Real Housewives Tour Port Elizabeth

The Real Housewives of Atlanta ventured off the Shamwari  properties on last night’s episode to head into Port Elizabeth. That was a forty-five minute drive with both the talls and the smalls in the van. A nice drive along the Eastern Cape would normally be a fantastic experience to see new sights and learn new things. The ladies were very near to the birthplace of Nelson Mandela. I’m sure if they ever heard of him they might have made a stop along the way at his birthplace or any of the numerous museums honoring him and remembering Apartheid. But they apparently did not.

With Nene complaining the whole way there, (Marlo thankfully got food poisoning or something so was turned down a notch on the drive) the ladies went to the Xhosa Cultural Center. Port Elizabeth is a stop for nearly all South Africa cruise ships. For that reason this cultural center reminds me of a place in South Carolina off I-95 called South of the Border.  If you are an east coaster you have probably at least driven by it on a road trip. Imagine if someone from South Africa came to the states and chose South of the Border as the only east coast destination. That is basically what the real housewives did.
Sure you learn a bit about the Xhosa culture there, but it is about a touristy as you can get, complete with personalized reading of the bones. It would not surprise me if it was the only option for the housewives. I’m sure after being at Shamwari for a few days word got around. It is BEYOND embarrassing for Atlantans.

I just can’t blog about all the ignorance and vile behavior last night. What I will do is talk about what Nene Leakes was doing during the airing of the show. Click through the jump to find out.

Nene Leakes posted thirty some odd tweets last night from the time the show aired until the end of What What Happens Live. In those tweets, she insulted all “the smalls” particularly Sheree and Kandi. She said the were full of shit, and reporting to their “boss” more than once. She called Jackee drunk on the show for saying that she lacks fashion sense. (It’s not just fashion, Jackee).  She seems to think that Kandi is jealous of her. (for what?) She claims the Watch What Happens Live polls are rigged. (But only when she doesn’t like the outcome),  And she is again encouraging her fans to let Bravo know that she is the star of the show while also saying she has outgrown the whole thing and is stuck in a contract. She also chose to respond to someone asking about her spin-off by implying she turned Bravo down.  Read them for yourself.

NeNe Leakes@NeNeLeakes

I don’t know who’s cheating on polls but we all know the Talls r The favorite hands down


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14 responses to “Real Housewives Tour Port Elizabeth

  1. is she really that big? I need the tea

  2. I think Nene is beginning to see the end is hear for her on the show. I think they brought in Marlo to put Nene on alert that she can replaced if she gets too full of herself. Nene's wardrobe is the worst, she always wears those old lady tops. I hope she saved her money cuz she won't be on this show much longer with her big mouth.NJB

  3. NeNe is the show. She will always be around and you will deal NJB.

  4. On a humanitarian impulse, I tweeted Ninny this morning to explain to her that fashion sense also means wearing appropriate clothes to the occasion. It was for naught I fear.

  5. Kandi has the worst fashion on the show. that ugly vest she had a few episodes ago was a disaster

  6. Ivy

    Did anyone catch the "Are you fucking kidding me?" look on the caterer's face when Ninny told her to FAN THE FLIES OFF HER FOOD? Just when I think Moose can't get any more ill-mannered, uncouth and classless, damned if she doesn't go and and prove me wrong LOL!And I love reading her tweets during the show! She always starts off so optimistically – we're finally going to see her "put everyone in their place" and "find out who's REALLY the boss," but by the end she's screaming bloody murder about how all her friends are backstabbers and Andy Cohen doesn't appreciate her but that's okay because she's still "highly favored by God." LOL!

  7. See this is why I don't like nene she is forever on the defense about nothing. She claims that she doesn't care about the other girl yet she spends all her time on twitter talking about them. Its not that serious its a show relax!

  8. OMG. Tamara, your friend Kim is kinda going in on Kandi's plane jane, tacky ass on twitter. go see :)

  9. Its so obvious Kim, Kandi, Phaedra and Sheree are not real friends.

  10. @anonymous 7:12 you are such a hater if you cant say kandis name without being negative get off of her d*ck

  11. I'm not a fan of Phaedra the self-important, but when she said that they all have a role to play she was definitely on target.When NeNe types those tweets she is simply doing her job.When the smalls talk behind the talls backs they are simply doing their job.Anybody wonder why all reports indicate that NeNe is quiet and humble on the set of Glee? Because contrary to popular belief she actually has sense. It will all come out in the wash.

  12. I like Nene, but I don't like everything she does. However, I do like her character overall. I don't think Nene enjoyed being in South Africa. This is probably not a place on her to do list. I did enjoy the footage of Africa because I rarely see any positive images on TV. There is fooftage of Nene being caring, childish, mature, etc. I guess that is what I like about her, is that you never know what you are going to get. The ony time Nene really tweets about the show and the other ladies is on Sunday nights when it is on. She expressess herself by returning tweets, initiating statements, etc. If you want to know what she thinks about of the episodes, then read her tweets. Nene does not blog anymore, she uses twitter. A lot of people like to convey their thoughts on twitter during the show. She doesn't have to worry about being edited. I don't think Nene is a bad person, I just think she uses what is available to her to get what she needs out of life. I also think people take Nene too seriously!!

  13. That's a good point about Nene doing her blogging on Twitter now. Hardly any of the RHOA were willing to blog much this season and those who did (Phaedra and Cynthia mostly) were blogs about nothing.

  14. Guess Kandi changed her mind about blogging on the website since she left a new entry about last Sunday's episode:

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