The Biermanns Get a New Addition!

There’s a new bitch in the Biermann household! And she is adorable! Her name is Dolce!  She’s someone new for Chanel to play with.  Who is going to take care of a damn puppy though? KJ is still a baby and needs a lot of attention. SWEEEEEEEEEEETTTTIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


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7 responses to “The Biermanns Get a New Addition!

  1. really tamara? no offense but i honestly don't think anyone cares…she's pretty much off the show.

  2. I wish you would stop torturing yourself reading things that don't interest you. It's not healthy! Find something more pleasant to do with your time than complaining about pictures of puppies on the Internet.

  3. But Kim IS very boring now. I really hope they don't bring her back.

  4. She is coming back. AND getting a mini-spinoff. We complain about all the ridiculousness of this show and then complain when one of the cast members cleans up her act. SMH

  5. HAHAHAHAHA … that's funny!! Brielle needs to take care of that dog!!LOL Those are some spoiled girls.I like the idea of mini spin offs and then they come back to the show…though I noticed that BRAVO only talks about Kim's spin off – not Kandi's. Kandi's starts in a couple of weeks too …It will be interesting to see how Kim is brought back into the fold next season…and the only HW I really want gone is The Felon … all the others can stay.

  6. Her spinoff is more like a special (kinda like Flo's wedding special from the Bad Girls Club)…it will NOT be a spinoff like Bethenny's with more than one season… because unlike Ms. Frankel…Kim is a BORE.Worst person on RHOA, Im glad she got everything together but nobody wants to see that boring mess or her boring ass husband. NEXT

  7. Um, I need that puppy to go with my other 97 puppies. IT. IS. SO. DAMN. ADORABLE!

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