google Ramune, it's a Japanese soda.

  10. those are juice bottles,y'all. NJB was the closest. Can you imagine being Brentt's friend at school? Then you come to this party and he gets 500 dollar shoes and stuff? Those sorts of presents should not happen in front of schoolmates who probably don't have as much. Brentt should be opening the kids gifts at the kids party Marlo and Nene can give him hookers and blow or whatever outrageous gift at home. Look at those kids faces.

  11. "Little cracker"? Really? No wonder you're anonymous?

  12. That does NOT look like Marlo. Too skinny and attractive.

  13. cns

    Well I hope he growns up to be a gentleman.

  14. vp

    The gift looks like it's from Marlo, so it's polite for him to open it at the party in from of her so that he can thank her. I went to parties and was given parties where the rich aunts/uncles gave an especially nice gift. It's not tacky, it's freakin' awesome! Marlo doesn't have kids to spoil…growing up old maids were birthday gold!!!

  15. I thought Marlo was tall, doesn't look it here. The white child has been on the show several times over the years.

  16. What's wrong with him opening HIS gift at HIS party? NeNe lives a pretty nice neighborhood in Atlanta so who knows what those other kids are privy to? I would much rather see him receive these types of shoes than wearing those busted, run down shoes Sheree had her son in at the shoe store!! They all flaunt their money but it's always a problem when NeNe and Marlo do it. The very first episode of RHOA showed Kim paying cash for an Escalade with a married man's money and no one said a word. In that same season, Kim threw a party for her daughter in a private suite at a luxury hotel with limos and designer clothes as gifts. There was even massages and facials available for the Moms at the party. Kim and Sheree both bragged about their Bentley and Aston Martin, which neither of them are still driving, and no one said a word!!Sheree showed up to Phaedra's house with a bag filled with designer labels and named all of them to wear to a child support hearing!! Kim's dogs names are Chanel and Dolce, for Christ's sakes!! Kandi and Phaedra are the only ones that do not brand name drop or attempt to flaunt what they have. Lets be fair here!!

  17. kat

    is itthe floor being covered?

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