Did Rihanna Learn ANYTHING From the Death of Whitney Houston?

Rumors abound that Chris Brown and Rihanna are reconciling. One thing is certain that is the two have been seen out and about together recently including Chris Brown allegedly attending Rihanna’s 24th birthday party over the weekend. Also the two have recently collaborated on the others singles with Brown appearing on Rihanna’s Birthday Cake remix (distributed as a free download) and Rihanna returning the favor adding her vocals to the remix of Brown’s Turn Up the Music. It’s been three years since Brown, then 19 years old, viciously beat Rihanna, then 21, resulting in two felony charges against Brown, felony assault likely to cause great bodily injury and criminal threats. Even at the time of Brown’s arraignment, Rihanna did not initially ask for a restraining order. Eventually, one was issued anyway.

At the time of the assault, public opinion of Chris Brown was deservedly low. Just as things were dying down in the news media, Brown appeared on Good Morning America to promote an album. During the interview, Robin Roberts asked Brown about the easing of the restraining order regarding Rihanna that now allowed them to attend awards ceremonies and such where the other may be. Brown got upset and after the interview threw a chair through the window of his dressing room. GMA did not press charges which would have violated his probation. That was less than a year ago in March of 2011. Brown has two years of probation left.

Here is a reminder of what occurred three years ago directly from the police report:

“Brown was driving a vehicle with Robyn F. as the front passenger on an unknown street in Los Angeles. Robyn F. picked up Brown’s cellular phone and observed a three-page text message from a woman who Brown had a previous sexual relationship with”.

“A verbal argument ensued and Brown pulled the vehicle over on an unknown street, reached over Robyn F. with his right hand, opened the car door and attempted to force her out. Brown was unable to force Robyn F. out of the vehicle because she was wearing a seat belt. When he could not force her to exit, he took his right hand and shoved her head against he passenger window of the vehicle, causing an approximate one-inch raised circular contusion.”
“Robyn F. turned to face Brown and he punched her in the left eye with his right hand. He then drove away in the vehicle and continued to punch her in the face with his right hand while steering the vehicle with his left hand. The assault caused Robyn F.’s mouth to fill with blood and blood to splatter all over her clothing and the interior of the vehicle.””Brown looked at Robyn F. and stated, ‘I’m going to beat the sh– out of you when we get home! You wait and see!’

The detective said “Robyn F.” then used her cell phone to call her personal assistant Jennifer Rosales, who did not answer.
Robyn F. pretended to talk to her and stated, ‘I’m on my way home. Make sure the police are there when I get there.
After Robyn F. faked the call, Brown looked at her and stated, ‘You just did the stupidest thing ever! Now I’m really going to kill you!’

Brown resumed punching Robyn F. and she interlocked her fingers behind her head and brought her elbows forward to protect her face. She then bent over at the waist, placing her elbows and face near her lap in [an] attempt to protect her face and head from the barrage of punches being levied upon her by Brown.

Brown continued to punch Robyn F. on her left arm and hand, causing her to suffer a contusion on her left triceps (sic) that was approximately two inches in diameter and numerous contusions on her left hand. Robyn F. then attempted to send a text message to her other personal assistant, Melissa Ford. Brown snatched the cellular telephone out of her hand and threw it out of the window onto an unknown street.

Brown continued driving and Robyn F. observed his cellular telephone sitting in his lap. She picked up the cellular telephone with her left hand and before she could make a call he placed her in a head lock with his right hand and continued to drive the vehicle with his left hand.

Brown pulled Robyn F. close to him and bit her on her left ear. She was able to feel the vehicle swerving from right to left as Brown sped away. He stopped the vehicle in front of 333 North June Street and Robyn F. turned off the car, removed the key from the ignition and sat on it.

Brown did not know what she did with the key and began punching her in the face and arms. He then placed her in a head lock positioning the front of her throat between his bicep and forearm. Brown began applying pressure to Robyn F.’s left and right carotid arteries, causing her to be unable to breathe and she began to lose consciousness. She reached up with her left hand and began attempting to gouge his eyes in an attempt to free herself. Brown bit her left ring and middle fingers and then released her. While Brown continued to punch her, she turned around and placed her back against the passenger door. She brought her knees to her chest, placed her feet against Brown’s body and began pushing him away. Brown continued to punch her on the legs and feet, causing several contusions.

Robyn F. began screaming for help and Brown exited the vehicle and walked away. A resident in the neighborhood heard Robyn F.’s plea for help and called 911, causing a police response. An investigation was conducted and Robyn F. was issued a Domestic Violence Emergency Protective Order.”

Chris Brown’s remix is currently number seven on iTunes. Why are people putting money in the violent felon’s pocket? Didn’t we just grieve the loss of Whitney Houston? Have we learned nothing? Why isn’t someone looking after Rihanna? She clearly needs some help before it is too late. Does she have no family?


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  1. I agree with everything that you said! Rihanna needs HELP and will self-distruct! I wonder where her mentor Jay Z is allowing this to continue! I know people will copme out and say forgive Chris Brown and he's paid his dues and if Rihanna forgives him, then why can't you mambojumbo…I for one deleted all his songs off my computer and have vowed never to listen to him again….i even turned into anpther channel during the grammy's cos I just want nothing to do with this poor excuse of a "man"! RIhanna comes from an abusive home so it figures that she would think this is normal behavior!

    • Amanda

      TT, something is wrong with my computer so I had to reply instead of starting a new comment. You are such a great journalist. I am shocked to read all the details of his attack on her. I had no idea it was this bad. I mean I knew it was bad, but I did not read much about it. Or hell, maybe I just forgot how horribly bad this was.

  2. While in my late teens/early twenties, I was in an abusive relationship. After getting out the that relationship, there was no anger, hate, or feelings of ill-will toward my abuser. The daughter we had together cemented our relationship until he passed a month ago. My point is that perhaps Rhianna has truly moved on with her life. I'm sure she will NEVER forget that night and I'm also sure that it probably wasn't the first time he put his hands on her. However, she appears to have forgiven him and let him back into her life in some capacity. Personally, I think he still has anger issues he needs to deal with if his tweets and rants are any indication. I was disgusted when TMZ first published the pictures taken of Rhianna after the incident. Rhianna was a VICTIM with rights. I really think its in poor taste to again post these pictures three years after the fact to illustrate a point. Again, Rhianna was the victim and like all victims should have the right to some privacy.

  3. Jay Z can't help Rihanna nor should he be expected to. We need to start saving our own butts instead of expecting the world to come rushing in and saving us from our own stupidity. I have never been a victim of domestic violence and I can say w/o a doubt I never would be or if I was it would be no more than 1 time! You see I was raised by both parents and my father especially made it clear to me and my sister that being someone's punching bag is bs, we're also country girls @ heart and if someone hasn't done their job right and raised their kids properly. I'm sorry but f'in with me will have you wearing a black dress and singing a sad song over a six foot deep hole. Rihanna is weak minded, has nothing to do with forgiving him on some level. She's young and stupid, comes from an abusive background and should have the picture of her busted up face on every mirror in her house to remind her of the night she could have lost her life. Gettin your butt beat is not love and let us all stop being so damned weak and trying to always understand someone else's reasons for their actions. I don't care what your background, what your issues, you don't have the right to abuse someone. Dang, why can't we as women get a backbone and stop being so damned needy that we'll accept anything a man dishes out in order to have him. Ladies I promise you if you stand in one spot, don't even speak, if one man leaves another will come along before you know it, it's not hard to get a man. But even if it is, what's the good in wanting or keeping the wrong man? Be alright by yourself. The sad truth is if they do get back together, no one will really be upset for the right reasons. Young ladies in their age groups will only go back to hating Rihanna for being with Chris b/c in their stupid little minds they think he should/could/ or would be with them…beatings or not, check out some of the other blogs, these young girls want that man. And alot of young guys will think it's ok b/c she's proved she's his ride or die chick, down for whatever her man does but will stick by his side. Another way of saying, bitch will stay no matter how dirty/wrong I treat her…that's not respect, that's not love. There's a generation of dumb, ghetto minded kids who were obviously and sadly raised by stupid/weak women who either overly babied the men, stayed with men who beat them and therefore taught their sons it's acceptable or conversely raised girls in bad environments with ignorant mothers and or parents (rarely in good situations is it a functional loving 2 parent home)who by example taught their daughters to be weak, stay with that man girl, deal with it. I'm so over the bs, let's all stop making excuses for bad behavior, Chris Brown's ass should have done some serious jail time and Rihanna needs ongoing counseling. She doesn't know what she doesn't know and she needs help. Ain't nothin cute about reconciling even if only to sing a duet with someone who beat your butt so bad and threatened to kill you over a text message from some other woman!!!! And if I sound angry, please forgive me. Although I haven't had first hand experience with domestic violence I've worked with many women who have and one in particular who's long term bf beat her, threatened her, etc. even her mother wanted her to stay. Well she's not with him now but not because she left him but because he wound up killing someone else and the state has him in their custody for the next 15 yrs and you would think she would have learned, nope. Every last one of the men she's dated since his incarceration have all been abusers!! She is only in her late 30's but looks like she's in her 50's or early 60's, face all permanently scarred, nose has been broken a few times. So forgive me if I ticked anybody off but being on the "counseling/professional" side and seeing how bad it can get, I have no patience for abusers, bad parenting or bs.

  4. I agree that clearly Rhianna is surrounded by "yes men" who apparently are too scared to slap sense into her…..or they don't want to mess up their paycheck. Its fine if people want to forgive Chris Brown, its fine if people want to buy their new remixes, its fine if Chris Brown's poor little girlfriend Karaoke (whatever her name is) wants to pretend not to see whats going on. In my mind what's wrong with this picture is that clearly Chris and Rhianna have reached that point of fame where they feel the public is just a mass of damn idiots. Its so ironic you mention Whitney, because remember when Whitney reached that point?? "Crack is wack" anyone?? When celebrities gleefully flaunt their poor decisions in the public's face, unfortunately its only a matter of time until their downfall. Michael Jackson, anyone??? Going on national TV and defending sleeping in the same bed with young children……Im sure as much money and connections that Chris and Rhianna have they could rekindle their dysfunctional love without the public being any wiser. But instead, they prefer to flaunt and rub it in our faces, as if this mess is cute.Rhianna is clearly a lost soul, and has self -hate issues. I said that WAY before all this Chris Brown mess started up again. When those pics of her happily smoking a joint surfaced, and all the tatoos, constantly walking around with her nips on full display…. the girl is clearly searching for something. Its sad. Seriously, it is. DAMN Im glad I have 0 desire to be rich or famous, cause it looks horrible…..

  5. He is hot, I'd hit it. Figuratively.

  6. vp

    I don't really understand what the death of Whitney is supposed to teach Rihanna? She misused drugs for a very long time, and ultimately this appears to have lead to her death.However, I do agree it is bizarre how forgiving the public can be about these things. As far as the rumors go, they've all been denied so I'll wait to comment on that. It would be very poor judgement for both if they did reconcile. He's rehabbing his image, but I doubt much of private life has changed. He will undoubtedly mistreat her again (and very possibly abuse her again) losing all goodwill he's gained- maybe forever. And she can just do better. Simple as that. She's still so young though. I think people forget that.

  7. cammierari

    Thanks for the reminder TT-I hope Rhianna sees it, but she may think he’s “changed.” Hopefully his latest incident will prove to her and the rest of the world that he hasn’t.

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