Why Did Kim Fire Sweetie?

One of the most popular blogs on this site that still gets lots of hits every day is this one that I posted in November about what happened between Kim and Sweetie.  Last summer, sometime in August about two months after Kim, Kroy and the gang moved into the big ole house in Roswell. the frequent tweeting between Kim and Sweetie stopped. Lots of their followers noticed and waited to hear what had happened. But nothing was floating around the Internet until Brielle posted the following on her Formspring page.

umm shes firedd.
Thus began all the speculation and rumors that have tended to recycle themselves over the past few months.  I fully expected the fallout to be shown on season four, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. It would be a great question for the reunion show.  Or maybe it will be shown on Tardy for the Wedding which was filming about that time.
But FINALLY we have news from Sweetie herself…

Recently, Atlanta blogger extrodinaire, Michelle Brown aka @ATLien of Straight from the A interviewed Sweetie in an attempt to get to the bottom of the situation. I’ve been dying to read the blog about her interview ever since she first mentioned it on twitter. Tonight, it’s finally up! Be sure to click on the youtube for the full audio of the interview
In the interview, Sweetie talks about working for Kim since she was 15, well before the show started. She denies the rumors that she stole from Kim saying that she had access to bank accounts and all manner of expensive things for all those years and would never do anything like that. With some gentle prodding from ATLien, she indicates that she was on the way to work one day and Kim just told her that it wasn’t going to work out for them anymore.  Sweetie claims she doesn’t want to say anything bad about anyone. She talks about Kim recently sticking up for her on twitter saying that she would never steal from her.  But when it comes to Kroy, Sweetie even more elusive about what happened just saying “he’s cool” in a way that seems to say she doesn’t really believe that. When I listened to the interview I immediately thought, “So I was right,  it did have something to do with Kroy.”

My opinion of Kroy’s part in the firing has changed a bit since watching season four. It seems that Kroy and Sweetie did collaborate on things at first like Kim’s surprise birthday party.  They seemed to get along well, at least while the cameras were rolling. Sweetie seemed a bit OVER IT on season four. Kim came off on camera as being a bit irritated that Sweetie was slacking.  Perhaps it just got to the point with Kroy where he said to Kim, “Either deal with Sweetie as she is or replace her” since Kim does tend to bitch about Sweetie ALOT even though it did seem to be in a playful way.  Who knows why Kim fired Sweetie. She was pregnant, hormonal, moving into a new huge place, and planning a wedding.  Maybe Kroy just suggested she eliminate as much stress in her life as possible and get someone to help that didn’t come with all the emotional baggage that hiring a friend brings along with it. Meanwhile, Sweetie is going to school and maintaining a high GPA and focused on her career goals. I think that is a smart choice for anyone young woman in her twenties.  What do you think?


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22 responses to “Why Did Kim Fire Sweetie?

  1. I think that maybe Kim might have been getting a little jealous of the closeness between Sweetie and Kroy. Not in a sexual sense but in a friendship kind of way. I think probably Kroy treated Sweetie with more respect than Kim did.

  2. I think that maybe Kim might have been getting a little jealous of the closeness between Sweetie and Kroy. Not in a sexual sense but in a friendship kind of way. I think probably Kroy treated Sweetie with more respect than Kim did.NJB

  3. I think it was because of Kroy – not because of any racial animosity .. but probably because of finances and privacy.I def don't think it's as cut and dried as Sweetie is making it.

  4. I think it was pretty obvious on the audio that Sweetie is not exactly Kroy's number one fan. Now we just need to figure out why…

  5. Maybe Kroy feels that Kim no longer needs a personal assistant. Since he's now the man of the house. He may want a more traditional family minus Sweetie. I don't know. It seems as if they got along well when planning her surprise party. Once Kim started dating Kroy, she should have started giving them some space. It's like she was the third wheel, my goodness. I hope she has a life outside of Kim. I'm glad she's in school, though.

  6. Kroy first concern shouldn't be sweetie. It should be whether he can provide the kind of lifestyle Kim thinks she entitle too. Because if he doesn't, he will not be around long. His contract with the Alanta Falcon, has ended. The pay for a defensive end was cut, since the new union contract.They are leasing, Kendra's mansion. I have not heard Rh giving her a show. If they did who would watch, her walk around and complain.Kim is not housewife material, so this marriage will be interesting.

  7. I suspect Kim vented to Kroy the way all women vent to their men. Kroy, being a man felt the need to "fix" it and either fired sweetie or strongly suggested it. Kim would have done it just to make Kroy happy since it was early in the relationship. Just my guess.

  8. It could be that Kroy didn't want anyone (black or white) raising his child other than himself and Kim…hope there isn't MORE to the story. I like Kroy and I like what he as done to and for Kim.

  9. I think its clear from Sweeties interview on Straight From the A that yes, Kim fired her. As far as why, Sweetie wont say because she wants to remain "loyal". I think her hesitation and tone of voice when asked about Kroy spoke louder than she ever could. Kroy–for whatever reason–doesnt like Sweetie, so Kim got rid of her because hubby didnt approve. Id like to remain naive enough to think it isnt a black/white thing, because Kroy seems like a nice guy….maybe he just feels (rightly so) that having a friend as an assistant is unprofessional.

  10. I did not realize Sweetie was so young!…24??? I thought she was in her late 20s or early 30s.

  11. Another possiblity. It's clear that Kroy believes that Kim's daughters should be doing more work around the house. Having Sweetie around to do many things for them isn't conducive to that stance. Perhaps Kroy felt that the girls should be doing more of the things around the house that sweetie was doing. After all, Sweetie did say that she's being doing that type of thing since she was 15.

  12. Kim is lazy, does not work outside the home and has a teen and a preteen. Between the three of them they should be able to maintain a house without maids or assistants. I think that Kroy is a nice guy and just needed Kim to cut tyes and start acting like a real wife and mother. How Kim fired Sweetie was foul. Then know each other for a decade and she can't give her notice. But I forgot Kim is a user. When she's done with ou she's done.

  13. Slavery ages you…Look at historical pics of ancestors, you'll see.

  14. So does hoing, smoking, drinking wine, sleeping with married men, just look at kim compare to kory, She looks like his mother. Her wigs look god awful.

  15. It was only a matter of time. Sweetie started as her assistant since age of 15 (slavery) and then to let her go without notice (they were never friends then it was strictly business because who does that-oh Kim)say what you want but NENE was RIGHT and she was the only one to call Kim out on it-fake friends Sheree and southern bell Phaedra (esp Phaedra) should peeped that………..

  16. Kim is a hot mess! Don't get me wrong ….she's doing something right to have acquired such lavish lifestyle. It's sickening to see a grown ass woman sit up and not want to fully take on the role of mother and wife. What the hell does she do any way? It looked like pure laziness to me. What kind of mother wants another woman feeding and bonding with her child? Those are special moments you can't get back. Children grow up so fast and Kim should know that. I mean really Kim, do u need someone to wipe your ass too. You don't work a nine to five, it's not like you have this booming singing career or any career for the matter. It just boils down to the fact that you are a sorry excuse for a mother. The only wifely duties you probably shine at are screwing and giving head. It's sad how you expect others to do your job. How can u expect someone to do something that u aren't even enthusiastic about. SMH

  17. Are you serious!!! Now that Kim is getting her own show she dosent want anything black around her, except her hairstylist and you will not see them on camera. Kim is poor white trash why you think she dosent have any white friends. Black people will accept you for who you are not what trailer park you came from. White rich people in the south do not accept poor white trash!!!! Think about it!!!!

  18. Sweety I don't care how much money someone is paying you for you to be treated with disrespect. And out of you own mouth you said she's not paying you that much. I can tell cause you were always bare foot or had on flip flops, sounds like the latest in slave fashion to me. Then the ultimate disrespect she kicked you off the new plantation!!! Massa kroy family don't shine too much to field hands living in the house with the Massa and his younguns!!!

  19. In looking at this recent season, it looked like Sweetie was a little full of herself. It didn't seem like she was getting anything done. When Kim and Kroy went out to dinner and Sweetie, didn't have the house set up for Kim. Bottom line, you were an assistant and you had a job to do. She got a little popularity and maybe some more $ and started "acting up".

  20. I think it had something to do with Kroy. Kim's attitude with Sweetie change after she got with Kroy. One tonight's show of RHWOA Kim informed Kroy that she fired Sweetie Kroy said, " good before he knew the details". Kim don't have a black hairstylist anymore. He was her hairstylist for a long time. The truth about Kroy will come out in the end.

  21. kroy is a under cover racist

  22. Kim And Kroy want some alone time ffs. Clearly Sweetie wasn't doing her well paid job properly, she started abusing it by neglecting to do what she was paid to do. Kim isn't racist, you don't have to be white to be racist, geez we white ppl get called snow white" etc so get over the racist bull!!! You lot are just a bunch of negative racist dumb asses, grow a spine, wake up and shut the f..k up. If you don't like Kim don't fkn watch the show!!! As for Kim's wigs, she can wear whatever she wants when she wants, it's her head, her body and her life so zip it. She looks hot in anything unlike some or most ppl. Btw I'm in Queensland Australia so that's how far Kim's real fans extend to so fek off losers. If you haven't anything good to say shut the fok up!!!! Kim is perf just the way she is and only gets better, true dat.

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