Whitney Houston’s Funeral, What Happened with Bobby Brown and Aretha Franklin?

The Scene outside The New Hope Baptist Church

Here are some tweets during the Whitney Houston Home Going. Al Sharpton apparently went outside to comfort Bobby Brown who left the service after only a very short time. Sharpton was interviewed by CNN immediately after the ceremony and said that Bobby Brown walked in with a large entourage and sat on the first row. Someone from the family told him that the space was reserved for family. He was asked to relocated to whatever seat he could find in the general section.
He left in tears.  Al Sharpton and TD Jakes tried to bring him back in, but he left. He was not invited to sit with Bobby Kristina.

Bobby Brown in tears leaving the service for Whitney Houston

UPDATED WITH STATEMENT FROM BOBBY BROWN: “My children and I were invited to the funeral of my ex-wife Whitney Houston. We were seated by security and then subsequently asked to move on three separate occasions. “I fail to understand why security treated my family this way and continue to ask us and no one else to move,” he said. “Security then prevented me from attempting to see my daughter Bobbi-Kristina. In light of the events, I gave a kiss to the casket of my ex-wife and departed as I refused to create a scene. My children are completely distraught over the events. This was a day to honor Whitney. I doubt Whitney would have wanted this to occur. I will continue to pay my respects to my ex-wife the best way I know how.”

I am at Whitney’s funeral. I spoke with Bobby Brown trying to calm him down and not distract from the services. Today is about Whitney!
Reverend Al Sharpton@TheRevAl
I am going back in the services, I did my best out here. Can’t tweet from inside the sanctuary, I hope the press will not distort the day.
More tweets and the tea on Aretha after the jump

Al Roker tweeting his sadness. Also, Dionne Warwick must be the only person on planet earth who didn’t get the memo that Aretha Franklin was a no show. She actually introduced her as if she was there! AWKWARD. Lots of tweets about whether Dionne was heavily medicated for the funeral. Also, it seems like if Aretha can only make one singing engagement today, it would be the funeral. It strikes me as VERY odd that Aretha didn’t at least show up in a wheelchair or whatever it took.  Perhaps Bobby Brown was not the only one who had some hurt feelings. Aretha is performing at Radio City tonight.

Al Roker@alroker
Can’t watch the service. An overwhelming sense of sadness. Pray for her and so many others who are suffering under the yoke of addiction
Other tweets…
Dearest , Our 30yr Friendship Was Based On LOVE & LOYALTY. An Unexpected Departure, But Our Are FOREVER Connected.
This is a day I will Never Forget! Time is standing still. Whitney Houston is being laid to rest! God thank you for this Amazing Spirit.
I loved and always will love Whitney and will never say nothing but that ! God Bless
Lord have mercy! I’m not gonna be able 2 take it!!!!


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16 responses to “Whitney Houston’s Funeral, What Happened with Bobby Brown and Aretha Franklin?

  1. Glory, I surely hope that Bobby does not live to regret his actions. No matter what he should have stayed and let the others in his party leave he should have stayed for his daughter, rather he sat next to her or was just in the church he should have STAYED.

  2. I agree – he should have just STAYED THERE FOR HIS DAUGHTER – Good Lord – she needs him there!

  3. Whiteney's mother should have put her differences aside and made sure that Boobie and his children, which are her brothers and sisters were together at a time like this. I am so sick and tired of everyone looking down on Bobbie. Whiteney was a grown women and she made those choices in her life.I'm sure they didn't make them feel welcome!!!! I would rather him left than cause a seen. The Houston family aught to be ashamed of themselves.

  4. Pat

    This family say that they love the Lord and they are such christians, where was the Love today? I think it was very sad the way Bobbi was treated. Bobbie Christina, her dad, and her other brothers and sisters should have been together. It was obvious to me that they trully didn't want him their. They did acknowledge him at all. The Houston family should be ashamed of themselves. They were thinking about Bobbie Christina at all.

  5. clearly some of you have lost your focus. Bobbi Kristina is an adult and does not want anything to do with her father. Whitney sang at bobby Brown's mother funeral last year…they made their peace!!! It doesn't mean the daughter has.

  6. When a teenager's mother dies, the father should have access and the child should have to face the father in that moment for whatever needs reconciling. Blocking Bobby from his daughter was the wrong thing to do, whatever issues they may or may not have. The father and his child should have had a moment together, however awkard it may have been. That sad, I think Bobby did the right thing by not making a scene.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Who's to say anybody blocked Bobby from being with Bobbi? I know @ most funerals there's alot going on, emotions are high and I doubt very seriously if Cissy even gave him a thought today as for Bobbi Kris if his being with her was the most important thing or even the 2nd thought she was having this day, he wouldn't have been able to leave because she would have kept asking where's my Dad? I don't think he was that much a thought for her, she obviously had her comforter with her or else she would have been asking/looking for him. I'm not saying she didn't want him but he may not be as big of a part of her everyday life as ppl. might like to believe. How do any of us really know? I do know that @ every funeral I've attended the first few rows pretty much everyone knows where they're going and any last minute +9's would have been "difficult" to accommodate and not something anybody would even be in the mindset to deal with. I'm not blaming Bobby, don't know him and don't give a damn about him. I just don't see how any of us can begin to pretend to act like we know that there was some sinister plot to hurt his feelings. I'm sure not many ppl. up in there could care about him they were focused on Whitney's passing, it was not his moment. Sometimes there are no "do-overs" and this he can't do over just because he doesn't seem to know how to conduct himself doesn't mean everyone else should fall in line with his b.s. He was her ex-husband and the father of her child yes but if the roles were reversed and it was his funeral should all of the mother's of his children and their +9's be accommodated? Especially when ppl. didn't have the time nor the mindset to focus on his needs? I just think we don't know what the situation was so perhaps we shouldn't act like someone wanted to purposely hurt his feelings. I do hope that if Bobby Kris did need him she was aware he'd left and not found out later. This is just sad for everybody, I don't think we should add fuel to fire and just hope if there are hurt feelings everyone can come together to help Bobby Kris through this very trying time.

  9. I can't believe that Whitney mother didn't put her feeling, for Bobby aside during the funeral. I think it was the security who is the cause of Bobby not staying. They should have placed him and children in a seat and left him along. If they needed more space, they should have moved someone else. The family invited him there, why would they wait until the services and then say he couldn't be there. I really don't believe the family was behind this.

  10. I think that the services were well posted and I think that some form of communication on Bobby's part would have solved this problem. "I am attending the services and I would like to sit with my daughter, if it is OK with you?" We don't even know if the family was expecting him and his group. now did that hurt? Not coming into a service that the world is watching with a group and sit in the front seats. Everyone knows that the guest go to those seats to pay respect to the family, not the ex-husband and his kids. Be real. That service should have been All about Whitney. I'm a mother myself, and the last thing I want to deal with is a problem with a seating arrangement while I'm grieving my child. It was Bobby's responsibility to make sure he knew where he was going to be seated and with how many. It was invitation only so they knew who and how many were coming. I do agree that we don't know what Bobby Kris was thinking only time with tell with that.RIP Whitney..You're an Angel now watching over your mom and daughter.

  11. Some of you are overlooking some key facts. 1) The funeral was by invitation only, Bobby received an invite. (2) Bobby brought his children who are half siblings of Bobbi Kristina and were raise with Kristina.(3) All attendees were seated according to a seating chart in specific areas. It was not a seat yourself event. (4) Once Bobby and his girlfriend and kids were seated they were asked to move, according to Bobby more than once, yet no one else was. He sat where he was told each time. (5) He was not allowed to approach Bobbi. Make of that what you will.

  12. It is so unfair that people are referring to Bobby's children as an entourage.CNN showed Bobby outside the church (directly in front) and he DID NOT have 9 people with him. shortly after his was shown in a parking lot with his children consoling and young man that was obviously hurt and grieving.But it seems that the media is choosing to overlook that fact.Bobby children were Whitneys step children and they have known her for more than half of their lives so of course they are hurting too, those kids are Bobbi K's siblings so not only are they grieving for their step mom they want to support their sibling as well.What is wrong with that NOTHING!Also I am certain Bobby didnt seat himself, when views from the auidence was shown it was men present seating people.I truly think Bobby did the right thing by leaving after being moved so many times.All of the constant moving is a distraction within itself and being it was Bobby the focus would obviously be on him because some people expect the worst from the man.


  14. Please don't forget he was invited plus 2 not plus 9! He had 9 people with him and he was allotted 3 seats! FYI he was told he could remain in the family section and the rest of his crew had to be reseated and he declined! If it was about his daughter he would have stayed no matter what! I'm not buying the I wasn't allowed to see my 18 yr ols BS!

  15. 1. Bobby Kristina is grown. She can freely choose whether she wants her father in her life or not. 2. Cissy Houston was not even in the church when Bobby was allegedly asked to move 3 times. She was still in the family car outside the church. Blame that error on security, who was in charge of seating. 3. Nobody asked Bobby and his entourage, I mean children, to leave. He left of his own free will. I feel as though he should have sat whereever they asked him to sit to be there, if only in presence, for his daughter. If they continuously asked him to move, it would have looked bad on them, not him. His reaction caused it to look bad on him. 4. Life is all about choices. We all have them.

  16. Why is everyone ignoring the fact that sharpton was tweeting his moves during the funeral ?! Is that what he calls paying respect and honoring the family's request for privacy ? He's an attention seeking hog him and that Jessie jackson!

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